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Archive Four, 5/5/08 -- 5/31/09
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Name :   How does lil Todd
Location :   break his promise
Date :   
Message :   to the village govt, and nothing happens when he does? I wish the law worked for me like that. Looks like Todd does more than cry at public meetings, he also lies.

Name :   No Name
Location :   AAround  
Message :   I dont think he means what he says. He says what he thinks people want to hear.

Name :   to hell with rules    
Date :   May 28
Message :   I think it is time we all do what ever we wish to do on our property and to hell with the village board etc.. The Zygards and the Places do what ever they please, so I guess we all should too. I am sick of the two tiered village system. Time to sue the vi

 Message :   to bad. its the best time of year for growing grass

Name :   L Holland
Location :   Looking at the mess
Date :   May 28, 2009
Message :   Zwigard also promised that *before this board meets again, the pipes will be underwater* He has 6 days.

Name :   Disgusted
Location :   at its May 6 meeting,
Date :   Todd Zwigard made a public promise
Message :   to the CPP that *within 2 weeks* he would grade and seed the muddy mess he made at the public ROW. Now on 5/28, it looks like nothing has been done there. Time to fine them. Right, VB?

Name :   Watchman
Location :   still here
Date :   May 27
Message :   Union Springs mayor protected his village & fired Staley. Our ZBA CPP & PB all have horrble Staley experiences & they can ask VB to vote not to renew his contract. The VB can vote to overturn mayors appointment & might do it w/backing of other boards.

 Message :   tell that to the mayor.

Location :   Doug Staley
Date :   May 26
Message :   should be fired and sued! He does not perform his job fairly. He abuses his power and makes money doing it. He is mean and borderline evil.

Message :   complaints about Staley should go to Gunderson. there have been numerous calls to fire Staley for years.....TG simply ignores them

Name :   L Holland
Location :   Glad to see that Nancy Gil is back on the PB!
Date :   Because in Feb 06 she pronounced to me that
Message :   *THERE IS NO FRONT YARD PARKING IN AURORA!!* Now that she is back on the PB, I am sure that she will see that that law is fairly & uniformly enforced.

Name :   *and nobody seems to like him, they can tell what he wants to do*
Location :   
Date :   5.24.09
Message :   actually? reasonable? how grand of you. and oh duh - thats why staley is called the enforcement officer. he enforces your cpp decisions. when he doesnt he should be fired. yea weÕre disenfranchised and our disfunctional govt refuses to act on our behalf.

Name :   Avery Ayers
Location :   on the hill
Date :   5-24-09
Message :   Oh, and as an informative aside , the CPP is not in the enforcement business (for instance, holding someone to an agreement) we can only recommend a course of action to the Code Enforcement Official.

Name :   Avery Ayers
Location :   but he never listens to them
Date :   he knows that theyre the fools
Message :   (sorry, I just had to finish the thread...) Very reasonable response from Karen, actually. Im sorry people feel so disenfranchised.

Date :   5.23.09
Message :   ha. no experience dee nance is now village clerk and only georgie wanted her but he gets his way- why is that? oh we get a fresh impartial view on planning board with return of nancy gil-fish. any bets on cpp holding zwigard to anything? thanks tom.

Name :   KAHindenlang
Location :   But the fool on the hill sees the sun going down,
Date :   And the eyes in his head see the world spinning round.
Message :   To AA and whoever else: I posted my experience as an example of what I understand has been a fairly typical reaction from TG for a decade. At this point I have no interest in serving as I dont have the time to do a good job, but thanks for the advice.

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :
Date :   5/22/09
Message :   Zwigard publicly committed to a deadline already, in his 9/8/08 application for an easement - and he ignored it. Local Law allows fines starting at 100/week, climbing with continued violations to 250/day, plus 15 days in jail. Our govt must act.

Name :   Point in fact
Location :   credit where credit is due    
Message :   Avery got Todd Z to publicly commit to a deadline to clean the site up He is the only town govt member to do so. Good for Avery, sticking his neck out, but he cant do it alone.

Name :   Avery
Location :   amused
Date :   now
Message :   how about signing your name, you pussy, then well have a little talk about service.

Name :   Jeez, Louise!
Location :
Date :   5/22/09
Message :   What???? Zwigardi dont know how to make failed geothermal project work? VB didnt issue permit for 6month destruction of park and stockpile of crap! CPP sure can stop this. So can PB, ZBA or VB . Fine these scoflaws, then send in the sheriff.

Date :   5.22.09
Message :   back to the fool - right av, kh sure gave up quick. if it werent for her ptr would be czar of aurora and weÕd live in one big hoffman institute, and you know it. how about standing up and doing something about the park? show your sincere desire to serve?

Name :   Admin
Location :
Date :   today
Message :   L Holland submitted an informative email from the Army Corps about the geothermal project. Take a look.

Name :   Main st. Guy
Location :   Wells College
Date :   5/21/09
Message :   You asked for proof - The rats have started to jump ship. Wells VP&T got a job at Cay. Com. College in Auburn. The one that does the $. She knows how bad it is. She is the first one out. Start looking Wells people!! Your Fridays are just a start.

Name :   Row    
Date :   May 21
Message :   That is so dangerous. Lawsuit if someone gets hurt. But. It is soooo green. Those zywgardd are pigs. Swine flu heaven.

Name :   cathy zimdahl
Location :   unbelieveabletown
Date :   may 21
Message :   I thought the Zwigard Place Unit was super-green. Theyre about as green as my ass, dumping their crap in the lake. Shame on all who participated!!

Name :   Public area has been
Location :   hijacked by Zwigards
Date :   
Message :   and the mayor sits on his hands.

Name :   13026
Location :   R of W
Date :   5/19/09
Message :   Shall we see how much pull they have Cayuga water shed Zabriskie Hall, Wells College 315-364-2992 FAX 315-364-2991 Report an Environmental Problem

Name :   r-o-w   
Date :   may 19
Message :   That is a disgrace!!! The public R_O_W has been turned into the Zygards private little dumping grounds. Call the DEC! Those pictures are unbelievable. They are slobs and are making us all suffer in their debris. Who do they think they are?????

Name :   Webdog
Location :
Date :   Check out the 5/19 update
Message :   Compare March and May photos of village parkÕs public lake-front access, and mess created by Zwigards. So where did all that concrete come from? And oh ho - we were able to lighten/enhance the photos of the dumpers so you can really see who is at work.

Name :   the Fool
Location :   Still on the hill
Date :   now
Message :   Karen; someone else asked T.G. to appoint you 9 years ago, and he didnt (wouldnt)... You give up pretty easily for a Wells Woman. Perhaps some others could try? Talk directly to him and convince him of your sincere desire to serve.

Name :   13026
Location :   R of W
Date :   day after
Message :   Good Q on the construction debris. Is PZ and LMR doing any work on the shop in Sherwood?

