What's it Like to Work for Pleasant and Her Corporation?


...We had an employees meeting, and we were told that everyone there was staying, after hearing rumors that everyone would be fired. Later, when I called to get my schedule, the manager began by telling me than she did not schedule me because I wasn't a "good fit". She then claimed that "every employee there has complained about me", which I find impossible to believe. When she continued to tell me that I was discourtious to my customers, I became not-so-nice. I loved so many of my customers, and never treated any of them with less than respect. ...When I asked for what grounds she was firing me, she said she didn't even need a reason...

The way she went about this entire thing was unprofessional, and personally insulting. Never mind the fact that firing a single mother of 5 children 3 weeks before the holidays, for no legitimate reason what so ever, shows this foundation's lack of care for its employees.

I was a good employee ...honest, hard working, prompt, dependable, and experienced ...My customers loved my bubbly personality, and my sense of humor. I really did want to be let go from that job because of the misery that the management brought me for the entire time I worked there...So, even though part of me was relieved to hear I didn't have to go back there, the kick in the head was still just that; a kick in the head.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MORE LAY-OFFS: reported in the press
Another round of lay-offs at the Pleasant owned and operated firm of MacKenzie-Childs came just before the 2005 holidays. How thoughtful. In addition to her initial downsizing, earlier rounds reported in the press include 30 workers laid-off in March of 2003. Insiders say the current number of workers at the Aurora site is far smaller than the figure given to the newspapers.

THE BIG SHUTDOWN: from LLC promo material
How many former LLC employees are filing for unemployement this winter? Starting in December, Dorie's will close not in the evening but at 2PM. The Inn will be shut two days a week, and the Pizzaurora four days. How many holidays have been ruined for people whose "good jobs" with the LLC suddenly turned out to be seasonal?

MANAGEMENT NOT IMMUNE: from village observers
Just before Thanksgiving, "Chef Rupert," a central figure in the LLC's promotional publicity, was dismissed from his post as Fargo Bar & Grill Manager and Chef for the Market and Dorie's. How many managers, chefs, directors and supervisors have come and quickly gone, hired and fired by Pleasant's LLC? We've lost count...

A week or two ago my friend...was hired at the Aurora Market...Today she was fired. ...[she] asked why she was being fired. The woman offered some line about her not being friendly enough to customers.

[She] is somewhat shy and she... [has a slight physical defect.] She says hello to customers and when they leave she says, "see ya later" because she knows she'll be seeing them again the next day. She cleans when she is not working at the register, which is most of the time since the place doesn't get enough business to even pay for itself.

I have a feeling she wasn't fired because of customer complaints or because she is not friendly to customers. I have a feeling she was fired simply because she doesn't fit the Aurora Foundation's image. Isn't this a form of discrimination? She still needs to feed herself and her family despite the way she looks... [she is] a highly competent person just trying to maintain herself in the area and not having much success in finding a decent job somewhere close to home. With the college nearby, supporting diversity and equality in its mission statement ...how can it be partnered with people who discriminate on the basis of appearance? How can this go on in a town surrounding an institution that promotes fairness and justice and acceptance?

I don't know why I write other than I feel powerless and wish I could do something to make life more fair for the people I love, and for everyone. I've been reading about what you people have been trying to do and it's comforting to know that principles of localization and environmental health and fairness won't go down without a fight in the Village....

REALLY, THEY ARE: from the feedback forum
As an alum and (former) long-time employee of Wells College, I have met Pleasant Rowland a number of times...Though she was always quite full of herself, and always surrounded by cronies to whom she could brag and have reinforced how wonderful she is, she was openly friendly and jovial. Of course, I was dressed professionally on those occasions in a dress or suit.

Appearances are more important to Pleasant Rowland than substance.

In the spring of 2003, I was between professional jobs and so I worked for 2 weeks with the decorative paint crew on the Aurora Inn ... A few weeks later, I was in town picking up my mail. I was dressed in volleyball clothes. ... [and] I needed to see Elizabeth, my supervisor from the paint crew... [Entering the Inn, I was told] only Elizabeth or Pleasant could give me permission to go downstairs ... and I saw that he was fetching Pleasant herself...

So, I held out my hand and said, "My name is.." Before I could get another word out, she looked me up and down scornfully, pointedly refused to take my outstretched hand, then glared at me and barked, "NO! I don't have time for this. Get her out of here." I was hustled out of the place as if I were a leper...

I was and still am the same person...regardless if I were wearing a business suit or a track suit. But Pleasant thinks she is too important to talk to the worker drones...and need only extend even basic courtesy to those in power, those with something she wants, those who suck up to her and tell her how wonderful she is.

To my mind, that makes her one of the smallest, meanest, most vulgar and worthless people I have ever met. Her arrogance hides an emptiness and lack of human decency, as she is filled with nothing but ego, self-importance and a need to control and dominate others and bend them to Her Will. Keep it in mind if you ever have to have any dealings with her, even if by lucky chance she is polite to you, she isn't sincere and her courtesy will evaporate should she cease to need you for her purposes. Pleasant only really cares about satisfying her own ego.

SATISFYING A CONTROL-FREAK: from the General Building Contractors of NYS
...What Northeast and its team soon found out was that a famous alumna of the college, Mrs. Pleasant T. Rowland, had taken on the Aurora Inn... The project's strict schedule and complex nature demanded Northeast's constant attention. Meetings of eight hours or longer were common, and featured a varied cast of characters, far-ranging discussions and even the occasional poetry reading. ...

Change was the watchword of this project. Changes were made to changes, and sometimes were changed back again.... Additions to the scope of the project were also a challenge. The landscaping design was not completed until the old additions to the building were torn down and the shells of the new additions were in place. The landscaping turned out to be a mammoth project itself. It included four extensive retaining wall systems, mountains of stone and concrete pavers, restoration of antique fountains, dozens of trees trucked in from as far away as Illinois, the relocation of several existing trees, and a structural upgrade to one of the additions, while finishes were in progress, so that trees could be put on the roof deck....
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