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Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   9/27/06
message :   Adventures in successful house moving.
Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   9/27/06
message :   HOUSE ON BARGE... check this out:
Name :   The car protest Location :   how it started Date :   in the first place...
message :
Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   9/25/06
message :   Funny thing is, Jay OHearn posts thought-provoking notes and letters on his car. The imbeciles defacing it, however, leave only childish crap.
Name :   Auroran Location :    Date :   
message :   Jay: You could call the police if you like, esp. if it keeps up. And soon youll have witnesses too, since others will now be watching for you. Hey, you know theyd do it to you if the tables were turned....
Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   9/23/06
message :   Hey, Jay: re your request on feedback forum -- absolutely! Ill take off the added signs. Would change your oil too if I could. The nerve of these arrogant jerks! You are way too polite. Tell us: who was defacing your protest car?
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Does Jacci Farrlow live outside the village limits or is it the outer limits..I had to sit in my car while she stopped in the middle of RT 90 to take pictures of geese last year.Selfish and illegal. Pleasants dream child
Name :   OMG Location :    Date :   
message :   How could I forget that! You are so right.
Name :   not a dream Location :    Date :   
message :   I remember it on Randy Zs door but one weekend - last sping? - there were big signs to that effect all over farlows honda when it wasnt parked at the inn she was riding around village honking waving screaming at people about her hero
Name :   from what I remember Location :    Date :   
message :   It was not Jaccis thing. The sign was seen at Randi Zabriskies shop Jane Morgans Little House. When it was in the little house. Not sure if she still has it up at the Woods House.
Name :   dreamer Location :   down the street Date :   9/21/06

message :   Wish someone would put farlows big signs up on the 3 rotting houses - Pleasant Is Our Hero, Thank You Pleasant, See All the Good Pleasant has Done for Us! Would answer some of the tourist questions maybe
Name :   Gee Location :   all those questions Date :   about
message :   Webb House and not one of them asks WHERE is Pleasant Rowland in all this?? She has ignored an order to remedy and left 3 houses to fall apart for 3 years. Oh, yeah, some HERO !
Name :   fyi Location :    Date :   
message :   Collected questions about new plan for Webb House relocation up at:
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   9/17/06
message :   Attention: PO advertising now for new location giving only a few days to respond. Notice and interesting questions here:
Name :   resident Location :   aurora Date :   sept 17
message :   Boards issued order then refused to enforce it whem owner ignored them. Anyone else ignoring an order to remedy would be subject to fine & jail. Thats the law = which must be applied uniformly = basis for a law suit = capriciousness.
Name :   Order To Remedy on Webb House Location :    Date :   
message :   My guess. All the boards want to save Webb house. Or the order would have been taken care of. Coming up on 3 years.
Name :   Qs Location :   aurora Date :   Sept 15
message :   Is ZBA suit only way? What about suit against Code Officer or Village Board or somebody for not enforcing their own Order To Remedy on Webb House? PS - What happened at Wednesdays Planning Board meeting???
Name :   Aunt Lou Location :    Date :   
message :   Happy land not a proper description of Aurora or Pleasants bloomers
Name :   Anti George and no Location :   wireless internet Date :   schemes
message :   The only way to stop Webb house is bring suit against ZBA. Variance relief requires higher degree of proof. Cant see how increasing height of building is worthy of relief from board especially if they do not own lake frontage
Name :   Citizen Location :   editorial page Date :   Wed. 9/13/06
message :
Name :   Heads Up? Location :   Planning Board Meeting Date :   Tomorrow, 9/13
message :   Heard that presentation of final site plans for Webb House relocation are on the agenda. But plans will need to be presented at an announced public hearing, yes? Also, thought CJ said she had to demo Lake House before plans could be finalized. Confusing..
Name :   Laura Holland Location :    Date :   
message :   Koepps purchase offers with Wells & the LLC are a matter of public record & on file in the public clerks office, because LLC lawyers included them in affadivit in response to lawsuit. Read them yourself. The details are all there.
Name :   park sign Location :   click the link Date :   
message :
Name :   ////////// Location :   ????????????? Date :   
message :   While the park sign is completed, its base is not..sign is at the firehouse....nice looking, too.
Name :   Qs Location :   village park Date :   
message :   Wheres new sign for old park? Supposed to have been dedicated 9/3 at picnic. Not there now. Stollen already? Did PTR object? Anyone know? And doesnt GFs essay in Citizen violate mayors directive against VB members writing the newspapers?
Name :   GF paves the way Location :   to disaster Date :   as soon as possible.
message :   Three articles in 3 months on plan for us to pay to put new internet services in control of unwilling, unprepared, unqualified or even untrustworthy local government. Tell Village Board, Aurora, the Citizen, and GF -- Enough!
Name :   Nothing Location :    Date :   
message :   is guaranteed.
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Would be close enough to be guaranteed an unobstructed Lake View anyway. Just dont expect me to know why Wells does anything.
Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   9/9/06
message :   Feedback Forum guide states *Comments may be edited for length, content or clarity.* Stands to reason, SIA: dont submit if you object to possibility of being edited. Same as writing to a newspaper.
Name :   But Location :   it WOULD NOT be on the lake. Date :   
message :   The Hollands own the lakefront to the west of the proposed site. And, if a large residence in the middle of town on the lake could be worth a mint why have Wells and Rowland let Lyon House rot? (Though, it has no lakefront, either.)
Name :   How much could this Location :   property be worth if project Date :   is actually completed?
message :   If PTR turns Aurora into Hoffman East, or some American Girls Themepark, then a large residence in the middle of town on the lake could be worth a mint.
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Dont know if someone else ghostwrote GFs bit in the Citizen, but when Ann Rollo started writing Lisa Ryersons speeches you could tell the difference right away.
Name :   Todays Citizen Location :   Georgies Latest Date :   9-7-06
message :   Ugh!!! And I seriously doubt he wrote it. Read this latest linked below and compare it to his other pieces, archived at link here. So... who is he fronting for? And what position will they him get elected to next?
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Georgie is at it again.
Name :   so sick of this crap Location :    Date :   9-7
message :   Maybe Wells is going to underwrite the mortage. Or maybe even PTR.
Name :   So, wait... Location :   (the money pit) Date :   
message :   She has to spend 100K to buy Lake&Webb Houses, but still has to demo one and move other (75K more?) and re-route an underground stream (mega-bucks) and rehab a house empty for years? What mortage lender could find the final result worth this investment?
Name :   Nearby Location :    Date :   9/7/06
message :   Right, I forgot, thanks. Prof Linda Lohn was going to sell Lyon House to Prof CJ Koepp, but then Wells exercised its *buy back* clause and bought it for 185K with no announced plans for its use - then let it rot.
Name :   More on Location :   forum Date :   
message :   Lowen was selling to Koop until college bought Lyon back at last minute at Pleasants demand. And then let the house rot.
Name :   Nearby Location :   Looking at Lake House Date :   9/6/06
message :   I heard Lake House was offered to CJ for 25,000 bucks. (And for some reason, if you type a dollor sign in this book it erases the numbers afterwards, just like the apostrophes never show up.) What do you mean, stealing Lyon House?
Name :   ,000 Location :    Date :   
message :   For the Lake House apts. Why such a good deal? Does Wells feel guilty for stealing Lyon House out from under Koop & Plaice at the last minute?
Name :   Is it true that Location :   Wells College is selling Date :   the Lake House property
message :   for only ,000 ? I know people who would pay 4 times that - what gives???
Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   9/5/06
message :   To the admin: I also asked because on several occasions my postings have been edited w/o my input/permission. FFR, Whats the word/space limit on postings then?
Name :   Karin W Location :   Ithaca, at the moment Date :   Tue
message :   Deadwood:
Name :   Found the characters Location :   in a place called Deadwood Date :   Say what?
message :   Never heard of it, but Hearst, Tolliver, Pinkerton and Aunt Lou are all in something called Deadwood. Looks like a western?
Name :    Location :    Date :   Labor Day
message :   Are these TV/Movie characters in list? Shop opened; no interest. Lake House still stands. CJ must pay 70K for WebbHouse, plus pay 50K penalty if she doesnt move it to LakeHouse site in 6 months! What bank will mortage that? Crazy! Dont know about picnic.
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Rowland=hearst; Turner= katie W;Cy Tolliver= George F; Pinkerton= George Peters; Lisa= Aunt lou;commissioner Jarry= Mayor G; EB = Ann Rollo;Richardson = Jacci Farlow; aurora village=comatose steve; We need al swearengen
Name :   A Friend Location :   Ithaca Date :   September 3, 2006
message :   So, how was the picnic? Did Jim Orman get rained out? Has the new shop opened yet?
Name :   Q Location :   from the village Date :   Sept 3
message :   Did CJ get her demo permit? I thought she was ready to roll.
Name :   Nothing Location :    Date :   
message :   makes any sense. Friday night, on a long weekend, and the pizza shop is closed.
Name :   Administrators Location :   cyberspace Date :   now
message :   SIA: exchange taken down at request of founding member (without whom venue wouldnt exist). Responses left up a few days so all could read defenses after our stupid mistake in passing on personal attack. But replies led to more attacks. Let it go; thanks.
Name :   KAH Location :   Main St. Date :   9/1/06
message :   According to Aurora zoning code: no gas station - convenience store permitted in Flood Hazard, Residential, Commercial, or Institutional zones; but allowed by Special Use Permit in Agricultural/Residential zone.
Name :   Latecomer of some 25+ years Location :   Aurora Date :   Friday
message :   Dont know if info is correct but have been told by more than 1 person that zoning in Aurora doesnt allow gasstation/convenience store. Heard grumbles against gasstation from locals @ PTRs pretakeover focus groups.
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   9/1/06
message :   Not aware of a ban. Think there was a proposal to put one on south corner of Poplar Ridge Rd, next to gully & in flood plain where buried gas tanks not permitted. Aesthetics concerned some but did not sink proposal as far as I know...?
Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   8/31/06
message :   To the webmaster or whomever is in charge of the forum: Could you please tell me why my post and a few others, answering Anon, have been deleted?
Name :   Latecomer of some 25+ years Location :   Aurora Date :   Thursday
message :   I always thought the ban on gas station/convenience stores was that they were tacky & commercial & would spoil the aesthetics of the village. Since Pleasantization, perhaps that is now moot.
Name :   alumna Location :    Date :   
message :   Is the village so threatened by competition from a good convenience store? Does life end at 9pm?
Name :   Auroran Location :   Aurora Date :   8/30/06
message :   Now come on... maybe 2 gas stations in a village this size is a bit much, but you cant tell me thered be a lack of business for a station in or close to Aurora.
Name :   alumna Location :    Date :   
message :   Try a main road within walking distance from the campus -- not all kids have cars.
Name :   New Aurora Location :   Reality Date :   Today
message :   Sure, even though last 2 gas stations (Sherwood Corner & Pumpkin Hill) had to close for lack of business, & last proposal for one was illegal (in flood plain) and no other business property is available, but gee-whiz thanks so much for your advice!
Name :   Good old Aurora Location :   Doomed to the 30s Date :   Zone it for chains
message :   If the owners wont stay open, let a decent convenience store/24 hr gas station in!
Name :   resident Location :   aurora Date :   august 28
message :   TG better be held to his word and the law this time, he is recorded in official approved minutes: PO demo only if USPS moves into Heary.
Name :   Have noticed before how Location :   Tom G has never behaved Date :   as if rules applied to him
message :   & gets irritable if anyone reminds him of legal decisions, laws, regulations, etc which stand in the way of his doing just as he pleases. PO is case in point.
Name :   An Auroran Location :   Aurora, of course Date :   8/28/06
message :   No, really, the Pizzaurora thing has gone beyond silly into nutty territory. Th-Sun 4-9? In a college town? Honestly, whos responsible?
Name :   Not really an answer Location :   but interesting. Date :   8/28/06
message :   It seems Tom G now says our PO will be demolished no matter what, even though all approvals were voted on condition that PO must move to Heary. USPS can keep lease until 2009, force us to supply new roof -- which Tom will then destroy? Duh?
Name :   Here is a Q: Location :   Aurora Date :   8/27
message :   Why spend $$ on Village roads when our Village P.O. needed a new roof??? Would not have cost as much as the roads that were not that bad. even to just patch the fews spots now on Cherry Ave. now.
Name :   resident Location :   aurora Date :   august 27
message :   IF her work here is done, why are we facing demo of our PO against all sense & reason and why are Lake Lyon Webb Houses held hostage to her iron will? Why the lies, why the scam about college taking over businesses, what is this all a front for???
Name :   Full article available now Location :   New York Times Date :   8-27-06
message :   Link too long to post here -- find it at the bottom of -- also an interesting blurb in todays Citizen
Name :   Not as dumb Location :   about marketing Date :   as they are
message :   Pizza shop run by people who know zip about their market: college students only just start thinking about ordering pizza around 10PM Its about same as Dories is for kids - yeah right.
Name :   augh!!! Location :    Date :   
message :   MY WORK HERE IS COMPLETED????? well leave then! go go go! GO!
Name :   what kind of Location :    Date :   
message :   retail environment exists in Aurora if a pizza shop in a college town is only 20 hrs a week? Sounds like a front for the mob.
Name :    Location :    Date :   8.25.06
message :   More informative excerpts from NYT review up at
Name :   Yes, it is true! Location :   in the New York Times Date :   8/25/06
message :   Happyland: Mystery of Missing Novel, full page 8/27 in NYT BookReview. Ha! Amazing pr for bad writer? And no threat from Rowland? So why did publishers lawyers get involved? A *mystery* for sure!
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   I thought pleasant gave jims wife - rest her soul - way over-priced (50,000 bucks?) buy-out of failing bird business. No-one else in heary bldg got bought out, but jim was on planning board so maybe his vote was needed? So what was deal with fargo?
Name :   Now Location :   fargo confused Date :   
message :   I thougth owner orman only got a little bit of money from wells and pleasant, take it or leave it, didnt he? How much did he get?
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   yea, really garish lurid prose in happyland seems atypical but maybe somehow suited to the subject? hey, his other books mailman & funnies are under option to movie studios. i wanna see kathy bates play happy masters!
Name :   KAH Location :   Main St Date :   24 August
message :   Ive read his other works, Funnies & Mailman: better but different in style from each other and from Happyland which got cut down, rewritten w/ eye on lawyers, & serialized. Will reserve judgement for the full version in paperback, if & when that happens.
Name :   watcher Location :    Date :   8.24
message :   Is the orman thing to make him feel better for what he did to the village. Most know he got a sweet deal from Pleasant. Now he is still working over the locals.
Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   8/24/06
message :   The Pizzaurora hours are just goofy. Who makes these decisions? This village is like a bad joke at times.
Name :   Auroran Location :   Aurora Date :   8/24/06
message :   Gotta agree about Lennons writing. I love that the thing is out there, that somebodys lampooning PR. But the guy cant write. (Yet he teaches writing. But thats par for the course).
Name :   Use Our Park Location :   in the village Date :   on Sunday, Sept 3
message :   -- a community picnic, 1-4PM, hot dogs burgers beer & soda for 10bucks a head, sponsored by Jim Orman (?!), more info here --
Name :   Mystery solved! Location :    Date :   
message :   Lennons writing sux. No wonder pub backed out.
Name :   hungry Location :    Date :   
message :   If the pizza shop cant make it, how can the place across the street that isnt open yet?
Name :   guest Location :    Date :   
message :   and you better have your order in by 8:35 because they lock up tight at 9. No late pizzas!
Name :   Pizzaurora Location :   sign on door says: Date :   New Fall Hours
message :   Thursday thru Sunday 4-9. In a college town they cant sell more pizza than that???
Name :   KAH Location :   Main Street Date :   22 August 2006
message :   I was just told that the Sunday (27 August) New York Times Book Review will carry a full page article on Happyland: The Mystery of the Missing Novel. Can this be true?
Name :   Taxpayer Location :    Date :   
message :   Thanks for the info, Nancy. That sounds promising. Best of luck to you.
Name :   Nancy Location :   BTF Date :   8/21/06
message :   I plan to open within two weeks. I will be open year-round. I am the sole owner of the business.
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   8/20/06
message :   Nancy, you might want to ask the administrators to remove your email address quick before it gets picked up by spam robots. And - when do you open, will you be year round, and are you the business owner? Thanks!
Name :   Nancy Tisch Location :   Ithaca, NY Date :   August 20, 2006
message :   Seems you all have some questions about my store opening up. Rather than swap conjecture among yourselves-- you could just e-mail me at Id be more than willing to clear up any questions you have. I look forward to seeing you in the st
Name :   A Question Location :   down the street Date :   Sunday, August 20
message :   Is completion bond required by village for Webb House relocation? No? Then what happens if CJ runs out of cash, changes mind, or is hit by a truck when project is half done? Mess could go from bad to worse.
Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   8/18/06
message :   To CPH: Why dont you READ this site before making judgements like that? Shes not a giving woman. And issues, CPH, are always more complex than the simple-minded think.
Name :   CPH Location :   WNY Date :   18 Aug 06
message :   Everybody always hates the gut with the big house on the block! Lotta sour grapes it sounds about a giving woman.
Name :    Location :   Auburn Citizen Date :   August 17, 2006
message :   Aurora May Go Wireless Plus update about Webb - Lyon - Lake Houses
Name :   Try Again Location :   Ithaca Journal Date :   Todays Story
message :
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Yup & now shes g0ing to donate (for a big tax deduction) another sinking business to the college. Just what Wells needs - another way to lose big money. And dining hall food in the village - what a deal! Check the web at
Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   Today I saw someone
message :   painting Fargo porch. Business now owned by Wells, but with need to address major deferred maintenance on campus, Wells touches up newly rebuilt Fargo? And college is paying to treat all those new trees? Dont think so. It is still a Pleasant operation.
  Name :   x Location :   x Date :   x
message :
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Hey: how about Democracy For Aurora? (What a hypocritical booby!)
Name :   A Friend Location :   Ithaca Date :   August 14
message :   Geo Farentholds really tiny *Democracy for America* group meets monthly at Fargo, had Spitzer Fundraiser there in August, see AND
Name :   aurora Location :   ny Date :   8/14/06
message :   was there a political event at the Fargo recently endorsing Elliot Spitzer?
Name :   keep an eye here Location :   bet the Date :   
message :
Name :   coalition supporter Location :   still here Date :   8/14/06
message :   would be interesting to know what name is on Bet The Farm applications for licenses to serve food / wine: Tish or Rowland or Waller or Wells College...?
Name :    Location :   Bet The Farm Date :   
message :   Nancy Tisch worked at French for Pleasant
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   8/13/06
message :   Was told a Nancy Tisch would open Bet The Farm. Anyone heard of her? Also that she could not open because permits not in place to taste&sell wine. And heard monthly rental for old Posies shop is 900 bucks a month! Who can clear that overhead in Aurora?
Name :   Wondering Location :   End of summer Date :   
message :   I bet the farm that Bet The Farm never opens. What is the point? Summer is almost over. The tourists will be gone. Is it a front to make it look like something is going to happen, like Aurora is lively!!? Better than *Store For Rent*?
Name :   sez it all Location :   latest issue of harpers Date :   august something
message :   another chapter title in the latest installment, a summation of the transformation of a village -- Horrendous Happycrap.
Name :   KAH Location :   Main St Date :   10 Aug 06
message :   Unrelated developments. Last night PB announced that D.Kirk has withdrawn his purchase offer for Lyon House. Today Happyland Part III arrived with a chapter called - The screams of local preservationists. On it goes...
Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   8/9/06
message :   Not sure what PR would sue Lennon for... a libel suit wouldnt wash (pardon the pun). It would only make her look bad. And a writer would enjoy the publicity. Trust me.
Name :   in a lawsuit ptr could Location :   use OUR published Date :   public perspectives here
message :   as evidence of damages to her reputation. therefore enjoy the parallels privately but dont insist upon them in public forums monitored by her agents.
Name :   Dont Worry: Location :   Harpers understands Date :   1st ammendment protections.
message :   And Norton may have panicked for different reason: her husbands big powerful family business is in textbook printing.
Name :   when wishing for PTR Location :   to be stung by Happyland Date :   have a care
message :   whod want the author who gave you the revenge of a stinging lampoon to suffer from being sued by the BIG BULLY (suffer he would) and/or have publishers pull out even more? have a care.
Name :    Location :   nearby Date :   8-8-06
message :   the author is also very wrong about the book not bothering PTR. more on forum...
Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   7 Aug 2006
message :   Happyland description of Happy Masters stepping from car, standing on sidewalk surveying all is EXACTLY the way PTR stands;cant tell me he hasnt ever seen her in person. But dont want trouble 4 him either.
Name :   I dont believe Location :    Date :   
message :   that R John Lennon is being truthful. His book IS about peope in Aurora. too easy to recognize. Is he worried about a law suit? From who?
Name :   KAH Location :   Main St. Date :   5 Aug 06
message :   This map copy was a FOIL request to Village Clerk back in 2001, its part of LLCs file for Inn/Market proposal. Do tax maps show ROWs? Those used to be available on line. Or, maybe they can be viewed in Village, Town, or County Clerks Offices?
Name :   Aurora Location :   Aurora Area Date :   
message :   Can you post the Map? Or give info on where to find that info? KAH. thanks much
Name :   KAH Location :   Main St. Date :   4 August 06
message :   Much newer survey map made for Aurora Foundation LLC, dated 1/8/01, still shows Thompson Lane just north of bank as a Right of Way also labeled *unopened street* extending from Rte 90 to lake shore. Interesting.
Name :   Surrpised Location :   to learn Date :   
message :   Does that map mean we can all access the lake via Biaconis driveway and back yard? What became of that ROW? Does it still exist?
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   8/4/06
message :   I sent some notes on concerns with Right of Way issues to the feedback Forum.
Name :   Ruth Spinks Location :   Equinox NY Date :   
message :   Interview with the author of Happyland in yesterdays Ithaca Times. Hey, it quotes this GuestBook!
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   The point being. No 1 really knows where ALL the ROWs in the village R. I am also sure the powers are really hiding most. Let them show the village where they R. The one by the bank is real look at the curb cut. But still hidden. a trade for ROW#2 RR one
Name :   Resident Location :   still here Date :   August 3. 2006
message :   Already knew of its existence as well as its name; no surprise there. Note that unlike the Rowland land-grab, other village rights of way --there are several-- are not blocked or built upon, nor is use prohibited to public. What IS your point?
Name :   2 Long Gone Location :   one more try Date :   
message :   I am sure you did not see the 3rd ROW just north of the bank. Sure Pat would not be happy if Aurora puts a sideway down that one or blacktops it. look at it again! Thompson Lane
Name :   Resident Location :   right here Date :   August 2, 2006
message :   Theres a Right of Way south of old IGA -- a road once extending to stone mill on shore -- that Rowland built on top of, plus the R.O.W. to north of Inn that she now bans for public use. Long Gone: more than your knickers are twisted!
Name :   Maria S. Location :   Syracuse Date :   August 2, 2006
message :   I do hope Bob Congel and Pleasant havent been introduced -- to think of those two weeping into their G & Ts at the lodge! [shutter]
Name :   Long Gone Location :   Anywhere but here Date :   8-2-06
message :   Site map: I see rights of way for a railroad that no longer exits. I see property owned by Wells College. I dont see anything you need to get your knickers in a twist about.
Name :   Map reader Location :   The Inn etc. Date :   8-2-06
message :   Well... we know village board let Rowland steal two public rights of way, building over one and just taking another. Do you see something else in this link?
Name :   well well welll Location :   The Inn etc. Date :   
message :   What do you think?
Name :   dissident Location :   happyland article a week ago Date :   7-31-06
message :   How come planning boards James Stephen Taylor (aka steve) speaks to press re rowland when mayor wants ALL board members mum on public issues? Maybe he should tape his mouth shut...
Name :    Location :   rt.90 Date :   Sunday morning
message :   Anyone know what ever happened to the Pedestrian in Crosswalk signs the village use to put up in the summer? Sure could have used them for the Rt. 90 sale.
Name :   Karin W Location :   In a Thunderstorm now passing Date :   Evening
message :   Good point, Taxpayer. Makes me feel better too. To sum up: wireless in Aurora is fraught w/potential trouble, not all of which I covered, with or w/o email. As usual, sounds good, but danger lurks....
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   re: wireless village proposal Date :   7/25/06
message :   By the time we learn what George has in mind, he has already done it. Remember the lesson of the official village website. Good to start questioning before he gets too far. Neither an attack nor a waste of time: just advance notice & wary watchfulness.
Name :   Maria S. Location :   Syracuse Date :   July 25, 2006
message :   [more] ... Who hangs around and tells the august heads how to spend their alum donation? This was a devils bagain from the beginning.
Name :   Maria S. Location :   Syracuse Date :   July 25, 2006
message :   Its difficult to read of the problems in Aurora without a sense of sadness and loss. Alums who do well and give a healthy contribution usually expect little more than a pat on the head and a new building bearing their name. Who would hang around to tell t
Name :   Karin W Location :   After consulting with Date :   a more expert expert
message :   Lot of IFs: could just be wireless access w/o email services, but there are still issues. Will want to hear just what pie-in-the-sky George has in mind before wasting energy attacking straw man.
Name :   Concerned local Location :   Aurora Date :   Tuesday
message :   Question: Is Ken Larson (Wells Manager of Computer & Network Operations) back from vacation or are they (purposely?) meeting in his absence yet again?
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   So.. looking at wireless internet in village run by LLC partner, Wells? Not good idea. See security concerns on Feedback Forum. (And probably our taxes will pay for us being spyied on!)
Name :   Watchman Location :   re campus/village internet Date :   (tuesday, 7/25)
message :   I was told that Time-Warner reps were coming to campus last Friday to discuss new services for campus, and that in VB meeting Tom said George should sit in on the meeting to check out possibilities for wireless in village too. Watch Out!!!
Name :    Location :   Happyland Date :   Today
message :   Wrong link for todays Happyland story. Try again at -
Name :   KAH Location :   Main Street Date :   24 July 06
message :   Long-ish article on Happyland in todays Citizen...
Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   another issue
message :   Email isnt only internet service; ISP servers can log every site visited. If IP addresses are assigned on-the-fly one wouldnt know who visited which sites, but still....
Name :   Auroran Location :   right here Date :   7/21/06
message :   Good answers to these wireless internet security questions posted in comments at
Name :   Wired Aurora??? Location :   here Date :   
message :   I can see it now, Pleasant hires her fawning toady, Jacci F, as admin of the local network, with specific instructions to monitor the emails of known dissenters. Could that really happen?? Is it technologically possible?
Name :   just a Q: Location :    Date :   7/21
message :   If wireless was put in Aurora. And I say if. Would they whoever ran it (the village/or even PR). Could they not look at every email, internet site anyone that uses it has been to? But it would be the reading of emails on the server that would not sit righ
Name :   To the *Getta Life* Guy Location :   Free Aurora Date :   July 22, 2006
message :   The same old mindless irrational rude response, duh! Try this - live your own life & get your nose out of others. Why should our questioning bug you so? Why feel threatened by different opinions? (and stop the fibs: this is not about *home remodeling*)

Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   Thu
message :   Did a major project on wireless security in grad sch Network Security course (SU): also an oft-cited (now obs) pathfinder on wireless in libraries. More expert than many, but less than people who work w/it daily.

Name :   Get a LIFE, people! Location :   Aurora, NY Date :   Today
message :   Wow, you folks really need to get a LIFE! Protesting the remodeling of homes? HEY, I HEARD THERES A WAR GOING ON, MIGHT WANT TO CHECK THAT OUT! Sheesh!

Name :   Georgie Makes News Again Location :   Citizen Date :   7-20-06
message :   Anyone know anything about individual internet security in these *hot spots*?

Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   Tues
message :   Looks good now -- thanks for the good work! I can now read the missing paragraphs and no more weird formatting. Thanks!

Name :   regular reader Location :   aurora Date :   monday
message :   wil the forum entries be fixed? theyve been cut off and messed up for 2 days an im hoping to read the missing parts soon

Name :   New store just for us locals Location :   in old Posies, so we are Date :   happy now, right?
message :   Coming in August: regional wine & food *emporium* featuring finger lakes cider cheese food wine, tasting & sales, what a great addition to our community! Called *Bet the Farm,* hows that for cute?

Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   tudy pressed by pleasantistas to apologize for her float(!) so good of doc to claim misunderstanding and get her off hook especially when shes not well and we all know whats going on here anyway wonder when tommy will ever say sorry for anything

Name :   Second installment of Location :   Happyland is in Date :   this mornings mail...
message :   ...and its getting better and better.

Name :   villager Location :   aurora Date :   7/14/06
message :   How come it is ok for our mayor to make rude remarks to Tudys float riders from the Fargo porch? I was at the Library and hear him!! He needs to apologize to them.

Name :   Stan Zs Float Location :   in AuroraFest Parade Date :   last Saturday -
message :   more offensive to the powers that be than Tudys, either her original plan or improvised replacement, yes? An in - your - face parody of New Aurora, those obnoxious tourists. Any official response to that?

Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   main street: is she here still???

Name :   Take back the park Location :   by the Inns dock Date :   
message :   If people would just use the area. It will not be lost.

Name :   local Location :    Date :   7/11/06
message :   dont go to the fargo

Name :    Location :   main st. Date :   
message :   So what is the news out there today. What is she up to

Name :   To Townie Location :   in Aurora Date :   on 7/8
message :   Which VB member gave you info? Must be Ken, Janet or Jim, right? Did this VB member say Tom told them this recently & in reference to Aurorafest? Or did they mean the *crackdown* on public statements after Georgies letter last summer? Please answer.

Name :   If by *memo* they meant the directive sent by mayor to all boards last summer saying Location :   they may not write newspapers about issues coming before their boards Date :   (after George F. did just that):
message :   how strange that board members, their relatives & friends suddenly & simultaneuously equated this order w/ Tudys float on Sat morning, and collectively withdrew their promised participation a few hours before parade. More on Forum.
Name :   lets be fair, Right Location :   The Fargo Date :   the day, day after
message :   The Mayor said nice things about the Red Hats. Come on. People from the bank to the PO could hear what he said.