Name :   L Holland
Location :   Why have these concrete slabs
Date :   been dumped at the village r-o-w?
Message :   Construction debris:

Name :   L Holland
Location :   My Backyard
Date :   May 18, 2009
Message : Picture of concrete slabs

Name :   
Location :
Date :   5.18.09
Message :   i recognize the full heads of white hair: c-jay and wacky js hubby, and no mistaking pz-s butt. two more culprits i cant id. also: really large hunks of sidewalk cement are in the mound of debris at the destroyed village park. where did they come from?

Name :   L Holland
Location :   Aurora Village Right of Way
Date :   May 17, 2009 -What is going on???
Message :

Name :   L Holland
Location :   Aurora Village Right of Way
Date :   May 17, 2009 -What is going on???
Message :

Name :   Laura Holland
Location :   Our backyard
Date :   What the hell is going on with this geothermal mess?
Message :   At dusk, Sunday, May 17, 2009, a truckload of people drove down the village r-of-w north of Zwigards Š recognize them? We do Š and threw a truckload of stones into the lake. Is this legal? What is going on? Picture links in following posts.

Name :   Even without Pleasant
Location :   LMRs imperial reign was in full flower by
Date :   the year 2000
Message :   so *not the right type* translated means *not willing to put the interests of Wells College over the interests of village residents*.

Date :   5.17.09
Message :   yup. the right type is whoever fits in lmr-s pocket. tg should be sick ashamed of what he has allowed her to do to this village, our home, while preventing good brave people from serving on public boards to protect our interests and preserve aurora.

Name :   MSG
Location :   Aurora gone bad
Date :   
Message :   We need both sides of the coin. Wake up Mayor Gunderson! Sorry to hear both Kens have gone now.

Name :   KAHindenlang
Location :   Main Street
Date :   16 May 2009
Message :   Way back in 2000, long before all the troubles started, Kay M. (unknown to me) asked Tom to put me on CPP or PB and gave him many reasons why. His response: no way, not the right type. Avery, our mayor blocks many who would serve, and this is what we get.

Name :   Avery Ayers
Location :   On the Hill
Date :   5-15-09
Message :   So, with 2 vacant positions on the Planning Board, it would seem to be a perfect opportunity for people who are dissatisfied with the Village government to step up and take a turn at public service (just ask the Mayor, Im sure hes looking for replacements

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :   13026
Date :   5/15/09
Message :   Ken Kabelac did resign, leaving Sara Wells, Pat Bianconi and Bill Maloney as the only members of a 5-person committee. Thanks, Ken for your years of hard work under such difficult circumstances. But, God help us.

Name :   heard a rumor
Location :   
Date :   May 14
Message :   is it true that Ken Kabelac resigned from the Planning Board? If true, big loss, as Ken was smart, sharp, and fair. And he has a good sense of the Aurora that was.

Name :   You have to   
Message :   be kidding?? The Zygards can not be trusted to do anything until that MESS in front of the right of way is completely cleaned up! Where do they have the space for all those projects? They are slobs. SAY NO!!!!!!

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :   village kiosk
Date :   5/9/09
Message :   Agenda posted for 5/13 PB meeting: Zwigard applying to add car port, deck and hot tub to house. They should NOT be given permits for ANYTHING until they fix the mess they made in OUR park. (They also want home business permit - talk about chutzpah!)

Name :   So, Lisa
Location :   
Date :   May 2
Message :   is running Wells into the ground and now she is going to tackle the Auburn hospital???? Unbelievable. Syracuse has good hospitals.

Name :   Im sorry but...   
Date :   4/4
Message :   that salary is OBSCENE! I know NY exec salaries run high,but Wells is a very small private college which is struggling. Who sets her salaries/raises?

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :   Wells College IRS 990 Form
Date :   available to the public
Message :   Facts: LMRs salary & benefits for 06-07 year =263,422 and in 07-08 =301,035. A nice 14% raise last year! Over 4 years her tot compensation increased 124,642 from 176,393 in 03-04. That is a 71% raise in 4 years! (Opinion: give it back to help save Wells.)

Name :   So, Lisa
Date :   May 2
Message :   is running Wells into the ground and now she is going to tackle the Auburn hospital???? Unbelievable. Syracuse has good hospitals.

Name :   dores is is still closed.
Location :
Date :   5.2.01
Message :   and if you get sick make sure you go to ithaca hospital.

Name :   AVM
Location :   youd think the mayor would want it cleaned up
Date :   ASAP with the imminent re-opening of the Inn
Message :   and tourist season almost here.Is Dories re-opened yet?

Name :   L Holland
Location :   Main Street
Date :   May 1, 2009
Message :   Re: the geothermal fiasco - I received a lengthy email from the mayor. But he DID NOT answer my one simple question: *How much longer will the village allow this apparently abandoned project to litter the lake and the village right of way?*

Name :   I dont care
Location :   if it works
Date :   or not
Message :   clean up the horrible mess caused by that green project. Who the hell do the Zygards think they are? Call the Mayor and complain about the mess!! Please!

Name :   Resident
Location :   Zwigard project
Date :   4/30/09
Message :   lots of questions and what ifs here regarding Zwigards geothermal..but no answers here either...People, if you want this matter resolved, contact the Mayor

Name :   A question
Location :   about the geothermal thing
Date :   Is it currently functional?
Message :   does it/will it ever work, or is it some experimental green thing that has become a public nuisance?

Name :   I wanted to
Date :   04/29
Message :   a beautiful Sunday watching the sunset at the right of way next to the Zywgards house, but that is impossible. Never mind my disappointment; that area is dangerous and therefore a future lawsuit against the village. Someone is going to trip on those hoses

Name :   L Holland
Location :   Aurora
Date :   April 29, 2009
Message :   A second inquiry regarding the Zwigard geothermal mess:

 Message :   did Lisa *furlough* herself at all?

    Date :   4.28.09
Message :   trustees of the college meeting on campus this weekend. wonder whats coming next? they have to open the inn for them and for graduation. then what?

Name :   MSG
Date :   Wells College/Aurora Inn
Message :   Will the $ that furloughed wells workers save the go to the upkeep of the Aurora Inn Just a thought. But would not put it past LMR

Name :   Admin
Location :
Date :   today
Message :   Additional photos accidently deleted. Try again, Taxpayer et al. They should be up again now.

Name :   H741
Date :   4/27/09
Message :   Looking at the photograph,that is an unsightly mess on the shore. Why isnt the mayor or someone from the village government on this issue?

Name :   Photos here:
Location :
Date :   Look whats been done!
Message :   Easement granted PZ says she must *restore the property to its condition prior to any disturbance from construction, operation, maintenance, repair of replacement of the installed piping and lines.*

Name :   It seems that theres a lawsuit here somewhere. Why doesnt someone sue the village?
Location :   You could even file a class action lawsuit if you had enough people
Date :   Dont you guys know any lawyers willing to take this on?
Message :   It seems like the obvious answer to me. Yes, lawyers cost money, but they will take the case if they feel they will get paid later when and if they win.

