Abused by Pleasant Rowland and Wells College

Detailed outline of ongoing developments and more photos here.

Pleasant Rowland purchased the distinctive 100-year old Lyon House for Wells College in the fall of 2003, a few years after the college had sold it to a faculty member. Another faculty member wished to buy the house as her home in 2003, but the college blocked the transaction with its "buy back" clause.

Having regained ownership, the college then failed to winterize the newly uninhabited structure. Pipes froze and burst, causing major water damage which was not repaired. The house is structurally sound and historically significant, but the current owner's neglect has taken a terrible toll.

In February 2005, Rowland's development corporation proposed demolishing Lyon House to make room to relocate Webb House (and perhaps to "punish" villagers for trying to save Lake House). In June of 2005, the Community Preservation Panel refused to approve a demolition permit for Lyon House. Several individuals contacted the owner, hoping to purchase and restore the grand mansion. It appears that all were either spurned, ignored, or discouraged by Wells College.

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