Name :   wells worker Location :   nearby Date :   tonite
message :   seen tom myself protect lazy slugs dangerous inept sexual predators guncrazed troublemakers false qualification liars @ b&g just to avoid conflict/trouble for hiself great mayor you all have

Name :   KAH Location :   Main Street Date :   10 July 06
message :   Not Napoleon, but Edward Bulwer Lytton (of *it was a dark and stormy night* fame) and context gives one pause: *Beneath the rule of men entirely great, The pen is mightier than the sword.* We are not under the rule of the great here...

Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   7/10/06
message :   Gonna be a long 3.5 years. And I know our *reluctant candidates* tried SO hard to get someone, anyone to run against the Regime last March. NO ONE would step forward, so they did at last minute. No offence, but where were you, Soldier, overseas?

Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   7/10/06
message :   Auroran: among prostitues, greed trumps shame -- he has none left. Soldier: remember how Tom became Head of B&G in the first place? That went waaaaay beyond being a *yes* man.

Name :   Missed the parade Location :   Aurora Date :   July 10
message :   Memo? As in physical evidence? Does someone have a copy? Share the text? Or was it a *secret* memo? Let Mayor G. deny that if it exists. How about witnesses to the loud speaker words?

Name :   A Soldier Location :   Anywhere Required Date :   Current/ZULU
message :   Tom Girthansome has been a yes man since Hitler was a Corporal, at Wells, and presently as mayor too. I believe Napoleon said the pen is mightier than the sword! In Aurora it may be the vote that ends this puppet regime.

Name :   KAH Location :   Main Street Date :   10 July 06
message :   Judges stand was @ fargo & Im told Tom said *right people have mouths shut* on loud-speaker! And today he denies issuing prohibition to board members. So - all the people who backed out on Tudy invented Toms memo and its ban on float participation? Right.

Name :   An Auroran Location :   seriously p*ssed Date :   7/10/06
message :   Heres an even better idea. Why dont the citizens of Aurora who are fed up with this crap GO UP TO Tom G. on the street and TELL HIM HOW WE FEEL. Shame works sometimes.

Name :   D.H. Location :   Hey.. Heres an idea... Date :   lets all get together 4
message :   a public burning of Happy Land, denounce our rights as citizens, & wear smiles all the time. Dissent is America you dumb bunny (TG).

Name :   local Location :   Tudys float Date :   
message :   Mayor Gunderson, Did you say The right people have their mouths taped shut now And told your boards not to ride. Is that being impartial?

Name :    Location :   Aurora(fest) Date :   7-09-06
message :   Arrrgh. Citizen sent its tourism reporter and missed the real story.

Name :   Cruiser Location :   NY Date :   july 8th 2006
message :   Having worked for the Inn when it first reopened I know for a fact that music from neighbors or boats going past the Inn during the Wedding gets alot of complaints from Brides, you really want to wake up the Managment make sure you have your speakers up o

Name :   another Location :   local Date :   today
message :   Quick! Feed him some more beer and point him towards a reporter or a microphone. Everyone needs to hear that. Disgusting, disgraceful. Ugh. (Can he be impeached? Or do we just have to wait until he explodes?)

Name :   local Location :    Date :   aurorafeat
message :   Corrupt mayor has forked tongue. I thinks he has been bought! He was heard saying the right people have their mouths taped shut now on the fargo porch!!

Name :   Yeah Location :   For the big tough guy Date :   the mayor wants to be
message :   He sure lets himself get pushed around by a couple of women.

Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   7/8/06
message :   They rode float w/ mouths taped shut, but no explanation: hope point got across. Tom may say CPP must appear neutral; but OK that Attilio had *Ban Coalition* sign in yard but not for Chris to ride Tudys float? And maybe corrupt mayor has forked tongue.

Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   8 Jul 2006
message :   Hope some have courage to ride a float anyway, just to assert their rights. Tom wasnt worried about rules governing govt websites, now he wants to apply his OWN rules for float riding?!? To heck with that.

Name :   been around Location :   aurora Date :   too long
message :   tom is crotchty good ole boy who just wants to keep doing whatever he pleases legal or not (always has!) without interference or hassle same way he runs b&g @ wells same as mayor

Name :   Watchman Location :   Free Aurora Date :   time to protest
message :   Did all Village Board approve this move by Mayor? Shame on you! Contrary to basic values & violation of constitutional rights! What next: ban satire, prohibit questions, arrest those who disagree? Why do you silently support this insane dictatorship?

Name :   townie Location :   AuroraFest Date :   7.8
message :   It is true. A VB member told me that is what they were told. I guess that is what the village wanted when they voted him back in..! What is Tom afraid of? a little heat.

Name :   Crawford R. Thoburn Location :   Main Street Date :   Aurorafest 2006
message :   Tudy just told me Mayor wrote CPP (&PB/ZBA?) members theyre NOT ALLOWED to be on her float. Supression of free speech is contrary to spirit of Aurorafest; I was a founding committee member, this is a fundamental betrayal of our community. Outrageous!

Name :   Tell Pleasant: Location :   historic village for sale Date :   on E-bay for only 5-million.
message :   Totally perfect for her new Hoffman Institute Quadrinity Process center (see Warren CT under real estate at Buy it now, then go away and leave us alone!!!

Name :   Wow Again Location :   Aurorafest location Date :   Day Before
message :   I meant the moving of the location of the Aurorafest to accomodate one (non-Auroran?) couples wedding, rather than serving all the residents of Aurora with an attractive and comfortable location for the Aurorafest. Makes it obvious who counts - and who do

Name :   auroran Location :   Aurora Date :   7/7/06
message :   to Wow: Which one are you talking about?

Name :   Wow Location :   Aurorafest location Date :   Friday before
message :   WHEN will people wake up?!?!??? Someone who can sign his/her name send this one to the paper, would you?

Name :   Village bends over Location :   for Pleasant Date :   again.....
message :   Instead of being held at OUR public lakeside park, OUR Aurorafest is held on a blacktop parking lot. Why? Because Pleasants INN has a wedding. Once again, Auroras residents come in second..and our officials go along.

Name :   townie Location :   AuroraFest Date :   Friday morning
message :   I sure do know what Tudy is doing with her float. But like the rest you will have to wait and see.

Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   7/7/06
message :   Does the Mackenzie-Childs retail face-off continue? Im told Richard&Victoria now have a shop called *Home Again* in their house south of Aurora. Anyone have details? I though Pleasant bought their home as well as their business...

Name :   Friend Location :   Ithaca Date :   July 7, 2006
message :   Anyone know what Tudys doing for her float in this years Aurorafest? (Is it tomorrow?)

Name :   Jake Location :    Date :   7/30/06
message :   The fargo used to be fun. The people of the town make it , you cant ever change that!! We Will take it back.

Name :   Friend of M-C employees Location :   Aurora Date :   30 June 2006
message :   How can one respond to M-C post? M-C employee friends tell me Pleasant has issued ultimatum: Turn profit this year or she will sell; not looking too good. Was a fad that passed its due date anyway.

Name :   webdog Location :    Date :   
message :   Interesting bit on MacK-Childs way down this page -

Name :   A question: Location :   if ugly houses Date :   should not be allowed
message :   why arent the Farlows in jail?

Name :   Laura Holland Location :    Date :   
message :   Re: our home. Please see Forum.

Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Bottomline is, the Holland House is way off-topic and bringing it up now is pointless. *I* hate what was done to the Inn, architecturally. But its too late now. So enough with the Hs new house. Same issue.

Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   6/29/06
message :   The POINT about the Holland House is that it doesnt MATTER. Its a diversion, taking us off the IMPORTANT issue--P.R. All the Hollands did was build a big house. What P.R. has done is what matters here.

Name :   townie Location :    Date :   
message :   The Holland House did meet all set backs on the property it is on.They are paying taxes on it. The issue is still the Web House and the 3 years in linbo. Pleasant is still behind that and still has her hand in it. Did she pay CJ to get into this?!?

Name :   A Soldier Location :   Anywhere Required Date :   Current/ZULU
message :   Holland House: belongs on the back nine of a golf course in Texas, boring! I hope the inhabitants enjoy the big rig truck traffic rattiling the many windows! It reminds me of a Motel 6, without parking! Paradise lost!

Name :   Jack Location :   New York Date :   6/28/06
message :   Everyone is entitle to their own opinion, I do not think the house fits in well with the rest of the street, it looks larger then the Inn. While I am not happy with PTRs demolition of the town, I do not think the house should have been allowed.

Name :   webdog Location :   cyberspace Date :   6.28.06
message :   Anonymous poster who sent Syracuse Post-Standard Business about MacKenzie-Childs article to the Feedback page: please send us the link. Thanks.

Name :    Location :   Aurora Date :   Holland House
message :   My understanding is the architect never came to look at the site. New house is lovely, but not the right house for the space & very badly sited (way too close to Masonic Lodge). But some board must have said OK....

Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   6/28/06
message :   To Jack: ENOUGH of this nonsense. To call the Hollands new house ugly is just plain ridiculous. To equate the Hollands IN ANY WAY with Pleasant is offensively stupid. ENOUGH.

Name :   george peters letter Location :   here it is Date :   6/28/06
message :

Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   6/28/06
message :   George Peter has written a letter to the editor in the Post Standard... I dont know if its available online, but reading it made me absolutely sick.

Name :   townie Location :    Date :   
message :   We had all better hope that Sue E. can keep things running smooth with the Aurora Inn etc. etc. After they fail this next time Happy will be back to buy them. Wells could not take care of them the last time never will be able to this time.

Name :   Jack Location :   New York Date :   6/28/06
message :   Why were the Hollands allowed to build such a big ugly house in the first place? It seems so out of place when you drive down Main Street. I am not a fan of PTRs demolition of the Aurora, but to me allowing the Hollands to build such a monster of a house

Name :   Friend Location :   yesterdays paper Date :   June 27
message :   Knowing Dave Tobin as we do, gotta wonder if this is the full story or even a reasonablty accurate one --

Name :   A Soldier Location :   Anywhere Required Date :   Current/ ZULU
message :   The Inn. The nights of rock and roll bands, kegs of beer, and dancing. The FARGO room. And the breath of fresh air on the bricked terrace. Not to mention a French kiss with a Wells girl at the Old Mill. Paradise Lost!

Name :    Location :   Happyland Date :   
message :   Lilys secret name was Rosebud....

Name :   Not Location :   too Date :   many
message :   weddings at the inn this summer. and they bare begging for event business.

Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Happyland, aka Equinox NY Date :   6/23/06
message :   Cant find July issue of Harpers Magazine to read the first installment of *Aurora Inspired* novel? Visit this site, enter your zip code & see where to buy a copy.

Name :   x Location :   x Date :   x
message :   its out! The July Harpers! And its a great story.

Name :   dissident Location :   unpleasantville Date :   first day of summer
message :   very confused article tries (?) to put Ryersons raise in context, the readers comments are better than the reporting -

Name :    Location :   Aurora Date :   
message :   if u know for SURE which car goes with which driver make an anonymous tip to police to check that car for DWI; a few such checks of drunks coming out of the Fargo will dampen bad behavior & protect innocents on the road.

Name :   A Soldier Location :   Anywhere Required Date :   Current/ZULU
message :   Fargo retraction: I assumed it was underage wannabe ruffians, not seemingly mature adults causing the mayhem. Inform your local law enforcement with a TIP, turn in a pusher. Take a stand!

Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   6/19/06
message :   Not that easy, Soldier. Misbehaving LLC employees, scum bringing in heavy drugs, other imported trouble makers -- all are over the *new* drinking age. (Hey, I remember those parties on the dock...)

Name :    Location :   Barn sale Date :   today
message :   Employees of Mack-Childs Ltd (aka Pleasant Rowland) told they would lose jobs if Rowlands moles saw them at Victoria&Richard M-C home/barn sale. Wouldnt same threat work for Wells employees? And those on village government are also on Rowlands payroll.

Name :   A Soldier Location :   Anywhere Required Date :   Current/ZULU
message :   Fargo conundrum? Enforce the 21 year old drinking law. Eddie never served me a libation until I provided a NY paper license showing I was 18. Aging myself? Indeed. But then again, in those days there were keg parties at the DOCK! Paradise lost!

Name :   webdog Location :   online Date :   sun, june 16
message :   Fargo Page = press clipings. Promote article on whats happening there or get letter published in paper & it will go up on page ASAP. Hey: anyone have e-copy of letter VB sent to PTR re Fargo? That would be good addition.

Name :   Hot and Sticky Resident Location :   Aurora Date :   Fathers Day
message :   So we arent deserving of Pleasants largesse? Fine -- take your toys and go home! We wont miss you! Totally out of line on an official government webpage so typical of Aurora govt.

Name :   Baler Location :   Phelps Date :   6-18-06
message :   JUST OUT OF CURIOUSITYWHY DOES NO-ONE UPDATE FARGO PAGE?All that stuff from 2005how about something alittle more currant!Such as,the meeting between SUE E. and Scarry Sherry,mind you now,this was two-against one,and former cook.who was rail-roaded out of

Name :   Baler Location :   Phelps Date :   6-18-06
message :   To person suggesting that I dont inhabit the Fargo.I dont and havent for Four Years,How about you?

Name :   Neighbor Location :   Ledyard Date :   Saturday afternoon
message :   Just came thru Aurora- there are two UNpleasant cars parked in front of Inn&Store, being read slowly & carefuly by her tourists. Thats something villagers could do, especially this weekend: perfect for Dads Day!

Name :    Location :    Date :   6.17.06
message :   Looking pretty long-lived right now, soldier! Shes here for the duration, personally directing work at Abbott House & Mac-Childs & etc. So, *townie* of *yes, aurora* on 6/1 - what are the Other Things We Can DO?
Name :   A Soldier Location :   Anywhere Required Date :   Current/ZULU
message :   Ryerson/Gunderson. Willing string mimes acting in cadence with the Rowland puppetry. Puppet regimes are typically short lived. I salute the Aurora resistance fighters.

Name :   who freaking cares Location :   aurora Date :   6/15/06
message :   The Mayor asks a member(s) of the village to be on a board(not the VB we vote them in) so they(he/she) still kinda has control of who they want there and how that person votes! I am sure Mayor Tom G. has picked his people well!

Name :    Location :   auburn newspaper Date :   june 15
message :   Does PB not see difference between a corporation & an individual resident proprietor of a home business? This B&B site is not zoned commercial!

Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   6/15/06
message :   ah... concrete confirmation at last that Nancy Gil was on Pleasants side all along (as if it werent obvious). The concept of objectivity never seems to dawn on these people who serve on the boards.

Name :   I blame Location :   Ryerson Date :   for everything.
message :

Name :    Location :   syracuse newspaper Date :   june 15
message :   And funny / pathetic interview with departing chair of the planning board that doesnt

Name :    Location :   syracuse newspaper Date :   june 15
message :   Interesting article about MacK-Childs / Rowland lawsuits

Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   6/15/06
message :   It doesnt matter if someones local. Lots of locals have turned traitor. And besides, as was always true with Aurora, many of the locals are and were snobs. Its partly the local snobbish types who have helped to get us into the mess the village is in.

Name :   Even More Location :   Aurora Date :   6/14/06
message :   Dont think thats all! The LLC seems think Miller is the man around here, they really dont know us very well do they?