Name :   why why why
Location :   do the village
Date :   officials
Message :   hassle people to death over dog fences and decks and let zwigard & place do whatever they want, incld. damaging others private and public property?

Name :   No excuse    
Message :   For the mess at the right of way! Those tubes and hoses are an eyesore. Clean it up now. How can they pretend to be green? They make me sick.

Name :   why not?
Location :   
Date :   4/22/09
Message :   Why no bond, no firm schedule demanded from the village? Beause PZ is best friends with Lisa Ryerson.....nuff said

Name :   Cathy Zimdahl
Location :   Uglytown
Date :   Earth Day 2009
Message :   I encourage everyone to visit the public right of way to see the awful mess that was supposed to be repaired the same day, but beware the obnoxious biting dogs!

Name :   dont understand
Message :   did anyone go tothe meetings? did the zwigard post a bond? committ to a schedule? If No, why not?

Name :   L Holland
Date :   April 21.2009
Message :   BTW, the Zwigard cross section that shows the retaining wall? The retaining wall is gone. Think they will restore it?

Name :   Webdog (Admin)
Location :
Date :   today
Message :   Post below got continued on FeedBack forum, link above. Funny- the imperious zwigardi address our village board as Dear Sirs. Less funny- how they are allowed to trash public property. Is there no end to the Gunderson/Staley perversion of the law?

Name :   L Holland
Location :   For Just Wondering -About The Geothermal Mess
Date :   April 21.2009
Message :   Here are 2 links - notice that the project is supposed to be done in one day & that the property is supposed to be restored to its condition prior to any disturbance. Looking at the mess down there now, I would say that is unlikely to happen. http://www

Name :   Enough is enough
Location :   Public right of way to lake
Message :   The Zwigards have made a shameful mess of the public right of way. It is time the village make them clean it up. That land belongs to all village residents, not just the Zwigards

Name :   Just Wondering
Location :   village limits
Date :   april 21
Message :   Does anyone know if the lyon house residenents had permission from the village to cross the public right of way with their lake source cooling unit?

Name :   Alumna
Location :   CNY
Date :   4/18/09
Message :   LMR will open the inn cuz she insists on graduation there - at a restaurant - what a joke! And reunion - she tries to make money off it! Other colleges do it break-even for good-will to encourage donations. Wells? Crap meals and awful beds at top prices.

Name :   is Wells  
Date :   04/17
Message :   one of the lucky colleges to receive anonymous money? The money was given only to Colleges run by women. Guess LMR scared thet benefactor away.

 Date :   Friday April 17
Message :   Did Wells have a bunch of layoffs today?

Name :   do you think
Date :   04/16
Message :   that Lisa Ryerson will EVER be asked or told to leave? I do not understand why she is still there? Why is everyone so afraid of her? She is an idiot. Wells needs new blood to keep it alive.

Date :   4.16.09
Message :   will wells invest cash in reopening unprofitable inn and renovating dorries while now forcing staff vacation days w/o pay, reducing salaries, cutting benefits, laying off workers, not filling positions? Students need educational services, not restaurants!

Name :   MSG
Location :   Aurora
Date :   sometime ago
Message :   I did post a reply. The book was full or it was deleted! Anyway it has started look at the few that have been let go in the past 2 weeks. Talk with the real workers at wells as I have.

Name :   Watchman
Location :
Date :   April 8
Message :   Chronological documented outline of how CJ, Staley, the PB & Mayor created culvert mess is astonishing. CJ promised she would fix culvert on her property: so do it. Why should DOT spend our money on this so CJ can get off the hook for the project?

Name :   Long Time Resident
Location :   village
Date :   4-8-09
Message :   re: underground stream What the College (PTR) wants, the College (PTR) gets, and its usually stupid.

Name :   L Holland
Location :   An in-depth and detailed history
Date :   April 7, 2009
Message :   of the Koepp/Place underground stream.

Name :   Class of 90s
Date :   April 7 09
Message :   if Wells really is in big trouble, maybe the board will have to pay attention to what Ryerson is doing. I hope we dont lose Wells.

Date :   4.6.09
Message :   *Who sets her salaries/raises?* - her hand-picked board of trustees, led by brainless local sz, stacked w/ clueless alums and their disengaged spouses. theres no accountability. she and ptr have had their own way and it well may destroy the school.

Name :   Im sorry but...
Date :   4/4
Message :   that salary is OBSCENE! I know NY exec salaries run high,but Wells is a very small private college which is struggling. Who sets her salaries/raises?

  Message :   Is Wells still paying its bills?

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :   Wells College IRS 990 Form
Date :   available to the public
Message :   Facts: LMRs salary & benefits for 06-07 year =263,422 and in 07-08 =301,035. A nice 14% raise last year! Over 4 years her tot compensation increased 124,642 from 176,393 in 03-04. That is a 71% raise in 4 years! (Opinion: give it back to help save Wells.)

Name :   ms. someone
Location :   a few states over
Message :   If Wells has no money, will they open the Inn this year? Does the Inn make money for them?

Name :   GK Chesterton
Location :   
Date :   04/04
Message :   said it best: Dont ever take a fence down until you know the reason why it was put up

Name :   perhaps ....
Date :   april 4th
Message :   perhaps if Lisa stuck her nose out of personal disputes, that are none of her business, and stuck to the job of running a college(not a village) she would not be in this mess. I wouldnt give a nickel until she legally swears to take a BIG pay cut. She liv

Name :   listen, MSG
Date :   4/4/09
Message :   you never did back up the wild claims you made on 3/23. Are you just spreading malicious rumors for fun? If you have something specific to say about Wells situation, say it. If not, its just gossip

Name :   just Wondering
Date :   4/3/09
Message :   come on Lisa, wheres your own sacrifice? It would be a nice gesture if you agreed to work for a dollar a year to help save Wells. George can support you

Name :   joke of the day
Location :   from Lisa Ryerson
Message :   * Wells College is a community focused institution * Good one !

Name :   No doubt   
Message :   Lisa Ryerson will take a HUGE cut in pay after crying the blues to Alumni for money; excuse me lots money! Will she be giving herself another ,000 bonus this year? Fire her!

Name :   L Holland
Location :
  At the November Planning Board meeting

Date :
  Trustee Farenthold even saw fit to make chalkboard drawings of what he THOUGHT

Message :
  were our plans - despite the fact that drawings were already submitted to & approved by the CPP. Why would a VILLAGE TRUSTEE defy the village lawyers advice and go out of his way to PUBLICLY advocate for one side in a PRIVATE property dispute?

Name :   L Holland
Location :
  Why did TRUSTEE Farenthold attend the November Planning Board meeting,

Date :
  to involve himself in a private property issue?

Message :
  *Trustee Farenthold voiced his concern that the fence would block the r-o-w of access to the lake for the abutting neighbors* Why would this TRUSTEE involve himself when the village lawyer has repeatedly advised the village govt to stay out of it?

Name :   Jeez, Louise!
Location :

Date :

Message :
  Yes! An exclusive PTR clothing line for out of control megalomaniac fat women! Cow patterns, XXXL Molly & Kirsten outfits, MacChilds muumuus, money bags purses, Cruella de Vil dalmation tent coats, Marlon Brando mens wear. PTRs lost fortune is restored!

Name :   oh please!
Location :

Date :

Message :
  lets see, we can call anyone who opposes PTR any nasty name in the book, but we cant call her FAT? She is fat, or atleast PLEASANTLY PLUMP. Why is she here? I thought we hurt her feelings.

Name :   Fat, fat the water rat!
Location :
  I wonder just how rich PTR is nowadays?

Date :
  she seems to be unloading a lot of her real estate assets.

Message :
  It is certain she lost quite a bit in the Maddoff scandal.She and her hubby are also embroiled in various legal/court issues both in NY and WI.

Name :   So PTR is what? She can purchase
Location :
  her own clothes and houses.

Date :
  How many of you can do the same.

Message :
  You are mean and disgusting to call her a cow and to ask the XXXL clothes be put out. I am sure she can get her own line of clothing if she wants to do so.

Name :   Be real, with all the money PTR has do you think
Location :
  that if her weight and size

Date :
  could be controlled she would not do so?

Message :
  Look at all Oprah go through and still remains a full figure woman. Jealousy is outrageous and makes us hate people for the wrong reason.

Name :   Jealousy, Envy and Hatred
Location :
  that is all you seem to breathe.

Date :
  To think PTR has enough money to give every family

Message :
  in Aurora a million dollar and still remain a millionarie just rip your guts out. Live with it!

Name :   What is PTR doing there?
Location :
  I didnt think shed show her face there ever again.

Date :
  Maybe shes overseeing all of her behind-the-scenes handywork

Message :
  regarding the various houses and their on-going issues. Or maybe shes in the area because of that lawsuit-whens it supposed to be heard in court?

Name :   Pleasant in Aurora !
Location :

Date :

Message :
  One less cow in Wisconsin....

Date :   3.28.09
Message :
  its baaaack, the monstrous ptr down at abbott house today. quick jackie get those car signs up, get the XXXL dresses out on the porch randi, start the crying zpk unit! maybe she will take you all with her when she goes.

Message :   And yet, Flipside, here you are.
Name :   Smokey Bear
Location :

Date :

Message :
  Hey Sister Paddington, Smokey doesnt like litter! Pick the trash up in your front yard. Clearly Teary Todd is not a LANDSCAPE architect!

Name :   flipside
Location :
  Bite me-ville

Date :

Message :
  I dont sign my name to these posts for the same reason I dont swim with sharks. If it looks like a barracuda and swims like a barracuda, chances are...

Name :   L Holland
Location :

Date :
  March 26, 2009

Message :
  A short summary of the culvert situation:

Name :   Cathy Zimdahl
Location :

Date :

Message :
  Hey Flipside...its soooo easy to mouth off anonomously. Grow a pair and sign your name.

Name :   Cathy Zimdahl
Location :

Date :

Message :
  The zwigard/koepp/place unit, (zkp), are not only responsible for the planned OPEN DITCH, they damaged the village sidewalk to the lake installing their heat pump & have not repaired it.

Name :   flipside
Message :
  Thank you Laura, I too, thought it was a spectacular posting. Youve worked hard to demonize your neighbors. Im not buying any of it.

Name :   Even Moore
Location :

Date :

Message :
  CJ proposed culvert with four right angles and said DOT aprroved. No one questioned it.

Name :   L Holland
Location :
  *Flipside!* That is a spectacular posting!

Date :
  March 25, 2009

Message :
  So much, so wrong, in so few words. A truly remarkable display of ignorance and misinformation! And truly brazen that you think you know what has gone on here with us.

Name :   hey Flipside
Location :
  you are an idiot

Date :
  and very wrong

Message :
  CJ is suing the Hollands. Her tears did not work with the planning board so she is going to cry to the courts. Paddington is funding the suit with teary Todd. Lots of crying from these jerks. Boo hoo.

Name :   flipside
Location :

Date :

Message :
  CJ isnt demanding anything--the DOT is. Theyre calling the shots and they want an open ditch. Blame the Hollands--they obstructed CJs culvert plans with their lawsuit and ticked off the DOT.

Name :   open culvert
Location :

Date :

Message :
  That is how CJ is going to steal the track bed from Hollands and stop walking the path. Make the state put in a bridge across it while they are at it.

Message :
  Koepp and Place cannot defend that kind of stupidity and selfishness

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :
  Thanks for info, Curious Citizen.

Date :
  I have a tiled culvert on my land that the village does not maintain.

Message :
  But- I didnt move my house over it, bust it, then demand NYS use tax money to repair and move it onto neighbors land so it wont interfere new basement I built on top of it! What CJ & our boards have done is outrageous (and DOT is surveying right now)!

Name :   ABC
Date :
  spring day

Message :
  Dories now has sign saying itll open on May 1. I wonder if thats another fairy tale. Nice of Wells to open it just as the students - Wells real paying customers - go home. lots of consideration shown them

Name :   Dubious
Date :

Message :
  Yes MSG, if you make explosive claims like that, how about backing them up with some facts?

Name :   new blood is
Location :

Date :
  to keep Wells

Message :
  College relevant. Lisa has been there far too long! She has divided your village and now needs to run out of your village. Does anyone REALLY like her????

  Date :   3.24.09
Message :
  im no lisa lover but endowment returns have plumeted, so colleges are borrowing now at very low interest rates to cover payroll instead of dipping into investment principal and further sinking their endowments. Not the end of the world, or of wells -yet

Name :   To MSG
Location :
  thats wild stuff

Date :
  you sure of that?

Message :
  How can you make such claims? Can you back them up with more details? What is going on in June? Is Lisa that much of a screwup?

Name :   psj
Date :

Message :
  The stream under Kopp House is being diverted. to suit current occupants. partly onto neighbors property.

Name :   MSG
Location :

Date :

Message :
  Wells can just make payroll. What happens in June will tell all. I am sure wells will close by the end of this year! LMR has Fu*ked her school. But will blame it on the underlings. Run Lisa lovers she will be gone also! What a loss.

Name :   Curoius Citizen
Location :
  Tiling of orphaned

Date :
  culverts likely put in by

Message :
  village of Aurora which long has denied responsibility for upkeep. Re-tiling cost is beyond means of some property owners, so NYS tackles the task. The rich ones are lucky.

Name :   Curious Citizen
Location :
  NY DOT plans to redo

Date :
  30 streams/culverts in

Message :
  Cayuga & Seneca counties in 2010, including several orphans in Aurora. Many of these are above ground on E side of Rt 90 & underground on W side of road.