Name :   nitpicker-picker Location :   aurora Date :   again today
message :   iwas bein nice when i said smarmy hes the kind to feel hes the right to speak for everyone id trust him about as far as I could throw a cow but hes local born/bred parents too lives on punkin hill regardless where he works during wk

Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   yea well, local-boy would know better than to try being self-appointed spokesman, hes lost touch (nyc aint nextdoor) - smarmy doesnt cover it, look at trouble he made *begging* pleasant *on behalf of aurora* to *save* webb house, thanks alot

Name :   nitpicker-picker Location :   aurora Date :   today
message :   john miller is smarmy at best but yur picking nits just cuz he lives few 100 yards beyond official border he grew up in the village has property on dublin hill pays taxes hes more of a local than many others

Name :   Curmudgeon Location :   in the village Date :   6.13.06
message :   And please note that John Miller is not a resident of Aurora, nor does he represent or speak for anyone but himself.

Name :   Even More Location :   Aurora Date :   6/13/06
message :   Laura, The answer to your question is John Miller. When pressed it was revieled that he came asked them.

Name :   Laura Holland Location :    Date :   A question:
message :   Katie Waller claims that *people came to her* begging Pleasant Rowland to save our old house, in 2003. Can anyone tell me who they are - the *people who came to her*?

Name :   Laura Holland Location :    Date :   A question:
message :   Katie Waller claims that people came to her begging Pleasant Rowland to save our old house, in 2003. Can anyone tell me who they are - the people who came to her?

Name :   oh goodie Location :   syracuse newspaper Date :   june 12
message :   *MacKenzie-Childs has opened a free visitor center, open from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. The center offers a video studio tour, demonstrations by company artisans and a quarter-inch-scale, fully decorated home.*

Name :    Location :   syracuse newspaper Date :   june 12
message :   Does CJ think college can leagally demolish Lake House using her permit?

Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   Re: Fargo Incidents
message :   R there other witnesses whod B willing 2 sign their names who can corroborate account of bad behavior @Fargo? Reads like puerile perverts fantasy. Maybe true but more evidence than anonymous post needed.

Name :   Ryersons Raise Location :   Citizen Editorial Cartoon Date :   Sunday, June 11
message :

Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   6/10/06
message :   Another public hearing coming this Wed 14th at 6:30 on Rowlands new application to convert Abbot House into a private commercial B&B. Background at

Name :   Closer Location :   to Date :   moving...where?
message :

Name :   Watchman Location :   clarification Date :   
message :   Yes, shes processed. Was seen wearing Quadrinity symbol as necklace 5 years ago! But Rowland probably didnt pick her, shes weak & inept in many ways; may be replaced with more ruthless & efficient adherent, could fully estab process in campus & village.

Name :   Doubter Location :   Realm Date :   Re Ryerson
message :   How do you know Ryerson has not been processed? There could be a Hoffmanized president already in place at Wells.

Name :   A Soldier Location :   Anywhere Required Date :   Current/Zulu
message :   Hoffman Quadrinity Process and human potential? Homo sapien evolution will dictate potential. Not the Hoffman pottage of educratic morass.

Name :   KAH Location :   Aurora Date :   9 June
message :   PB approved Lake House demo if Koepp gets contract to buy; deferred vote on Webb relocation until full plans received & reviewed - hey, what a concept, follow the law! New site material submitted at meeting, yet applicants expected vote, yikes!

Name :   Watchman Location :   Re comments appearing Date :   on Citizen article website
message :   Those who want Lisa gone: careful what you wish for. Rowland didnt pick Ryerson as president, but she may hand-pick successor. Someone with extensive administrative experience with the Hoffman Institute, pehaps?

Name :   Karin Wikoff Location :   Aurora Date :   8 Jun 2006
message :   A Soldier: I am outside the loop but would be very much like to assist. Contact me - Google me or try the phone book.

Name :   A Soldier Location :   Anywhere Required Date :   Current/ZULU
message :   Decoded
message to Aurora Resistance Fighters: Papa Bear dislikes porridge. Meaning: Resist by all legal means. We are on our way!

Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   6/7/06
message :   Two down, one to go. CPP approved permits for Webb/Lake House tonight. PB gets its chance to kiss butt Friday at 3PM. Where are the tanks, Soldier? Looks like shes moving into Leffingwells.

Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   6/7/06
message :   Who benefits from all this? Guess! The Citizen reports today that Lisa just pulled in a 116,455 dollar RAISE in salary and benefits.

Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   yes, bonnie b is zba chair and yes kalweit cast deciding vote - go figure.

Name :   Aurora Location :    Date :   Kalweit cast deciding vote?
message :   I thought Bennet was the board chair?

Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   d-day
message :   After 3 hour meeting yesterday, ZBA approved area & height variances for Webb House; Bob Kalweit held back, then cast deciding vote in 2-2 split. And Koepp brought a lawyer, tho she *cant afford* proper signed architectural plans!

Name :   A townie Location :   yes Aurora Date :   6/5
message :   Guess if one wants to ram rod .. You have meetings when everyone has to be at work. RIGHT!?!

Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   6/5/06
message :   ZBA meets 5:30 today on variances for Webb; CPP Wed 7PM on Lake demo & Webb reposition; PB Fri 3PM on same. PB Chair Nancy Gil resigned effective 6/1, but stays on to ram thru this project and new B&B proposal! Can corruption be more obvious?

Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Not mere exploitation. Plain Old Evil. Look what its done here. And there is more to come, unless we stop her.

Name :   Dear deeply concerned: Location :   it is frightening, irrational Date :   and a sort of brainwashing.
message :   Like Crowley & His Law, Bob Hoffman *received knowledge* of Quadrinty from a being on *a higher plane.* He later hooked up with Werner Erharts right hand man to develop the Process, a cash-cow to exploit the insecure and gullible.

Name :   Far West Location :   Webb house Date :   6/306
message :   Pleasant gets her way again.Neighbors fighting neighbors over a mess she created. House remains on stilts for years. Relevant points overlooked and replaced with hostile irrelevant character attacks. Interloper embraced good family shunned. Why?

Name :   Deeply concerned about Location :   People seem brainwashed, infected Date :   Dont want such visitors here!
message :   Quadrinity PR text sounds frighteningly like sugar-coated version of Do What Thou Wilt is the Whole of the Law (to paraphrase Crowley) Lot of Pleasants people sound like that too Cant talk logic w/them.

Name :   to townie Location :    Date :   
message :   that greedy,evil bitch has certainly made Aurora HELL for everyone else. It will probably take a generation for Aurora to recover from the damage she has done.

Name :   a townie Location :   yes Aurora Date :   6/1/06
message :   I hear MacKenzie-Childs is on the market. There goes number two of the legs she said she would keep at the meetings a few years ago. Guess we cant park cars in front of her driveway. But there are other things to do.

Name :   a Townie Location :   yes Aurora Date :   6-1-06
message :   Ple*s*nt you will never be welcomed in MY town. And I will make Aurora HELL for you.Go back to dolltown!

Name :   Administrator Location :   Cyberspace Date :   6/1/06
message :   No votes taken at last nights meeting, but 3 more meetings this week to vote on demo, site plan, variance for Webb/Lake Houses! Also public hearing on application for new Pleasant B&B. All date/time info up on web site as best we know.

Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   pains me to say i think geo peter is going dotty, angry - irrational especially since losing gloria. was a gentleman. i remember him getting very indignant when jay woolford acted so nasty in 1st inn public meetings, to see him act much worse is so sad.

Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   6/1/06
message :   The vitriol that was directed against the Hollands by George Peter and Robin Driscoll at last nights meeting was not only completely uncalled for (and irrelevant to the discussion) it was simply disgusting. It was a perfect example of whats wrong with Aur

Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Shes not leaving: Welcome to Pleasantville:

Name :   Laura Holland Location :   Can someone please tell me Date :   who the hell is Robin Driscoll?
message :   Why is she so motivated to say such nasty public comments about my home and my family? She doesnt know us!
Name :   A Friend Location :   Ithaca (ex-aurora) Date :   5-31-06
message :   Wish I could be at tonights meeting, hope some will post account - reaction here. Hopeful Signs: been following the comments on the Citizen site at Dugans article!

Name :   Administrator Location :   Cyberspace Date :   Wed, 5/31
message :   Site can transfer only a limited amount of data per hour. If many people attempt access in short period, the site *exceeds its bandwidth* and shuts down temporarily. Should be up again within an hour; sorry.

Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Why is the site down?

Name :   coalition supporter Location :   seedytown Date :   real memorial day
message :   Vote on Lake/Webb house mess today, PB Chair resigns as of tomorrow: brings us lawsuit & runs? Any relation of Kirk/Lyon deal to this looks like improper SEGMENTATION under law; whole project must be reviewed together, not in peices.

Name :   To A+ Wells Student Location :   Thanks for your insights Date :   
message :   Next school year, if things havent changed re the Fargo, try to encourage your colleagues to boycott the place. How bad is the drug scene there now? And whats being done about it?

Name :   It keeps getting Location :   stupider and Date :   crazier here.
message :   Seedy?? Cmon Bill. Thats a first - I dont think I have ever seen Aurora and seedy in the same sentence before. I do not think anyone could accurately use that word to describe Aurora in at least the past 100 years. If Dugan could take time out from kissin

Name :   A+ Wells Student Location :   Not here for the summer thank god! Date :   5/30/06
message :   I wish I would have been a student before this great town and locals were uprooted and tossed into a blender just for Pleasants tax write-off. P.S.-The Wells campus student community is NOT HAPPY AT ALL with the recent firings.

Name :   A+ Wells Student Location :   Not here for the summer thank god! Date :   5/30/06
message :   I am sure it has been said before, but I dont understand how these people who are paid recockulous amounts of money cant even run a simple business? Drugs, lies, deceit, scandal, and mistreatment of employees AND patrons.

Name :   Local Resident Location :   Aurora Date :   Memorial Day
message :   Bill Dugans piece makes me sick. Says Aurora was seedy sad place before Pleasant. How does that make you feel, fellow pathetic nothings-without-her-royal-largesse? [His writing wanders aimlessly; needs editor]

Name :   To Balor Location :   Speaking of being railroaded out Date :   of the Fargo,
message :   what do you call what they did to Jim Orman? These are bad people behind this..... STOP going there.

Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   5/29/06
message :   Post comment to todays Citizen article or write editor & tell true story of the Fargo Past & Present: OR OR

Name :   coalition supporter Location :   the past is over Date :   do something today
message :   Forget what shoulda happened: do something NOW. Todays Citizen says: *you could put a Fargo sign on a tent in the post office parking lot and that trade would still come.* Call the paper, tell them whats happening & how you feel about it!

Name :   Resister Location :   Not the Fargo Date :   The Fargo as we knew it
message :   ended a year ago. If EVERYONE had STAYED away this might not have happened.

Name :   Balor Location :   phelps Date :   05/29/06
message :   Wheres the Love in the food at Fargo now?Gone!Whos cooking now,Scarry Sherry?God forbid.Is this the end of The Fargo as you knew it?It sure is a sad day when an employee of 7 Years is railroaded out!Why is Sue E covering-up for Sherry? Time will tell.

Name :   Aurora local Location :    Date :   5-28-06
message :   How can you even have a vote?Without Drawings? the application is incomplete. Board should not hear matter until requirements/drawings are submitted.

Name :   observer Location :   old aurora Date :   5-28-06
message :   How can a vote be had 5/31 without signed/sealed engineered drawings? This is the only way to determine the number and type of variances required for project. What are the proofs being presented for variance relief?

Name :   Anti-george Location :    Date :   
message :   Four days until Pleasant Puppet Regime is given the keys to the village. What will change? I am sure she will relinquish power over properties. HAHA. Is KW leaving? Is LR removed from speed dial? Doubtful

Name :   Heres to our Vets Location :   USA Date :   now
message :   .... the older I grow, the more I appreciate.

Name :    Location :    Date :   5.28.06
message :   Thats a given, Soldier, but reminder well-taken. Check back with HQ now. D-day is the inspiration, not the date. Landing set for reunion weekend to destroy massive heavy propaganda artillery.

Name :   A soldier Location :   Anywhere Required Date :   Current/ZULU
message :   All kidding aside. I would ask that we all take a few moments this Memorial Day, weekend. And remember the fallen.

Name :   to a soldier Location :   aurora Date :   may
message :   facetious n funny or serious n for real? if for real do u need a bumper sticker for yer tank? will u need xtra foot soldiers to fill the ranks?

Name :   Even More Location :   Aurora Date :   5/26/06
message :   Dear A Soldier, Now were talking! Get these pansy asses moving! Where have you been? Very funny???

Name :   A Soldier Location :   Anywhere Required Date :   Current/ZULU
message :   In rememberance of June 6, 1944 D DAY, an amphibious landing codenamed Doll House 1 is being staffed. Cones? An obstacle that will be breached.

Name :    Location :    Date :   5.26.06
message :   Soldier, you locate *anywhere required* -- really? How about bringing your tank and parking it in front of the inn right now? Thanks, that would be great. PS: just ignore the traffic cones.

Name :   A Soldier Location :   Anywhere Required Date :   Current/ZULU
message :   Second option to the Doll House Offensive: lay down your arms, disregard ones moral and ethical upbringing. And succumb to the POWER of Money! I salute those who choose the first option.

Name :   Soldier, Location :   youre so right Date :   
message :   traditional Aurora IS,and has been, in the threat box. Pity so many of of its citizens choose to collaborate with its occupiers. But WHAT is the 2nd option?

Name :   A Soldier Location :   Anywhere Required Date :   Current/ZULU
message :   In operational terms, Aurora is in the threat box. Meaning, the billionaires intentions are to create/sustain/prolong the Doll House offensive. When threatened by encirclement, as traditional Aurora is. There are two options. One: to fight with all vigor.

Name :   KW Location :   Aurora Date :   One more thing
message :   Almost forgot: Jacci confessed she is not a writer and is willing to have an editor or someone else write the text for the pages. (Id guess she might be choosy just who....)

Name :   webdog Location :   online Date :   sunrise
message :   thanks administor for getting the long kw-vb account up on new page so fast(!) have moved links to govt sites about municipal web construction to so can weed out here

Name :   Thanks to KW Location :   for her detailed account Date :   
message :   of the website VB meeting. I very much appreciate you attending and writing about it. I hope you are skilled typist!

Name :   Yoo Hoo, Hey You! Location :   About the grist mill? Date :   You didnt tell us
message :   YOUR name. Be fair !

Name :   Whacked In The Head Location :   by Rowland Date :   Stinks
message :   too.

Name :   Administrator Location :   Cyberspace Date :   5-24-06
message :   Thanks to KW for attending todays Special VB Meet re aurora website & posting rapid account, now linked at feedback forum. (At least Jackie reduced her fee from 50 to 30 bucks an hour, after getting first 1,700 for crap.)

Name :   Just Curious Location :   Neverland Date :   05/24/06
message :   Hi, just stumbled across this propaganda webpage and was wondering why all of the authors writing all of this drivel here never sign their names to the articles?? I epecially liked the one about the one about the dock being so close to the Historic Grist

Name :   Disgusted again Location :    Date :   05/24/06
message :   In response to the taxpayers complaint regarding jackies commercialism on the towns official website I have one question. Is anyone surprised? This town has more collusion than the teamsters unions of the 50s.

Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   youre all whacked in the head. every stinkin one of you.

Name :    Location :   unpleasant promotionville Date :   
message :   for same reason websites north end of village is a full page of mac-childs photos -- it isnt anywhere near within village limits! -- and doesnt pay aurora tax & water bills either

Name :   disgusted Location :    Date :   
message :   The websites directions to Aurora features a pic of the farmhouse at Mc-childs. why???

Name :   KAH Location :   Aurora Date :   23 May
message :   Village Board holds Special Meeting tomorrow, Wed 24th at 4PM to discuss (vote on?) Aurora Website content, design, fees & maintenance contract. Meeting is open to public, and input welcome!

Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   two more firings at fargo...long-time employees well-liked by few locals left...this all stinks

Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   23 May 2006
message :   Wheres this new property? (from Citizen): {Steve Taylor will present a walking tour of the village, as well as the new trail property owned by Wells College.}

Name :   KAH Location :   Main St Date :   22 May 06
message :   Yes, USPS Senk warned of *technical issues* w/Heary location, expressed concern in private about ADA issues & involvement of Public Interest Law Firm of Syr Univ Law School in handicap access question begun by Shelby & continued by Schwab.

Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   5/22
message :   Resp to FZ on forum: USPS isnt *on board* w/LLC, that was made clear at hearing. Fed govt has own requirements & priorities, so THERE IS A NEED FOR INPUT from concerned residents who dont want to roll over & play dead or arent too disgusted to act :-)

Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   22 May 2006
message :   If you cant afford a subscription, Wells Library has Harpers and is free and open to area residents. Ask at the Circ Desk on the main floor of the library.

Name :   KAH Location :   Aurora ? Date :   21 May 06
message :   Subscribe right now to Harpers for 1 year (15/20 bucks), & youll get the the entire 5 month serialization of HAPPYLAND starting in July. Call (800) 444-4653 or visit

Name :   Far West Location :    Date :   May 21
message :   Comedy show at Fargo nearly as funny as mismanagement and hostile takeover. Almost one year ago we lost our pub to progress; oh and drug dealing clientsÉnice work Pleasant.

Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   contact info
message :   Form not needed; USPS welcomes questions & comments to: Paul Senk, USPS Facilities Service Office, 6 Griffin Road North, Windsor CT 06006-0300; FAX (860)285-1287, VOX (860)285-7006,

Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   5/19/06
message :   I missed this until now: Jacci is SELLING her photos from the Village Website!!! The photos copyright on village homepage and throughout the site WE PAY FOR is a link to her commercial operation. Can corruption be more blatant?

Name :   Admin Location :   cyberspace Date :   May 18, 2006
message :   We have *official* comments forms from hearing. If you could not attend or felt uncomfortable speaking (in awful atmosphere) or have more to say: drop a line to and well send you a form, if you want one.

Name :   KAH Location :   Aurora, I think Date :   In May 17 *public hearing*...
message :   pleasantistas allowed to heckle-abuse speakers w/RIGHT to be heard. So many wont speak, submit written comments, dont show or leave early to escape harrassment. Skews results for Press & USPS: LLC heard to dominate public thought. This is a scary place.

Name :   what will they do next Location :   Aurora Inn Rt. 90 Date :   
message :   Her plumpness is in town she needs all the room she can get. drive over them. NO THEY CAN NOT DO THAT.

Name :   one more time Location :    Date :   
message :   seventy six thousand dollars per space

Name :   I wanna Location :   park my car Date :   downtown!
message :   Why are the orange cones in front of the inn? Is it legal for them to take over parking on a state highway?

Name :   Coalition Member Location :   watching Date :   5-17-06
message :   And National Trust is a member of the ACHP - Advisory Council on Historic Preservation - a federal agency which at least in theory can compell USPS compliance with Natl Hist Pres Act. Will she get her way in DC too?

Name :   Administrator(s) Location :   cyberspace Date :   Sorry,but
message :   no one gets posted here 6x in row & eats up 1/2 page. Maybe blocked after 2x, sent to forum for later, or dumped in last spam attack, who knows? We do our best to keep up & open but not be a one person show, thanks for understanding.

Name :   Administrator Location :    Date :   
message :   For some reason this system cuts off dollar-signs and numbers attached to them. (It also omits apostrophes and quotation marks.) So -- spell it out, how much do you figure per space?

Name :   Want to make a bet? Location :    Date :   on Wed 17
message :   The PO is as good as gone!! And the parking lot will be in. I for one will be sad to see that. But it is already a cut in stone deal!! She has got her way for 5 years. Such a weak VB. They give it away again. ,000 per space shame on you...

Name :   Another Coalition Supporter Location :   Aurora Date :   Tues, May 16
message :   Info on why preservation still worthy but complex issue here -- if PTR gets her way with USPS after violating federal statue -- sets terrible national precedent for hist districts; see new page at

Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   Today
message :   Past 5-6
messages explaining things blocked -- guess Im not allowed to defend myself. Sad.

Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   5/16/06
message :   Whats with orange traffic cones in front of Inn blocking half-dozen parking spaces for past 24 hrs?

Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   16 May 2006 B
message :   Re: Dissing. Sigh. Way too touchy; I was not dissing AC at all. Youd do better trying to work together than bickering with allies. Point was: not all opposition is AC, some spontaneous grassroots, popping up all over.

Name :   coalition supporter Location :   To KW, re your posts on Citizen SIte Date :   and your comments about Aurora Coalition
message :   AC never said current PO historic; presv issue= illegal *anticipatory demo* parts of OldSchool; see site. Asbestos= roof over 5K. Gonna dis us at least get facts right! (But kinda un-nice to put KAHs name up on Citizen site= she wasnt in article or posts!
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   5/14/06
message :   See what U mean. Poor George finds free-speech, political opposition & democratic process so annoying. Lets adopt one-party system just for him & become the Fascist State of Farenthold. Ship all those AC sympathizers off to the gulag now! Silence Dissent!

Name :   Fascist Farenthold Comes Out: Location :   see the link below Date :   this guy is scary-nuts!
message :   Sure, Georgie: no democrat can speak out on natl issues cause we lost last 2 prez elections, so lets shut up, right? I checked, AC had nothing to do w/article; he has MacCarthyite obsession w/AC. Also cant read, seems to think Karin W is Karen H. Whew.

Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   13 May 2006
message :   Post your responses to the Citizen article on the post office meeting here:

Name :   to cz, sia, & all frustrated others Location :   main street Date :   may 10
message :   Can you spare a car - with signs - to park in front of the inn while shes here? Grey mercury is back and deserves some company! (Ugh - is she staying for the 5/17 P.O. hearing?)
Name :   SIA to CZ Location :   Aurora Date :   5/10/06
message :   Her Royal Hugeness is supposedly in town today through til next week sometime. Might be a good idea to go and tell her that its time to wrap it up over there.
Name :   cz last time Location :   yadda Date :   yadda
message :   Check out the Great Wall of Aurora next to my house! Neighborly gesture! and to top it off, she cheaped out on the stone and only faced a tiny part of my side with fake rocks.
Name :   cz again Location :   main st Date :   may 9
message :   and the general contractor ASSURED me last fall that they would be done by March! He doesnt know her initials stand for Plan To Re-do.
Name :   Cathy Zimdahl Location :   nxt to Leffingwell Hs Date :   may 9 2006
message :   How many more of my summers are going to be dominated by noise, dirt, and total lack of privacy in my back yard? This project is dragging on forever!
Name :   K.A. Hindenlang Location :   Aurora Date :   8 May 2006
message :   Our Village Clerk says she would like concerns / complaints about the new website submitted by this Thurs (Fri at the latest) to be included in her compilation for consideration by the Village Board. She is removing names.
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Watch Out: More Lizzies on the way... Date :   5/7/06
message :   June natl mag Country Living, Aurora article: *charms of small-town life, postcard-pretty village,* blah-blah all the wonderful things PTR has done! First Brides Mag now this, shes desperately trying to turn our home into a destination, see FeedbackForum.
Name :   SIA Location :   Aurora Date :   5/5/06
message :   To Lizzie: See my post to you in the forum. Again, if you dont understand, then ask. Read this website. But I highly doubt youre really interested in the truth, or finding out why people are so angry with Rowland.
Name :   Laura Holland Location :   Aurora Date :   Dear Lizzie Thomas
message :   Please read my invitation to you on this sites forum page. Thank you.
Name :   Far West Location :   Not Aurora Date :   
message :   What I miss about Aurora is its uniqueness, charm, beauty and community pride. Since PR showed up we have lost all. Interlopers like JF and KW now make decisions for a village that once prided itself on independence and unparalleled culture.In the wake of
Name :   Even More Location :   Aurora Date :   5/4/06
message :   Village mailbox and speed sign mowed down by drunk last Sat nite 2am, same time way-drunk chick at Fargo taken to detox by ambulance. Good thing PTR got rid of Jimmy! God bless PTR?
Name :   Karin Q Location :   To Lizzie Thomas Date :   4 May 2006
message :   Well, Lizzie, thats the point, isnt it? The site is directed at TOURISTS, not the RESIDENTS an official government website is supposed to serve. You must be a tourist with access to high bandwidth internet access too.
Name :   Lizzie Thomas Location :   Tourist Date :   5/04/06
message :   I actually love the Aurora website. I dont understand what you guys are griping about.
Name :   KAH Location :   Aurora Date :   3 May 2006
message :   Re: village site photos, am no expert but worked for natl expert in copyright law, and have my own commercial publ works & so watch cpyrt&royalties. Looks like JF & WD tried to reserve rights via *C* sign; cant image our slipshod VB contracting otherwise.
Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   5/3/06
message :   As AC site points out, Posies = only Aurora area biz she created & it fails miserably; except mail-order dolls she has cant run anything and ruins Fargo, Inn, Market/Pizza, (& MacK-Childs?), all deeper in red ink than ever before.
Name :   Far West Location :    Date :   
message :   The top of her lungs has to be a violation of a noise ordinance or atleast a smell ordinance.
Name :   you mean Location :   aurora has Date :   
message :   A store front open... maybe I should ask Wells if I can open my head shop in the old Posies
Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   2 May 2006
message :   Experts may correct me but isnt work for govt considered {work for hire} which would mean all photos on Aurora website are now property of Village? Im pretty sure work for govt belongs to govt upon pymt.
Name :   Way West Location :    Date :   
message :   I understand that Jackie F has completely lost her mind. Reports are she was driving around town beeping horn and yelling pleasants praises. The signs on the cars are a form of healthy non-violen protest and are not breaking any laws. Her ranting at the t
Name :   K.A.Hindenlang Location :   On (not in) village kiosk downtown Date :   today, I saw a flier reading:
message :   [quote] Four people on Wells College waiting list for housing. Four apartments waiting to be knocked down [endquote]. Interesting.
Name :   *HOW she got job, WHAT shes paid* Location :   village Date :   5-1-06
message :   not the first time: remember she demanded tax money to offer *activities* that no one wanted, and wanted payment by village govt for putting out merchants monthy calendar The Goose or something.
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   5/1/06
message :   Some taxpayers have legit beef about WHO runs new site, HOW she got job, WHAT shes paid AND site content. Nontaxpayers, please dont try to limit our discussion here, inc complaints; thanks. Suggestions weve seen sent to village office are plenty polite.
Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   1 May 2006
message :   We know new website is no good; lets send polite cooperative suggestions for change/improvement as long as they are willing to take such.
Name :   *does this make her a counterterrorist?* Location :   village Date :   5-1-06
message :   you could say it makes her the village idiot, but smart enough to con the board into paying her 50 bucks an hour (!) as their incompetent websmistress.
Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   5/1/06
message :   Right. Had coalition been able to post 250K bond & win suit, result = just an order to re-do SEQR. But successful suit by Webb neighbors on zonining violations, result = monetary damages = huge village tax increase. Wake up boards & follow the law!
Name :   fz Location :   Aurora Date :   4.30.06
message :   Wacky-Jacci called me a terrorist when my truck was downtown, does this make her a counterterrorist?
Name :   There would be no need of lawsuits Location :   if PB, CPP & ZBA did proper reviews and followed law. Date :   But if law isnt upheld by local boards, the only way
message :   to get Zoning, SEQR, Open Govt laws enforced is by citizens legal action. CPP&PB got away with it before; may not this time. Local judges dont *get* SEQR & Preservation, but probably understand Zoning & Environment just fine. Lost case = major tax hike.
Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   4/29/06
message :   Looks like interesting Zoning Board meeting last week. Bet Pleasant wont pay to defend village govt from this possible lawsuit, this time costs will come out of our taxes.
Name :   *Who will Jacci glom onto next?* Location :   village Date :   4-29-06
message :   she appeared to be official videographer for science bldg ceremonies yesterday, who pays her for that? and thats her THANK YOU LISA THANK YOU KATIE THANK YOU PLEASANT WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH rusty van in front of the inn now.
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   4/28/06
message :   Our criticism of website IS constructive, see, but *The People* dont want Farlow&Farenthold controling information flow & soaking up tax money for self promotion.
Name :   Are you insane mng. Location :   Sherry? I for one Date :   will never eat out the
message :   palm of your hand. You have no idea of the locals youre missing @ the Fargo. Shame on u 4 assuming u know who we all are!
Name :   Remember the Fargo? Location :   How sad it is!!!!!!!!!!!! Date :   
message :   Did anybody tell the Foundation that turnover is bad 4 biz. Yeah we have an Applebees! Just go now!
Name :   Who will Jacci glom Location :   onto next? Date :   4/28/06
message :   Georgie, College, perhaps she will revisit Richard & Victoria. You gotta love sheep.
Name :   Pleasent owns Location :   nothing!!!!!! Date :   4/28/06
message :   It occurs to me that she insulates herself w/yes men, allowing the destruction of a village & co. What a wonderful way to be always right. ENOUGH!!!
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Potential opportunity for input into creating website The People want w/constructive cooperative ideas, rather than usual !!justified!! but ineffectual bitching. Can we rise to the occasion?
Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   27 Apr 2006
message :   Wouldnt surprise me if VB does things in bumbling fashion; being {in} on something doesnt mean it makes Minutes or there was approval of content; just some sort of vague knowledge w/perhaps implied consent. Now they have to clean up mess.
Name :   Pleasant here with Trustees! Location :   Saw her walking along Main St. Date :   on Wed afternnon with Randi Z.
message :   And today saw one protest car at Inn. This would be a great weekend for more! (Pleeeeze, they arent naming new science bldg for her, are they?)
Name :   Alternative News Flash Location :    Date :   
message :   VB re-writes history? Check minutes. Didnt hire Farlow, or discuss / approve content. Had 2500 earmarked for development. GF got no bids / proposals, & blew over half the budget on Farlows mess. Site was up & publicized in paper before the VB even saw it.
Name :   Its Trustees Weekend Location :   so if Date :   
message :   anyone is of a mind to park a protest car downtown, this weekend would be a good time to do so. Not sure, but I think theyre here Thurs - Sat.
Name :   Karin W Location :   Aurora Date :   27 Apr 2006
message :   NEWSFLASH: Apparently the Village Board HAS been in on the planning of the website, but are not happy with the result, particular content, but also performance. Constructive criticism is welcome.
Name :   Webdog Location :   Online Date :   4.26.06
message :   A new page is up with some of the letters submitted to the Village complaining about the Farlow & Farenthold website. (Add your own to the pile!) See
Name :   Even More Location :   Aurora Date :   4/26/06
message :   I like the site. It should make a ton of money for the village. Every merchant on there including Farlow should be paying or working for a spot.
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   Shakespeares Birthday
message :   Complain (your name will be kept confidential) to Clerk about F&F website deal and bizarre content; contact info & more at Feedback Forum. *He has not so much a brain as ear-wax. Her name blisters our tongue.* Stuff like that would be good...
Name :   i should know Location :   aurora Date :   
message :   PLEASE put georgie out -- before he weasels his way into state government anyone notice how he is cozying up to spitzer? you really want him spending state funds the way he spends village funds? his wife too! whats with all the trips to albany?
Name :   Now hear this Location :    Date :   
message :   If Jacci was a good person she would do the webpage for free... kinda like getting the mail for the handicapped...
Name :   i should know Location :   aurora Date :   
message :   georgies wife has siphoned overblown funds from wells to her cronies for years now georgie is doing the same with village funds sometimes to the same people why am I not surprised?!??
Name :   This is cronyism Location :   at its worst. Date :   If George wasnt
message :   authorized to do this he should have to pay the village back.Then, off the board - better yet, out of town.
Name :   Wacky Jacky Website Location :   was not authorized by the Village Board Date :   (4-22-06)
message :   but she submitted a bill for about 1,700 dollars via Georgie and now wants to negotiate a monthly stipend for site maintenance! Send complaints about misuse of public funds & inappropriate site content by email to the Village Clerk ASAP.
Name :   More on Moving Houses Location :   Neighbors Date :   4/22/06
message :   Good *My View* from LHolland in todays Citizen about Lake / Webb House Mess. Its up on the coalition website, along with last weeks letter on the same subject from Dugan.
Name :   i dont go there either Location :   aurora Date :   april 21
message :   well, one patron already banned for disorderly conduct but allowed into fargo by incompetnet management got his hands around the throat of an employee in a drunken attack! when will we get the full story? have charges been filed? baler, do you know?
Name :   a local Location :    Date :   
message :   I heard the Mag. of the Fargo said she has the locals in the palm of her hand... What ones? no one goes there.
Name :   Its her own private Location :   online gallery. Date :   No way
message :   that this is legal?
Name :   Even More Location :   Aurora Date :   4/20/06
message :   Click on any one of the pictures on the new website and guess what comes up!!
Name :   Did the village give $ Location :   to this polarizing person? Date :   If you click on the email
message :   link, you get Farlows address. As is oftn noted, she does not even live within willage limits.
Name :   Dissenter Location :   Aurora Date :   4-18-06
message :   From Wacky Jacks *official* new Aurora website: *Public access to the lake by parks and docks allows residents and visitors to experience serenity and stunning sunsets.* WHAT? Vistors access what docks, and what -plural- parks? See
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   4/18/06
message :   Please listen: Rowland is not leaving. That was a scam. You want her out? Do something!! Cars with signs in front of the inn work. The whole departure scam was staged to get rid of those cars. She hates them! Park there, or post fliers or bumperstickers o
Name :   Rowland Location :   Here, There Date :   and Everywhere
message :   So what happened at the poor ole Fargo? Fights,property damage, public sex, arrests, injuries? What a sad and depressing place they have turned that into. Thanks alot Rowland Ryerson and Waller. You all suck. I cant wait until you are all outta Aurora. Wh
Name :    Location :   Aurora Date :   Monday 4/17
message :   No one local goes to the Fargo anymore, how should we know what happened there other night? Place is usually empty. Somebody snub you? Girl danced w/o panties on table? Injury lawsuit?
Name :   Hey ! Baler in Phelps Location :   Dont be coy. Date :   We dont go there anymore.
message :   WHAT are you talking about? Please elaborate.
Name :   baler Location :   phelps Date :   04-15-06
message :   Shits hitting the fan today!!
Name :   Dugan seems the perfect NIMBY: Location :   not in my back yard, they say. Date :   How times change!
message :   He was happy to look away when law was bent / broken / ignored to please pleasant & heavily trash anyone opposing her steamroller. Now that its come to his front door, ha, its a different matter: hes talking law suit!
Name :   Karin W Location :   Sherwood Date :   13 Apr 2006
message :   Taxpayer: Can you give us a run down, for those who dont have easy access to the local print version of the Post-Standard? At least, which way does this letter lean?
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   4/13/06
message :   Check out the letter from former Ledyard Town Supervisor Bill Dugan in todays Syracuse newspaper, Cayuga Neighbors section, re the Webb House mess. (Its not on-line.)
Name :   Karin W Location :   Sherwood Date :   6 Apr 2006
message :   Top story in Citizen:
Name :   A Friend Location :   Ithaca Date :   Thurs, April 6
message :   Did anything happen with the Lake, Lyon, and Webb Houses last night?
Name :   question Location :   in the village Date :   4-4-06
message :   is there any real difference with the new proposal for Webb & LaKe Houses from the one made and turned down two years ago, other than the names on the application?
Name :   Is it true that there are no Location :   site plans on file for the proposed Date :   demo of Lake House & relocation of Webb?
message :   Then how can they have hearing Wed to consider permits when no one knows exactly where & how Webb House will fit? Why cant it be moved elsewhere? Remember Boyer House? That was bought for a buck, moved up hill from lake onto Rt 90 and taken a mile south.
Name :   Hey Frus ....? Location :   We are awake. Date :   Its perfectly clear that
message :   the departure story was pr to create sympathy for that she-devil.
Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   3/31/06
message :   Thanks for report; there IS sense in speaking when numbers count. Note: 20 spoke, 15 pro & 5 con, thatll be in minutes and USPS will notice. Rowland stacks hearings: many speaking pro dont live in Aurora, but they are heard / counted and we are not!
Name :   Frus Location :   Aurora Date :   3/31/06
message :   PLEASE. Wake up folks... Pleasant isnt leaving. This is a PLOY, a tactic so that she can distance herself from the trouble and still run things.
Name :   Please spare me ! Location :   The thought Date :   of Fusco in bed
message :   with Marsh makes me want to puke.
Name :   Short report on meeting: Location :   or see todays papers Date :   for bad coverage.
message :   Village lawyer Fusco reversed position from Feb PB meeting, jumped in bed w/ Rowlands lawyer, a done deal, no sense saying anything, CPP could have stopped it but will trust USPS to fix problems, ha ha. Everything Pleasant-ly rubber-stamped to by 10PM.
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   measure yourself: map in village office 1 inch = 10 ft go from last limp-lane parking over and up to street across towards ramp & up ramp into back of building then continue on to service desk at front of building -- 100 yards, touchdown
Name :   Amused Again Location :   Aurora Date :   Mar 30 2006
message :   oh oh oh...and Whackys bit about how handicapped access wouldnt be needed if we were all decent enough to get the handicapped peoples mail for them! Is she trying to be funny?
Name :   Jason Blair Location :   Truthinessville Date :   3/30/06
message :   Hey coalition people...your extremism and exaggeration of the facts (re: distance from parking to new postoffice)are counter productive. Be more accurate!
Name :   Amused Location :   Aurora Date :   4-30-04
message :   Whacky Js speech on world peace and mental health was hilarious. Makes sitting thru those boring-ass meeting worth it. Does she know how insane she seems?
Name :    Location :   Aurora Date :   3-30-06
message :   Couldnt go, got this report from a friend: I was amazed at the number of people who had complained earlier on this project and who sat there tonight and say nothing.
Name :   Outside Location :   Away Date :   3/29/06
message :   Anyone who went to meeting tonight Care to report?
Name :   another concern resident Location :   aurora Date :   wed
message :   to tom g: hope you sent a letter to him in person doubt he reads here or also went to mtg tonite and spoke up i cant am sick. now what: dont have much hope aurora wakes up and DOES something about this mess good luck.
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   New bumpersticker needed: Send Katie Waller back to Wisconsin.
Name :   To Tom G Location :   Pls respond Date :   
message :   What will the park cost? Leaving it to next mayor? Pls show us state review results. Thank you.
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   3/28/06
message :   At 12/29 meeting TomG said park develpment was *job for another board* way in future. So, he cuts revenue, increases liability, raises expectations for more services -- and leaves it to next mayor to figure out how to pay for it all!
Name :   Karin W Location :   Sherwood Date :   28 Mar 2006
message :   Tax man: I keep asking the same questions (in newspaper, letter read into record, etc) but Village officials seem disinclined to answer. Id guess they didnt look into it before they signed MOU, maybe havent even yet at all.
Name :   tax man Location :    Date :   today
message :   Do we even know if the VB has looked into how much it $ to run the new park?... INS. bathrooms, trash pickup, mowing it,parking lot ETC. While we could still get cash for the rent on the Village PO. Bldg.
Name :   barf Location :   right here Date :   right now
message :   sundays citizen didnt even identify this as an opinion piece, ran it like was a real article in a real newspaper: Pleasant Rowland - You can never go home again
Name : Location :   Good article in Citizen about Date :   upcoming hearins 3/29 and 4/5,
message :   but how did LLC get out of complying with Order to Remedy on Webb House? Just by finding a possible buyer? And why oh why is village govt insisting on approval of plans not yet accepted by the US Postal Service?
Name :   now what? Location :   unpleasantville Date :   the day after
message :   NO ONE else was willing to know, sometimes I think this village has a death wish, and now its about to come true.
Name :   Karen H. Location :   Aurora Date :   23 March 2008
message :   
message to alums references MOU in which VB accepts PO/Park deal subject to permits; link is to bogus p.r. from 2wks ago, conveniently released soon after election challenge surfaced. (Some locals thought: hey, dont worry, shes leaving!)
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   3/22/06
message :   Well. Crawfords 46 votes out of 142 ballots show 1/3 of those voting want new voice on village board. A more *electable* candidate -or one willing to campaign- might have drawn more votes, enough to win a spot. But...NO ONE else was willing to stand.
Name :   Karin W Location :   Washington DC Date :   21 Mar 2005
message :   Alum newsletter claims post office deal is all settled. Is it? Sad to hear about elections....
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   Election Day
message :   Last election, 120 voted; wonder how many today? Know Crawford&Karen tried very hard w/no luck to get others to run; instead of throwing in the towel they threw their own hats in! Whatever todays result, We Need More Participation in Defining Our Future.
Name :   Citizen Jane Location :   aurora Date :   3/20/06
message :   dont dilute your vote! if you are voting for the non-incumbants, JUST VOTE FOR THEM and dont use your other vote for 2nd trustee.
Name :   Cathy Zimdahl Location :   aurora Date :   3/20/06
message :   re: Aurorafest theme. I heard someone suggested A-war-a-fest, then subsequently quit the committee, angry at the Resistance. Personally, I like the war part. Lets roll!
Name :   Karin W Location :   Sherwood Date :   20 Mar 2006
message :   Have to agree with Cathy: Webb House just doesnt fit the space. People really have no sense of harmony, of what suits a physical space, none at all. But they do reflect the social environment accurately (disharmony, things forced into spaces they dont bel
Name :   Hydrangea Lover Location :   Aurora Date :   March 20
message :   It will break my heart if they rip up the old established hydrangea bush at the front door to Lake House apts -- there are roses there too. The hydrangea are esquisite and delicate when dried....
Name :   American Girl Location :   aurora Date :   3/20/06
message :   Webb House is way too tall to be squeezed into Lake Houses spot and not looked crammed in, &I did not like CJs architect counting to 10 (in barely repressed anger, out loud) at the CPP meeting when Laura asked her a simple question. bad attitude!
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   Feast of St. Joseph
message :   Hoping for a letter from Frustrated in todays Post-Standard, no luck. Hard to get onto main opinion page, & there is a 250 word limit. Suggestion: try getting much longer piece in P-S Cayuga Neighbors section ASAP by sending to
Name :   coalition supporter Location :   todays paper Date :   3/18/06
message :   When will Post-Stand hacks get it: suit wasnt against Wells to stop Rowland, it was to compel local govt to follow review law -pause&consider- before allowing demo. Sad but true, the only enforcement of SEQR law in NY is by citizens bringing court action.