Date :   Showtime!
Message : Bouncers?

Message :   I wonder how much money the lawsuit is costing CJ. Not much, I bet pattington and maybe Pleasant are paying for it
Name :   Watchman
Location :
  still here

Message :
  What stream re-location?

Name :   Watchman
Location :
  To AMV - its all connected

Date :
  March 23

Message :
  Dont forget: CJ did what PTR demanded but failed to do with Webb House. And CJs project subsidized by Wells: she bought Lake House from college for 25K tho assessed at 95K. Now she rides PZs lawsuit, and PZ is an incorporated business partner of LMR.

Name :   perplexed
Location :

Date :

Message :
  Anyone who thinks CJ is bankrolled by PTR doesnt know CJ and is a f***ing idiot.

Name :   Good Question.
Location :

Date :
  For years

Message :
  How is it that poor lil CJ can afford to build an addition, a deck, AND pay lawyers to sue the Hollands but wants NY tax payers to foot the bill for their stream relocation instead of paying for it themselves as they said they would?

Location :   **Does PTR imperious sense of entitlmnt live on through others?**
Date :

Message :
  - wake up & smell the coffee, amv! it not only lives on, but she empowers & funds her puppets to screw those who have crossed her! (no way has poor lil cj paid for this ongoing full frontal attack on the hollands & their property.)

Name :   Why constant battles/litigation/rancour?
Location :
  Does PTR imperious sense of entitlmnt live on through others?

Date :
  I posed a rhetorical question earlier

Message :
  but I feel it must be reiterated. Why do all of these problems involve PTR/Wells connections?Why cant those who bought the homes just be nice, normal people?

Name :
Location :

Date :

Message :
  looking for public legal info on cj/pz lawsuit, googled defendants & found this. oh yeah chickenshit johnanna you are so right, owners of holland property in aurora are really terrible people, should be thrown out of town

Name :   By law?
Location :
  What law?

Date :
  Show us the law!

Message :
  There is no law that says that your neighbor has to give you additional access to your property just because you live next to their property. Park on the street Walk in. Save the helicopter for rescues.

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :

Date :
  later the same day

Message :
  I raised concern (not Admin) re shared driveways, not about documented legal easements required for access but informal traditional arrangements of convenience that abound in Aurora. Being nice to the neighbors might give them a claim on your property.

Name :   To Administrator
Location :
  One cannot renege on

Date :
  agreement for persons to share driveway.

Message :
  By law one must have access to ones property always. What would the person blocked into his/her property have to do? Get a helicopter? Check the law.

Date :   3.20.09
Message :
  hey sia, be thankful that when you were constantly trashing & harrassing the admin here they did not post the link i gave them to your pathetic blog so we all could have a good laugh

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :

Date :

Message :
  A concern that hasnt been raised re the property dispute: should landowners who let neighbors share their driveway block it off so the neighbors cant claim they own what theyve been allowed to use?

Name :   To Admins
Location :
  That is the problem

Date :
  with your site:

Message :
  Grumpiness towards the audience that contributes. If you want to have a website with commenting, then accept the work that comes with it.

Date :   3.19.09
Message :
  congratulations to janet murphy on winning re-election! the voter turn=out was very very low. guess no one believed that gf jf rz pz etc could create a write-in candidacy without blabbing about over it all over the village.

Name :   MSG  
Date :
Message :
  Why chill and let CJ - etc. get their way.

Message :   nyc zwigards take your slimy ways back to nyc, they dont go over well here

Name :   Yay Janet!
Date :   Great letter!
Message :
  Hold on to it - you can use it when you run for mayor next year!

Name :   schlep
Location :   ex-pat
Date :

Message :
  One of the great things about growing up in Aurora was the freedom to roam down the RR tracks and enjoy the lake. Private Property wasnt such a big deal.

Name :   Yet another local
Location :   To 2nd Opinion
Date :

Message :
  If Koepp/Zwigards have lakefront then they should have PAID a lakefront PRICE for their property. They didnt. Theyre trying to wrongly snag an unfair bargain.

Name :   Elect Janet Murphy
Location :
Date :
  as Aurora village trustee!

Message :
  Special Election This Wednesday, March 18, polls open noon to 9:00.

Name :   The Hollands
Message :   have paid the property taxes, because they OWN the property. Weird how that works.

Name :   2nd opinion
Location :

Date :

Message :
  There is certainly a lot of confusion regarding the R.R. properties. Thats why a judge has been called on to settle the matter. I may be misinformed...well see. Either way I wish folks would chill..

Message :   Whos been paying the property taxes on that lakefront?

Name :   main st guy
Location :
  lake front

Date :

Message :
  Anyone that bought land from the RR. got that strip. And that went 2 the high water line. The state owns the lake and 2 that high h20 line.

Name :   Another Local
Location :   Owner of Former Railroad Property
Date :
  Another Opinion

Message :
  Forty Feet Is Not A Narrow Strip Of Land. Rocks Under Water West Of The High Water Mark Is Not Back Yard. It Is NYS Property - It Is The Lake.

Name :   cut off
Date :   3/15/09
Message :
  ...if they do, in fact, own the lakefront and the right to cross the rail path to get to it. The Hollands dont want you to understand this. Seek out other sources of info.

Name :   Yogi Bear
Location :
  The Woods

Date :
  3 15 09

Message :
  Dear Cousin Paddington, I just love having you out here in the country with us. I gotta warn you, the people out here just donÕt understand us bears and the picnic basket theory.

Name :   Berenstain Bears
Location :   NYC
Date :

Message :
  Dear Paddington old friend , I hear you may need a good lawyer. Give me a call, Stan Berenstain

Name :   2nd opinion
Location :

Date :
Message :   Its my understanding that the Hollands DO NOT own the lakefront in front of Koepp/Place and Zwigards. They own a narrow strip of land--the railroad bed--that RUNS THROUGH the backyards of K/P and Z. K/P and Z are going to court to determine if they do, in

Date :   3.14.09
Message :   see below - who knows a johanna living in aurora? i bet no one. ha - johanna with an h is a very good german name. so is koepp. wonder what the j stands for in cj you know who? well whoever you are, keep your stinking paranoid breath to yourself.

Name :   12345
Location :
  sad place
Date :   march 13 09
Message :
  I bet that thanks to CJ and Paddington there will be a lot more No Trespassing signs put up along the lake, people have to protect themselves from people like them

Name :   Jennifer
Message :   Thank you to CZ, Even Moore and the others who understand our situation. It is very frustrating when people try to steal from you and then play the victim. I think there is a serious case of mad chicken disease going around. Immunize yourselves.

Name :   2nd post
Location :   Got cut off:
Date :
  Lakefront without access

Message :
  is lake VIEW. Still not too shabby. If they need to go in the lake, go to the college dock or *gasp* Long Point like the rest of the world. Wow.

Name :   Johanna! Johanna!
Location :   I am not Wacky Jackie as you have been saying.
Date :   Now that you know my name. Publish what I wrote..
Message :   I double dare you!! I am so close to you all you can feel my breath.

Name :   Why dont you all stop CJ and John access
Location :
  to Main Street? They did not pay for it but
Date :   you all have. You peabrains, nincompoops. Ill add to the plethora of synonyms
Message :   and never get into the gutter.Whats chickenshit---aw---great fertilizer. Use some.

Name :   I have never posted
Location :
  before, but the attempt
Date :   to annex the Hollands
Message :
  property is disgusting. Koepp knew there was no lakefront when she forced that house into that spot, and Zwigards knew there was none at purchase. No surprises there. Wow..and..ugh. How entitled do they think they are? As for the having lakefront without

Name :   cz
Location :
  east side ghetto

Date :
Message :   Better yet, Pea Brain, write something more detailed for this sites Forum, sign your name, and prove to all of us youre not the idiot you seem to be.

Name :   Cathy Zimdahl
Location :

Date :

Message :
  To the Crazed Poster -- you know who you are, but what about the rest of us? I double dog dare you to sign your name. (Or one of your names...)

Name :   About what Even Moore say
 Message :   realtor Padington Zwigard knows that

Name :   Even Moore
Location :   Aurora
Date :

Message :
  Do people take you seriously? You donÕt own something by living near it. You buy it, pay the taxes on it and have a deed to it.

Name :   Jeez, Louise!
Location :   still here
Date :   3/11/09 Message :  
Oh, yes. Proof positive that Wackie J does not actually live in Aurora. Her Chickens- they would be a violation of village ordinance! Doesnt she worry at all about fecal contamination in her garden, drinking water, and brain? Chickenshit - indeed!

Name :   to the person
Location :
  who calls people peabrain

Date :
  answer your own question

Message :
  by looking it up or looking at it. the world is not a pigment of your infatuation.

Name :   Wells College needs good money management.
Location :   It is time that someone with a brain sees that
Date :
  finance is outside of Diannes league.

Message :
  PTR remodeled the Inn and Dories for the College and they cannot keep it open. I remember someone point out to Dianne that wing had lifted the siding on Dories and she did nothing to fix it. Has it been fixed? Stand in front of Dories and look at the sidi

Name :   How is it possible for one to own property by the lake but no access
Location :
  to it?
Date :   The owners of the house in which Laura Holland lives should know better if Laura does not.
Message :
  Give CJ and her husband the right to the lakefront you Pea brain.

Name :   Cathy Zimdahl
Location :
Date :   march 11
Message :   To whoever wrote the post that began Pea brain - thank you for the laugh. Your writing style, creative grammer, and general ignorance amuses me. Sign your name, chickenshit.

Name :   Even Moore
Location :

Date :

Message :
  Even property ownership doesnt matter to you. I think I want your property. Please git rid of the chickens.

Name :   Cu and other
 Location :   Idiot
Message :   Do not own the lakefront property. Do your research before you call someone a peabrain you ignorant jerk .

Name :   because cj and pz etc DO NOT OWN
Location :
  the lakefront.

Date :
  when the rr company sold it years ago,

Message :
  wells was too stupid to buy the rr strip behind their houses. both churches bought it, so did others, but not wells. so hollands bought behind their (then) house, and HAD to buy up behind lake, morgan and lyon houses to make the deal. they OWN IT!

Name :   Pea brains stupid anti PTR and LMR you make your ignorance show when you cannot see that if one has property/house on the lakefront then they
Location :   should have access to the lakefront. How in hell or Aurora
Date :   can the owners of the house occupied by Laura Holland
Message :
  prevent CJ and her husband access to the lakefront?

Name :   if you
Location :
  lie to

Date :
  support a thief....

Message :
  you are a thief. A sniveling, sneaky, JEALOUS thief. Lisa should definately leave! If wishes were horses, Lisa would ride..right out of town.

Name :   The common link
Location :   is not PTR anymore
Date :
  The common link to the troubles
Message :   of CJK & PZ AND PTR is Lisa Marsh Ryerson Why doesnt she leave and leave this town alone? How much longer can she milk this place?

Name :   Even Moore
Location :   Aurora
Date :   5-9-09
Message :
  If you lie to help your new friends steal, what does that make you?

Name :   property owners
Location :   be should
Date :   worried,
Message :
  very worried. In Aurora neighbors who covet their neighbors proerty feel as if they should be able to steal it. The Hollands have paid taxes on that property for 25 years. They own it. Cj and paddington do NOT! If they want lakefront- MOVE!!!!!!!!!

Name :   Cathy Zimdahl
Location :   lawyeringupton
Date :
  march 9

Message :
  & to all those (wells employed)people who enjoyed Hollands generosity, and who are now giving affadavits against them --SHAME ON YOU! little bitches...

Name :   AVM
Why do those residents associated
Date :   in some way with PTR
Message :   seem to always have issues and cause trouble?

Name :   Cj and paddington
Location :
  and their

Date :
  sorry excuse for husbands

Message :
  are the Madoffs of the Finger Lakes. They wake up each and every day and wilfully attempt to steal from the Hollands. The Hollands were/are very generous with their lakefront. They CHOOSE not to allow CJ and Paddington to use it.

Name :   resident xyz
Location :

Date :
  word is out that

Message :
  cj & paddington are suing the hollands to take away the hollands lake front because the hollands used to let people walk through their property Ð people who owns lakefront will worry it could happen to them

Name :   cz
Location :
  last post

Date :
  I promise

Message :
  The law was written so people could cross the railroad property to water their livestock. But some of our new neighbors interpret it to read that they can now cross over private property to access, and presumably build a dock on, other peoples lakefront p

Name :   more from cz
 Message :   For example: You live on the west side of Main St, but you dont own the lakefront property in front of your house. Should you be able to evoke an ancient law and claim it from the folks who hold the deed and have paid taxes on it for decades?

Name :   Cathy Zimdahl
Location :
Date :   March 8, 2009
Message :   I heard there is an old law (19th century) on the books regarding a right-of-way over the railroad land for adjacent property owners. Someone could resurrect this antiquity & exploit it for their own benefit.

Name :   Main st, guy
Location :

Message :
  I use to play in CJs house. Maybe I can sue so I can play in there again. Oh I played in the front yard of lake house also.

Name :   KAH 
Location :
  Main Street

Date :
  7 March 2009

Message :
  Hi, Cathy Z. Whats all this about?

Name :   Cathy Zimdahl
Location :   litigationville
Date :
  march 7, 2009

Message :
  I also like barns. Can I have the ones at Leffingwell House? Theyre right next door to MY house. Seems like I could have them. Maybe theres a old law on the books I could resurrect.

Name :   Cathy Zimdahl
Location :

Date :
  march 7, 2009

Message :
  I would like to own some lakefront property near my house. Should I sue the church for theirs? Feedback from the community appreciated!