Name :    Local Date :   time for a change!
message :   WRITE-IN FOR MAYOR: Karen Hindenlang, election day Tuesday March 21st, polls open 12:00 noon - 9:00PM in the Village Fire Hall.
Name :    Location :    Date :   Ides of March
message :   Aurora has become synonymous w/Wells in terms of corruption of officials/admin: dont follow laws, dont take advice from own lawyers etc. Just like Wells. Whoever posted to Forum re: yadda-yadda about Wells is corrupt - heres your relevancy.
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   The Ides of March
message :   Notice posted today for 3/29 hearing on PO demolition; but required notice is 20 days! Letters with a request they be read at public hearing must be read. PB wants to force end of all review and comment at on 3/29, without waiting required period.
Name :   Press Critic Location :   Aurora Date :   March 13
message :   The problem isnt just the Post-Standard reporter, its the editors. They call Tobins biased writing *fascinating* and *superior* and say our biggest concern here is the price of chili-dogs. No joke, see:
Name :   But what I dont believe is the.. Location :   unpleasantville Date :   3/11/06
message :   Pleasant Pull Out. A total scam. She continues to call shots behind scenes, her toadies are pushing thru her PO/Parking project. She just wants resistance to end. So, great to see tourists reading a protest car in front of the inn once again today.
Name :   i believe it this time Location :   unpleasantville Date :   3-11-06
message :   Have heard several accounts of GFs response to LH, given in a public VB meeting in front of many witnesses, and think its for real. Tho he had been seen to relish the prospect, he appears to have dropped it for this election.
Name :   Karin W Location :   Sherwood Date :   10 Mar 2006
message :   Do you think we can believe him, Laura? I hope so, but I also dont trust him any more than I do his wife.
Name :   Laura Holland Location :   Aurora Date :   March 9, 2006
message :   At the February Aurora VB meeting, I asked George Farenthold 1) Are you conducting, encouraging, or aware of a write-in campaign in your name for mayor of Aurora? 2) If elected in this manner, would you accept the office? To both questions, he replied no.
Name :   Ugg Location :    Date :   
message :   Village Planning Board members do not take the advice of the Villages own attorney but proceed according to instruction of LLCs lawyer, in direct contradiction to Village lawyer? Conflict of interest, anyone??!??!!?
Name :   coalition supporter Location :   lets do the time-warp again Date :   3/9/06
message :   And didnt village attorney Fusco tell Nancy Gil NOT to have Rowland lawyer Marsh at last nights PB meeting, NOT to take advise from her, NOT to complete review before public comment period ended...?? Arrrgh. More on feedback forum.
Name :   Administrator Location :   Cyberspace Date :   3/8/06
message :   Good to see LHs letter in the city section of todays Post-Standard, drawn from her
message (our very first posting) to the Feedback Forum. Please do likewise, Frustrated!
Name :   Frustrated Too again Location :   Still Aurora Date :   Still Tues
message :   Often wonder what is in it for the media to suck up to Wells -- they do it all the time.
Name :   Hey Frustrated Location :   Aurora Too Date :   Tues
message :   Stupid article in newspaper comes from/inspired by crud in letter from Ryerson (ghost-written by Rollo?): I discounted it as not worthy of comment, like most of the dreck coming from Wells PR.
Name :   x employee MCL Location :    Date :   2006
message :   Why does MCL continue to hire new production people instead of calling back the ones they layed off?Is this legal ? No one will ever retire there . The employees who made it this far are the long lasting back stabbing, butt kissers that they always were.S
Name :   Administrator Location :   Cyberspace Date :   3/5/06
message :   Folks who dont get the Syracuse Post-Standard can access the three Aurora articles which have appeared in as many days, including todays fantasy feature, at -
Name :   Bill Location :   Liverpool Date :   March 5, 2006
message :   Her intentions may have been positive, but her visions turned out to be her own. Like a parent who thought she knew what was best for her child, her controling attitude hindered verses helped. The next chapters should be most interesting though; how will
Name :   yogi Location :   in the village Date :   march 4
message :   It aint over til its over and that agreement between pleasant - college - and the mayor can be extended by mutual consent, so the march 31 deadline can be pushed back until shes finished forcing her vision on us, so dont believe shes leaving until shes de
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Too much to expect of ryerson, but not too much for a good college pres. Ha, before they kept saying 100+ jobs, now only 50. Will Edinger work for Rowland or Ryerson? Is she reasonable, able to reshape businesses to serve community?
Name :   Maybe Location :   Just Maybe Date :   If Wells runs those
message :   businesses in a more community friendly manner, they will have more customers, and will run at a profit. Or is that expecting too much from Ryerson?
Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   Shes not gone yet, so
message :   watch out VB&PB will push to get permits without full review by her 3/31 deadline; looks like CPP will follow proper process. BTW, it was never the *plan* to saddle Wells w/ 6 failing busnesses which will soak up more money than old inn ever did.
Name :   shocked Location :   suprised Date :   3/3/06
message :   
Name :   well Location :   town Date :   3.3
message :   So I would guess it is time to put a stop on the PARK/P.O. deal now. 1 leg of the stool is gone.
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   3/2/06
message :   I think Pleasant personally owns Dories and Mac-Childs, so they are not part this deal, but if she is leaving she may sell these. Wonder what operating losses are for Foundation businesses, and how long 2 million will last the way her flunkies run things.
Name :   ! Location :   Aurora Date :   
message :   Can anyone interpret what this means for Aurora? And what about Dories and MackenzieChilds?
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   March the Second
message :   Is Pleasant Pulling Out?! Read this memo from Ryerson & press release from the college, issued this afternoon.
Name :   administrators Location :   cyberspace Date :   3/1/06
message : is the link for KWs letter to PB
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   well thats pretty much where all this started, right, except now all 3 houses have sat empty rotting for over 2 yrs?
Name :   CPP agenda for this Wed lists Location :   an application by C.J. Koepp for Date :   Lake House & Webb House Plans.
message :   Unconfirmed: CJ to buy both, demo Lake & move Webb onto its lot, David Kirk to buy Lyon. Hmm. Past public hearing ran 10-1 against demo; wasnt permit denied? Hey: fine foundation until Webb sold or moved - help our taxes!
Name :   Local Location :   Aurora Date :   2.26.06
message :   There is rumor of a *solution* to Lyon - Webb - Lake House mess, and it does not sound too good. Will it be made public at the CPP meeting this Wed? Anyone know?
Name :   Karin W Location :   Sherwood Date :   24 Feb 2006
message :   Sent my letter to VB; also copy to Aurora Coalition for others to review. Feedback Forum wasnt working so I sent e-mail. Hope it will be posted soonish. Take a look, then write your own!
Name :   A Friend Location :   Ithaca Date :   Feb 23
message : Good to see another letter got in yesterdays paper; and the good info on your feedback forum about participation. With work, the SEQR process really can work to meet the needs of a community. Good luck!
Name :   Karen Hindenlang Location :   Aurora Date :   21 Feb 2006
message :   Get all those valid points & good ideas re Parking/PO project to the PB now; they are conducting an environmental review -which covers everything- and are required to accept public comment. Will send info on SEQR process to feedback forum soon.
Name :   Do members of the VB or PB Location :   visit this website? If so, Date :   why cant they offer their
message :   reasoning behind the votes they take? Valid points and reasonable concerns are raised here, and are never addressed by those in govt. They just vote yes to Pleasant, with no comment. Name :   Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Location :   unpleasantville Date :   2-20-06
message :   Live & learn. After 2+ years of arrogant do-nothing illegal mess, if solution of lyon / stilts house mess is announced soon, it becomes a ploy (like parkland) to get votes for Tom. Like we are not just trusting, but totally stupid and with no memory.
Name :   Dont feel Guilty Laura Location :   Next door or not Date :   
message :   Those with intelligence may begin in ignorance (and trust!) but have the capacity to learn. I dont know about the rest. Prefer to live deluded?
Name :   Laura Holland Location :   Next door to the derelict houses Date :   Im sorry.The mess is partly my fault
message :   because I trusted Pleasant Rowland. Ive learned it was misplaced trust. When will others in this town learn?
Name :   put blame where it belongs: Location :   on our village government Date :   feb 20
message :   Shes gotten away with it cause our VB & PB always cave in and refuse to uphold laws or enforce zoning / preservation code with Pleasant. But god help the rest of us if we are ever in violation of anything, we are be forced to comply, you bet!
Name :   House-B-Gone Location :   AURORA Date :   Feb 19
message :   Will believe it when I see it. She hasnt bothered about the Villages other deadline, tho she expects the Village to toe the line to hers!
Name :   Only 8 days to go ? Location :    Date :   
message :   Was Feb 27th the new village -imposed deadline for Pleasant to remove the house on stilts? Its nice to know that that eyesore will soon be all cleared up!
Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   2/17/06
message :   true - i know 1st hand the major suckingup needed for once ina lifetime donor but this is bizarre (also unprofessional)- intensely personal irrational infatuation & bind obedience to obsessive manipulative donors flawed vision- not normal or healthy for a
Name :   Geneologist needed Location :   Local Date :   Febr 16
message :   Wendy MARSH? Is she related to Lisa MARSH Ryerson (Farenthold)? Curiouser and curiouser.
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Rollo and Ryerson both have their careers and professional futures riding on Pleasants wishes .It does not excuse them, but I can see why they act that way. Doesnt matter if they really believe in what theyre doing - its their job now, and they have to ac
Name :   Hard to Imagine? Location :   Aurora NY Date :   Feb 16
message :   Have you ever heard Randi Z on the subject of Rowland? Or really listened to Rollo, Lisa, et al? Beyond dumb: unreal, irrational. Beyond wacky: obsessed, possessed. (One wonders about those Hoffman Institute stories...)
Name :   More Wacky Jackie Location :    Date :   
message :   I swear that Wacky Jackie is being PAID, by the amount of public praise she puts forth for Pleasant...if not, its hard to imagine anyone being that gullible and well, dumb. A lot of people roll their eyes when she opens her mouth.
Name :   Yes, thats Wendy Location :   unpleasantville Date :   2-15-06
message :   Wendy Marsh,lawyer for Rowlands Foundation. An applicants attorney should not ever advise / direct a Planning Board. But in Aurora the PB Chair will do anything for Pleasant, and screw the villagers.
Name :   whos wendy? Location :   aurora ny Date :   monday
message :   is she tiny suited girl straight brown hair always in front of nancy heel in PB meetings telling her what to do? thought she was arcitect why should our board listen plesants lawyer will twist everything for her client and who protects us? when does nancy
Name :   Wacky? Heres wacky: Location :   unpleasantville Date :   2-12-06
message :   For years Planning Chair takes orders in public & private from Rowlands lawyer. Whatever Wendy says, Nancy does. Forget the public good, the law, the advice from the lawyer WE pay for - when told to jump she says how high? Why is this allowed? Its nuts.
Name :   Administrators Location :   Cyberspace Date :   2/12/06
message :   Looking for the Wacky Jackie discussion? It filled up / shut down this guestbook 2X last week, so weve moved it over to the Feedback Forum. Further contributions welcome there.
Name :   understand the story Location :   in the village Date :   Feb 9
message :   Yesterday meeting = presentation by architects to planning board. Public allowed a few questions, problems pointed out briefly, reporter clueless, was time to gather info & watch PB at work, not object. That comes soon with public hearing: get ready.
Name :   Karin W Location :   Ithaca Date :   9 Feb 2005
message :   Wow! Todays Citizen article doesnt even mention opposition to PO/Parking lot plan, nor any negatives. Not the 1st time I wondered if they are paid off....
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   2/9/06
message :   GF has aspriations for a political career (sees Aurora as his stepping stone) and surely his spouse supports him in that. Dont count on her reining him in. Why should foundation care about minor scandal w/Tom? They rule here.
Name :   Person Location :   near here Date :   
message :   peeple r complkated will geo run aginst tom? maybe. both r bad candiates 4 us. who can run for the peeple for real? pleeze?
Name :   Believe It Location :   unpleasantville Date :   2-8-06
message :   I heard it too from someone fairly close: hinting smirking thats what hed *like* to happen. And it could; Toms support is thin and turnout will be low if no contests. Will Lisa shorten the leash again in time? Want to risk it? Better to raise the alarm.
Name :   . Location :   Aurora New York Date :   today
message :   nah.I dont believe would not want to draw that kind of attention.besides, they have Gunderson already.
Name :   worse news Location :   right here Date :   wed
message :   Heard rumor now from 3 seperate sources that George F is running a secret write in campaign for mayor so he can claim job was forced on him and not challenge Tom in the open like a man - someone has got to stop this slime
Name :   survey/questionnaire: Location :   Whatever you call it... Date :   Feb 7 2006
message :   it was rigged, one sent with each water bill, many went to college / foundation, lotsa voters ignored, even so: majority wanted our PO building saved! Mayor Tommy lies big time, support for PO demo is not *overwhelming* - tell him so, vote him out.
Name :   Rumor Location :    Date :   
message :   ....Mackenzie Childs is on the market?
Name :   Confused Location :   observing Date :   
message :   It was not a survey it was an informal questionnaire(ha ha)Read the responses in Vil Office - mostly filled in by PR
Name :   Boards survey a year ago Location :    Date :   2.6.06
message :   The Survey that went out asked only one person in the house. Now how many of those went to College Apts. and who gave the vote on them?!? Food for thought. Or even any Apts for that matter? Some apts have from 2 - 6 apts in each.
Name :   Catching Up (been away) Location :   Aurora Date :   2-6-06
message :   Boards survey a year ago showed most people didnt care if the PO moved into Heary, but majority DID NOT want our PO building torn down! What gives? New park looks like a pipe dream; new lot offers no advantages. Did public approve any of this?
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   2/5/06
message :   To HeadsUp: Planning Board cant approve parking lot yet, but the chair may try to fast track the deal to meet pleasants new 3/31 deadline. Object! This needs full review under SEQR, DEC input, ADA evaluation, etc to protect the public.
Name :   to: NOT A FAN Location :   Aurora Date :   04 Feb 2006
message :   Instead of tearing each other down, why dont we try to help each other and fight together? The Village Board does try to help the citizens of Aurora - but you try to fight the grotesque beast that we all know as Pleasant T. Rowland....yes, no one is perfe

Name :   to: NOT A FAN Location :   Aurora Date :   04 Feb 2006
message :   Wells DOES have sexual harassment polices - if you really belive you are a victim take control and do something - otherwise stop compaining. Also - how appropriate is it to broadcast that on the internet?
Name :   heads up Location :   here Date :   2/3/06
message :   planning board meets this wednesday 7:30 to review (approve?) whole shebang -PO demolition, sunken parking lot (yea, whos gonna wheel pleasant up out of that?),new street inches from heary building, etc. - public welcome to attend.
Name :   Me again Location :   Not in Aurora Date :   
message :   Choice: Run & take mud thrown like a man or let your town be destroyed by the current bought officials without lifting a voice much less finger to stop it. How much can you live with?
Name :   First Friend Location :   Ithaca Date :   
message :   Job isnt hard, running might be. Much mud will be slung by the unplasant machine. Thats the fear: candidate as victim not hero, facing bullies on smalltown street, maybe losing. Three positions open - could run a thick-skin team, more strength in company.
Name :   Friend Location :   Dont live in Aurora Date :   
message :   Wish I lived in town -- Id run, why not? But I dont. Really, is it that tough a job if a good old boy like Tommy G can do it? Cmon wheres the hero (heroine)?
Name :   A Friend Location :   Ithaca Date :   Jan 31
message :   Next bumpersticker: Aurora - Everyone Complains, Nobody Runs. I understand its hard (grew up in Smalltown USA) but this is absurd! Nothing will change until the makeup of Village Board changes. Take a stand - put up candidates, now, before too late.
Name :   Believe It Location :   unpleasantville Date :   2-8-06
message :   I heard it too from someone fairly close: hinting smirking thats what hed *like* to happen. And it could; Toms support is thin and turnout will be low if no contests. Will Lisa shorten the leash again in time? Want to risk it? Better to raise the alarm.
Name :   . Location :   Aurora New York Date :   today
message :   nah.I dont believe would not want to draw that kind of attention.besides, they have Gunderson already.
Name :   worse news Location :   right here Date :   wed
message :   Heard rumor now from 3 seperate sources that George F is running a secret write in campaign for mayor so he can claim job was forced on him and not challenge Tom in the open like a man - someone has got to stop this slime
Name :   survey/questionnaire: Location :   Whatever you call it... Date :   Feb 7 2006
message :   it was rigged, one sent with each water bill, many went to college / foundation, lotsa voters ignored, even so: majority wanted our PO building saved! Mayor Tommy lies big time, support for PO demo is not *overwhelming* - tell him so, vote him out.
Name :   Rumor Location :    Date :   
message :   ....Mackenzie Childs is on the market?
Name :   Confused Location :   observing Date :   
message :   It was not a survey it was an informal questionnaire(ha ha)Read the responses in Vil Office - mostly filled in by PR
Name :   Boards survey a year ago Location :    Date :   2.6.06
message :   The Survey that went out asked only one person in the house. Now how many of those went to College Apts. and who gave the vote on them?!? Food for thought. Or even any Apts for that matter? Some apts have from 2 - 6 apts in each.
Name :   Catching Up (been away) Location :   Aurora Date :   2-6-06
message :   Boards survey a year ago showed most people didnt care if the PO moved into Heary, but majority DID NOT want our PO building torn down! What gives? New park looks like a pipe dream; new lot offers no advantages. Did public approve any of this?
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   2/5/06
message :   To HeadsUp: Planning Board cant approve parking lot yet, but the chair may try to fast track the deal to meet pleasants new 3/31 deadline. Object! This needs full review under SEQR, DEC input, ADA evaluation, etc to protect the public.
Name :   to: NOT A FAN Location :   Aurora Date :   04 Feb 2006
message :   Instead of tearing each other down, why dont we try to help each other and fight together? The Village Board does try to help the citizens of Aurora - but you try to fight the grotesque beast that we all know as Pleasant T. Rowland....yes, no one is perfe
Name :   to: NOT A FAN Location :   Aurora Date :   04 Feb 2006
message :   Wells DOES have sexual harassment polices - if you really belive you are a victim take control and do something - otherwise stop compaining. Also - how appropriate is it to broadcast that on the internet?
Name :   heads up Location :   here Date :   2/3/06
message :   planning board meets this wednesday 7:30 to review (approve?) whole shebang -PO demolition, sunken parking lot (yea, whos gonna wheel pleasant up out of that?),new street inches from heary building, etc. - public welcome to attend.
Name :   Me again Location :   Not in Aurora Date :   
message :   Choice: Run & take mud thrown like a man or let your town be destroyed by the current bought officials without lifting a voice much less finger to stop it. How much can you live with?
Name :   First Friend Location :   Ithaca Date :   
message :   Job isnt hard, running might be. Much mud will be slung by the unplasant machine. Thats the fear: candidate as victim not hero, facing bullies on smalltown street, maybe losing. Three positions open - could run a thick-skin team, more strength in company.
Name :   Friend Location :   Dont live in Aurora Date :   
message :   Wish I lived in town -- Id run, why not? But I dont. Really, is it that tough a job if a good old boy like Tommy G can do it? Cmon wheres the hero (heroine)?
Name :   A Friend Location :   Ithaca Date :   Jan 31
message :   Next bumpersticker: Aurora - Everyone Complains, Nobody Runs. I understand its hard (grew up in Smalltown USA) but this is absurd! Nothing will change until the makeup of Village Board changes. Take a stand - put up candidates, now, before too late.
Name :   Pleasant before Location :   up the hill Date :   1-30-06
message :   I think the next bummper sticker should be. Move the Web House - Get your parking back.... maybe
Name :   bad news Location :   unpleasantville Date :   1-28-06
message :   Tom G Ken Z & Jim C are all running for re-election with (to date) no opposition. God help us. Sure, nice guys, but they gave her Aurora on a silver platter no questions asked- then couldnt save the Fargo- now they want to continue to *serve* us this way?
Name :   Good News? Location :   Aurora Date :   1/27/06
message :   Deadline past for George *Im Auroras Next Mayor* Farenthold to hold caucus and nominate himself again. Maybe blowing whistle here helped! He could still enter ballot by petition, but that would further undermine his democratic party aspirations - boohoo.
Name :   No Longer So Naive Location :   Aurora Date :   jan 25 06
message :   When has Pleasant ever delivered what she promised as she promised without strings attached or hidden negative side effects that dont come out til later? Wake up!
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   1/22/06
message :   See for details on the written deal - some land leased, some deeded, but obvious major problems. Also see Feedback Forum for more concerns. PLEASE go to Village Board Meeting this Wed 1/25 and ask questions.
Name :   trouble is my middle name Location :   local Date :   saturday
message :   wait you mean village wont get to OWN park just lease pay insurance all expenses still have to get all work okayed by college thats stupid nuts too
Name :   Karin (again) Location :   Sherwood Date :   21 Jan 2006
message :   Where will Village get $ for 10 Mil insurance?!???!! For LEASED property? Sounds like a sweet deal for Wells: keep owning property, all control, but get Village to pay insurance, maintain, develop, etc. What BS!
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   1/21/06
message :   Text of the PO-Parkland deal now public. Details (and questions) on the website. Have a look! College will control park development, village must carry Ten Million insurance coverage just for leased land, all sorts of catches...

Name :   coalition supporter Location :   aurora Date :   1/20/06
message :   Also shelbys guestbook Yes conviction, &courage&brains. Supported lawsuit, gave it standing. Understood the point: not to stop growth but to get Village&PTR to follow laws. Much missed
Name :   Anti-George Location :   Outskirts Date :   1/19/06
message :   Just wanted to say that we all miss Shelby. A person of great conviction underscored by his moving from his beloved village. Thanks foundation for tearing apart the community.
Name :   reply to local Location :   about house on stilts Date :   1-18-06
message :   seems our village officials lack teeth (or something) permit has been issued shes way past deadline serve notice then the villages tears it down sounds good
Name :   local Location :   local Date :   1-17-06
message :   Rowland issues ultimatum to village about voting her desire to knock down post office & it happens. Village gives ultimatum about house on stilts-extends it-she continues to ignore it. House on stilts still sitting there; no action taken or anticipated.
Name :   Karin Location :   Aurora Mailing Address Date :   18 Jan 2006
message :   How can I boycott LLC-controlled space once the PO moves? I get home delivery, but certified letters, etc. go thru Aurora for pickup. Private isnt enough; she wants to control gov offices too.
Name :   But shes feeding us again Location :   At another *special* villagers buffet Date :   Coming January 18th at the Inn
message :   Cant we do more than boycott? Ok, too cold to picket. Maybe a food pantry collection box on the street for fired LLC employees? Or call 364-8888, make reservations, and dont show up? Have a tail-gate party out on Main St? Other ideas?
Name :   disgusted Location :   unpleasantville Date :   1-16-06
message Read the PTR quote: she lies! And needs to justify her abuse of Aurora: oh, they asked for it, wanted it! Sick, pathetic, delusional woman.
Name :   xxx Location :   feedback forum Date :   today
message :   Sue Edinger is fired ... ? Is this rumor true? We need to know! Theres a Survivor game being played here!
Name :   To Karin Location :   Good source for stickers Date :   
message :   Good online source Not cheap,but you can design your own -
message, fonts etc. online. For less fancy, but large quants, there is a place across from FL Mall.
Name :   Karin Location :   Sherwood Date :   1/14/2006
message :   Please post info on where and how one can get bumper stickers for our cars. Also: How much do bumperstickers cost? Is money being raised for a purpose or just to cover their cost
Name :   To: fargo of 12/21 post Location :   nearby - but too far to walk Date :   Friday the 13th Mess  Do U realy hate pleasant? Do something SHE HATES - put UnPleasnt signs in your car windows - leave it at inn when customers are around. She cant stop U - it makes her crazy! Cant lie to herself w/ truth on the street: what shes done to Aurora is WRONG

Name:   Justa zumed Location :   Detroit City Date :   12 jan 2006
message :   Work is the curse of the working class,and when Ms Un Pleasant closed the only water hole(Fargo) she had sewn the seeds of her distruction. the cars stay and thew faithfull will eat,drink & stay elsewhere,

Name :   M-C Employee Neighbor Location :   Around here Date :   1/12/06
message :   One of my neighbors works at MacKenzie-Childs and said months ago orders are WAY DOWN & people are worried about their jobs. Shes right.
Name :   Taxpayer Location :   Aurora Date :   1/11/06
message :   Info re Mac-Childs jobs going Asian needs to be confirmed & given to press. Doesnt the company get tax break for providing local employment? Ive heard sales are way down; can anyone confirm? Any ex-employees willing to talk?
Name :   Anti-George Location :   Outskirts Date :   1/9/06
message :   It was my understanding that the redeeming quality of her fatness was providing jobs and benefits. I hear that the jobs are heading to Taiwan where she can pay 23 cents an hour and for kids to work day and night. Tell Georgie to stop using the job argumen
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   were there really more layoffs at McKnezie- CHilds? Someone told me that the painters jobs are headed to china.
Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   Interesting to read about Pleasant not wanting to walk down the street on the other forum. Its true,too - if I ever ran into pleasant, or any of them, I would give her an earful shed not soon forget!
Name :   Us Too (Anti-George) Location :   Aurora Date :   1.7.06
message :   Yes, or she wants her tourists to get swimming access (which she wont allow behind inn) built, insured, staffed by our taxes. Give bored husbands & kids something to do while grannie has tea & mom shops a minute. Whatever shes up to, it aint altruism.
Name :   Anti-George Location :   the Memory of the Fargo Date :   1-6-06
message :   Board gives away last spot in downtown Aurora for some lake front located away from town? What is the benefit other than to hide locals from those visiting doll town.
Name :   taxpayer Location :   aurora Date :   1/6/06
message :   Why isn¥À1Ú2t P.O. for Parkland deal available in writing? Is it just a verbal agreement? Doesnt the village Preservation Board have to approve demolitions? And the Planning Board? How can Trustees bypass the permit process? Whats going on?
Name :   Huh? Location :   US Date :   1-5-6
message :   I heard today that Shelby Harris has passed away. Heres his obituary:
Name :   Shelbys Friend Location :   King Ferry Date :   1-4-06
message :   Thanks for the info. He is a great man, and Im VERY sorry to hear it :( King Ferry loves him...
Name :   Lady Local Location :   In the neighborhood Date :   1/3/06
message :   Sad to see mayor (& others) think theyll get a good deal (promise of land for post office). When will they learn? Caveat emptor with Pleasant....
Name :   Justa Zumed Location :   Detroit,Michigan Date :   1/1/2006
message :   OH:How Un Pleasant Pleasant has become. Now the land grab of prime realestate for her parking lot OH SHAME
Name :   alum Location :   address for rowland Date :   Dec 31
message :   P.Rowland, One South Pickney Street, Suite #820, Madison WI 53703. So very sorry to hear about Shelby.
Name :   Please Pray Location :   For Shelby Harris Date :   An Aurora resident 40 yrs
message :   but so sad about Pleasantville and loss of Fargo he moved to King Ferry 6 mo ago. Good man, kind neighbor, fine professor. Has had a major stroke and entered Ithaca Hospice.
Name :   Big Joke Location :   Aurora Date :   12-30-05
message :   I dont think the Fargo has 11 employees anymore. 9 counting the two new managers.
Name :   Good Question: more to come... Location :   aurora boxholder Date :   December 30
message :   Many questions will arise after PO vote. Too bad VB cut deal in secret & under pressure. Reps should listen to public as they plan our future, not after. Divide & conquer works well for Rowland.
Name :    Location :   Aurora Date :   Dec 30 2005
message :   If the college(Pleasant) owns the builing housing the PO, what happens to people banned from college property? Are THEY allowed to pick up their mail?
Name :   zip Location :   zip Date :   zip
message :   does anyone out there have pleasants email address? I want to send her the links to this
message board and the feedback forum. Happy reading, Pleasant.
Name :   new game in town? Location :   main street Date :   12/28/05
message :   Remaining Fargo patrons have a Survivor Game. Bet on one of the 11 remaining employees; if that person is fired first, you win the pool! Then, it starts over...
Name :   ALERT: VB Meeting on PO! Location :   Aurora Date :   Dec 23
message :   Village Board meets 3PM Thurs 12/29 to vote heretofore secret deal with Rowland re Post Office. Be there! No public hearing first? Do they care what villagers want/need? Could they schedule a worse time? Outrageous...
Name :   Donald Trump Location :   Trump Plaza Date :   12/22/05
message :   Id just like to compliment Pleasant on her understated good taste, just like mine.
Name :   Osama Bin Laden Location :   Afganistan Date :   12/22/05
message :   Am looking for isolated area to hide in. Thought the Fargo might fit the bill.
Name :   Public Meeting Next Week? Location :   unpleasantville Date :   12-22-05
message :   Village BoardäÛªs illegal closed-door meetings laying secret plan to give our Post Office to Moneybags Rowland may go public next week. Be there!
Name :   Karin Location :   Sherwood Date :   12/21/05
message :   Georgie Farenthold is running for mayor?!?!??? Guys, youve got to find someone else to run for the job. Not my community any more, but still sad to see.
Name :   fargo Location :    Date :   
message :   I hate pleasant
Your Name :   Laura Holland Location :   Aurora New York Date :   December 17, 2005
message :   Hi! I had more than three lines to write, so I left my story at the Feedback Forum on this site. I think it is worth reading.
Your Name :   To: Laughing Location :    Date :   
message :   Interesting post on the Fargo...who runs the Fargo- for the time being - and what is the story/reason behind the terrible rep ? Everyone should steer clear of the place, it is a community tragedy, what has happened there. Rowland/Waller have created a d
Your Name :   Worried Location :   Aurora Date :   12/17/05
message :   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - will somebody step up and run for mayor against Geo?
Your Name :   Cathy Zimdahl Location :   Aurora Date :   12/17/05
message :   Things I Miss That Pleasant Took Away:(this list will be ongoing)1. the brain coral outside the back steps of French House 2. a dry basement 3. community harmony
Your Name :   Laughing Location :   Aurora Date :   12-17
message :   The Fargo is a joke. The new bar manager has a terrible rep, and I hear they hired her hubby for 10 bucks an hour because she refuses to work without him
Your Name :   It makes me puke Location :    Date :    url / email :   
message :   And what a slimy phony George F has proven to be. If he can switch his stripes from socialist activist to billionaires lap dog, who knows what he will end up as next. I sure hope its not mayor.
Your Name :   Please Stop Him! Location :   aurora Date :   12/16/05 url / email :   
message :   HELP: George Farenthold says hell be Auroras next mayor. Hell complete the Rowland takeover for Lisa. What a disaster for Aurora!

Your Name :   local gal Location :    Date :   12/15/05
message :   Love this forum!
Your Name :   f Location :   no more aurora Date :   
message :   i use to go to the fargo, dont any more. it use to be fun and sometimes wild. now it is dead - with boring people, tamed by Pleasant. Stay away.
Your Name :    Location :   ledyard Date :   
message :   the only people Rowland wants to see in aurora is rich old fat women like her. wish shed never showed up
Your Name :   Jenny Location :    Date :   
message :   does anyone go to the Fargo anymore?
Your Name :   Local Person Location :   Aurora Date :   12/14/05
message :   Your guestbook is chopping off
messages after 3 1/2 lines. Is this fixable? Some look like interesting posts.
Your Name :   ML Cusma Location :   eastern NY state Date :   12/13/05
message :   The character of the village has changed since Ms. Rowland took over. It is never healthy for one person to own so much of a town...and sad to see Aurora change...not for the better.
Your Name :   Untenured Location :   Aurora Date :   December 13, 2005
message :   Rather than pack it in, I would like to see Pleasants LLC do what she originally promised it would do : Serve the Aurora community.
Your Name :   Nick OTeen Location :   dee Troit Meechigan Date :   today
message :   I loved the little town of Aurora,that was b 4 it became Rowlandville,Now it sucks.& a co-ed Wells,what will the Lessies do?The Fargo is ruined,Mr.Orman is out,theP.O. will close, Your angel was Pleasant at birth,but turned Sour with age. Ill never go to
Your Name :    Location :    Date :   
message :   I sure HOPE the LLC packs it in. And moves it out too!
Your Name :   Local Location :   Town of Scipio Date :   12/11/2005
message :   This site pulls together all the most important information for keeping track of whats going on and whats gone on. However, it is a bear to follow, with some letters and articles in chronological order and some in reverse chronological order and some in a
Your Name :   Gary Location :   New York City Date :   12/12/05
message :   As a real estate attorney who deals with the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission and a member of my towns architectural review board, I support your efforts to defend your village against the Foundations depredations 100%. You are fighting the
Your Name :   ?????? Location :   close enough Date :   
message :   Whatz the latest word about the LLC???? Are they packing it in??? Why are all the busineses shutting down? Is it just for winter?
Your Name: :   Unlocal Location: :   Town of Ledyard
message: :   Im glad to see this here. I think it will prove to be useful :)

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