Name :   xPat
Location :   Wells
Date :
  Where is the Dinerteria?
Message :

Name :   KAH
Location :
  Main Street

Date :
  4 March 2009

Message :
  I have submitted to this website a copy of the fine memorial remarks read at Nancys service. And I believe our beloved former clerk would think it appropriate for me to offer this reminder now: there is an important village election two weeks from today.

Name :   for nancy
Location :

Date :

Message :
  a beautiful peaceful dignified service today, full church she deserved, so many messages from round the country on citizen guest book (link below), lovely tribute from our deputy village clerk (link above). i stop crying when i remember her smile.

Name :   I too would like to add my
Location :
  condolence to the obituary of a

Date :
  lovely, kind and sympathetic

Message :
  woman, Nancy Yann. In all my dealings with her she was respectful. Aurora is a nicer,kinder place because Nancy lived. She will be greatly missed. Rest in peace.

Name :   It is with sadness that learn of the death of Nancy Yann.
Location :
  She was a loving, helpful, understanding and kind person. Your Village is poorer because of her passing.

Date :
  I extend my deepest sympathy to all who mourn her transition.

Message :
  Nancy we will meet you in the morning.

 Location :
Date :

Message :
  Calling hours this Monday, March 2nd 4-7 at Shakeltons, service for Nancy M. Yann 11:00 Tuesday morning March 3rd at United Ministry.

Name :   OMG
Location :
  fridays post-standard

Date :

Message :
  that disgusting slimey bastard farenthold must have called a reporter the very day she died so he could get himself featured in a story about the passing of our village clerk. [my heart goes out to dear nancys family - i am so sorry for your tragic loss.]

Name :   oh so
Location :
  sad, sad, sad news

Date :
  nancy yann has died

Message :
  according to wells college: right now the family is planning calling hours at shakeltons 4-7 on monday with a funeral service on tuesday morning; plans not finalized.

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :

Date :

Message :
  Oops - sorry! I had the wrong date. You are correct - election day is Wednesday, March 18. (NYS thought local elections couldnt be held on the normal 3rd Tuesday cause its St. Patricks day this year. Cant drink green beer and vote, I guess.)

Name :   Why
Location :
  is the

Date :
  old po building

Message :
  sitting empty? If wells needs money why dont they try to rent it out? The sheriff doesnt take up the whole building does it?

Name :   how was
 Message :   the party for Tudy?

Name :   in the know
Location :   aurora
Date :

Message :
  do please vote for Janet on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 from noon to 9 PM. Date changed by NYS.

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :

Date :

Message :
  Our VB at work. No one except Janet Murphy got on the election ballot, but we still need to get out the vote, March 19, noon-9PM. IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE AWAY (IT IS THE COLLEGE BREAK) GET AN ABSENTEE BALLOT ASAP & RETURN IT BY 3/17!

Name :   Webdog
Location :

Date :

Message :
  Yes, the link above works. It comes up as a pdf file (not a webpage) so you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. You can try this one, but the quality is not as good --

Name :   Curious Citizen
Location :

Date :
  Feb 16 2009

Message :
  Have tried to reach the web address for Alec Wilder & Tudy that is given in the GuestBook but it gets me nowhere. Is the address complete & correct?

Name :   in case some of you did not see
Location :   thepaper or follow thelink
Message :   there will be a party in Tudys honor on Saturday Feb 21 at 1 pm at Stans house on Gully Road.

Name :   KAH
Location :

Date :

Message :
  Modest to the last, Tudy writes her own brief obituary. So glad Stan was able to use some of the Wilder letter in todays Post-Standard. (Even more glad I was able to get a copy of it to Tudy last month.) Hope there might be a memorial float this summer.

Name :   hey....Dash?
Message :   Stifle it for a while, would ya.

valentines day
Date :   after friday the thirteenth
Message :   groan. wacky jacky is back and uses tudys death to broadcast her insanity yet again. wonder if she will try to stage a parody memorial as she did for geo peter. ah tudy, a *marvelous amalgam of cynicism and naivete,* yes you will be missed.

Name :   rest in peace Tudy
Message :   Aurora will remember you and miss you.

Name :   Sad to hear of the death of Tudy. What a wonderful tribute in the letter.
Location :
  Thanks for publishing it.

Date :
  Makes you wonder. Doesnt it? What will people say about me when I exit this life? Have you ever wondered. Wil you be remember of all you vicious hateful criticisms?
Message :   1900-2009. Our lifespan is only a dash! Live a good dash!

Name :   KAH
Location :
  Main Street

Date :
  14 February 2009

Message :
  Sad to learn that Tudy passed away yesterday. Sumbitted to this website the published letter written to and about by composer Alec Wilder, a fitting tribute even 30 years later. It can now be read at

Date :   2.9.09
Message :
  yeah, janet! will anyone else submit a petition to get on the ballot, i wonder?

Name :   Janet Murphy
Location :

Date :

Message :
  I got all the needed signatures on my petition to run for office to fill Kennys seat and am eager to win the 3/18 election. Petition submitted on Saturday- it was due 2/10.

Name :   yes, Janet can be fair
Message :   she is not in Lisas pocket. She can operate independent of Wells. the same can not be said about the rest of them. Lisa cant fire Janet.

Name :   Vote
Date :   in March
Message :   for Janet Murphy. She has done her very best to be fair. She is one of the few on the board who votes as she sees best. If you look at her voting record, I think you will agree. P.S. I dont even know Janet on a personal level. I am basing this on fact.

Name :   how stupid?
Message :   They are VERY stupid. LMR and friends have always been stupid. She is spending herself out of a job; which would be bittersweet for the town. Stop her. Get rid of her.One can only hope georgie would follow her.

Name :   Karin W
Location :

Date :
  Wed 4 Feb 2009

Message :
  PTR drove kids out of Dories, made it a place for little old ladies. Now Wells is re-making it for college students which is what Pizzaurora SHOULD have been.

Location :
Date :
Message :   re dories question: look at this press release. rowland spent a million on dories alone? and now the college is going to remodel it in the midst of an economic crisis that could sink the country let alone wells college? just how stupid are these people?

Name :   Wonder what is happening
Location :

Date :

Message :
  sweeping changes that were supposed to happen at Dories? Or has it gone to the seasonal model too?

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :
Date :

Message :
  Frautschi/Rowland Arts Center may die as many in WI predicted. It stank from the start as a scam for royal couple to avoid taxes and make big bucks developing surrounding area. Meanwhile they destroyed legit businesses and wasted much tax money; so sad.

Name :   a real person
Location :
  not a phony

Date :
  now and forever

Message :
  Ive been in Aurora alot and I know plenty about the people there.The rich and hypocritcal, theres nothing beautiful about most of you . You can just pay your way out of things. There are so few of you that could hold a candle to most people. And I persona

Name :   does LMR
Message :   ever worry about vitamin D or lack of it? I have not seen outdoors in years. Many years. Does she ever leave her safety buildings? Must be hell...

Name :   Local
Location :   Local
Date :   Saturday
Message :   Enrollment doesnt tell the whole story. Wells has more students, but no more $, cause its still corrupt at the top as $ is siphoned off for consultant buddies/friends of LMR & students go with sub-par services, esp network/e-resources.

 Date :   1.31.09
Message :
  march 18 election day promo ideas - get a feature story into the papers, put posters up thru-out village, email everyone in aurora, hold a public forum to ask questions of candidate(s) and discuss issues?

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :   Aurora
Date :

Message :
  Janet: rhank you very much for your willingness to serve on the VB yet again! Everyone: what can be done to get the word out? As this is not a regular village election year, some residents may not know they need to get out and vote!

Name :   Just Sayin
Location :
  We found out yesterday that my daughters small parochial high school
Date :   is going out of business after more than 50 yrs. in the community
Message :
  We were stunned by the announcemnt that came without warning.It made me think of Wells and their solvency, or possible lack of.Does the college publish enrollment figures?

Name :   hahaha
Message :   I just read the article about Sara Wells. Very funny; so glad she got Jackies seal of appoval. They sound like a couple of high school girls; giddy about their projects. Still laughing...

Name :   Please!
Message :   Do everything you can to get rid of GF and vote in Janet Murphy. I use to live in Aurora and want the village to go back to the pre-corrupt era before Lisa Ryerson Blagojevich took over.

Name :   happy to hear it, Janet
Message :   I am for Janet, she is NOT part of the evil influence and *unchecked corruption* being placed upon the people of Aurora by L Ryerson and Wells. Unlike the rest of them, she can be impartial.

Name :   Glad
Location :

Date :

Message :
  That is great news - lets work hard to get you elected- and get GF out!!

Name :   Janet Murphy
Location :   Aurora
Date :
Message :   I am planning on running for re-election and will work hard to win.

Name :   KAH
Location :
  Main Street
Date :   28 Jan
Message :
  Ah, but school teachers love these snow days!

Name :   Blah
Date :   1/28/09
Message :
  I am sick to death of winter

Name :   REMEMBER !!!
Message :   George may try to sneak a stealth candidate in, just like he and Tom Gunderson did with the police station. Self-serving creeps.

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :   Aurorahahahahahahahaha
Date :

Message :
  Wackie Jackie: you live outside the Aurora village limits. Your permanent residence is not within the village. You CANNOT vote legally in a village election. The only thing absentee about you is your brain!

Name :   I can vote in absentia!
Location :
  I will vote

Date :
  Do not worry.
Message :   Absentee vote still carries   

Date :   1.24.09

Message :   wackie jf sure can run a write-in campaign even if she cant vote in aurora and she can still to try to manipulate the membership our village board. get out the vote for janet on march 18th!

Name :   main st guy
Location :   VOA
Date :   1/23/09
Message :   JF can not do a write in. SHE does not live in the village. But you are right the others can.

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :
Date :   1/22/09
Message :   I believe/hope Janet will run for the VB post she was appointed to fill when KenZ resigned. But even if no one openly runs against her, we MUST turn out the vote on 3/18 in case RZ-JF-GF run a write in campaign for Sara Wells or whoever. Spread the word!

Message :   whose running in the March election? If Janet runs, I will vote for her.

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :
Date :
Message :   Half of Arts&Merchants members arent in Aurora, and remainder are mostly home businesses. Few stores here except PTR/LMR crap. Note - the VB meeting this month is postponed a week to suit GFs schedule - why? Vote for Janet M in March special election!

Location :   Ithaca
Message :   whose the chef at the Auyora inn? Commercials say the chef is working as a shortorder cook atthe fargo.

Name :   not Sara Wells
Location :   
Date :   King Day 2009
Message :   Who elected this ditz? Jackie?? Who is in the Aurora Arts and merchants?

Name :   this answers your question
Location :
Date :   1.19.09
Message :   spolight on aurora? get your barf bag ready...

Name :   Who in hell 
Message :   is Sara Wells?

Name :   KAH
Location :   Shakelton Hardware
Date :   (support our local store)
Message :   Shakeltons now sells muffins and goodies made by the Pumpkin Hill chef, as wells as coffee, hot chocolate, etc. to sustain villagers and contractors during these hard winter days. Stop in for a visit!

Name :   Administrators
Location :
Date :   Halloween Caption Contest Results
Message :   Entries were very funny, gave our web maintenance crew much needed laughs. But best ones were blocked by our censors as bawdy & borderline obscene. Sorry! (Hey Wackie JF -- dont you wonder which buddy of the royal couple sent us that personal picture?)

Name :   Main st. guy
Location :   main st.
Date :   1/16/09
Message :   Who won this? What was the best caption?

Name :   L Holland
Location :   1-16-09
Date :   Regarding the Code Enforcement Officer:
Message :   Of course, Staley does not get away with this by himself. He is paid with our tax dollars to do a job. His employer, the Village of Aurora, refuses to force him to do his job - fairly, or at all.

Name :   L Holland
Location :   The guy in Sennett certainly has flaws,
Date :   but Staley wallows in a slimy pit all his own.
Message :   Most recently we have lodged a formal complaint regarding frontyard parking. Aurora village law CLEARLY outlaws it. It was enforced against us but Staley will not enforce it against our neighbors. This is only the latest example of his favoritism & bias.

Name :   Yes 
Message :   Doug Staley is a disgrace. Why doesnt your town fire him? Why do you let all these corrupt idiots rulr your village? Just wondering...

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :
Date :   1/12/09
Message :   Wouldnt have thought it possible: the Town of Sennett has a code enforcement officer almost as outrageous, rude, unprofessional, and flagrantly biased as ours in Aurora. (And why is Doug Staley still here, anyway? He is a disgrace!)

Name :   Pizzaurora used to close
Location :   at what, 9 PM?
Date :   During the semester
Message :   just when your average student has digested his/her Dining Hall dinner and is thinking about ordering a pizza for study break. College-owned businesses as ineptly mismanaged as college.

Name :   guess we are a resort
Location :   it was funny
Date :   1/8/2009
Message :   on Labor Day a couple of years ago, Pizzaurora put out a sign saying CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. In their case the *season* was Fall,Winter and Spring. They couldnt even keep a pizza shop running in a college town, closing it just WHEN THE STUDENTS RETURNED !

Name :   So now we are a summer resort,
Location :   even though the population here
Date :   more than doubles when the college is in session.
Message :   An article in the 1/8/09 Citizen begins: *For business in summer resort communities such as Aurora and Skaneateles, the slow season is under way.*

Name :   true enough
Message :   but her website was funny. Those wedding pictures of certain people made me gag. Anyone with a 98 dollar digital camera can take those pictures of Aurora.

Name :   When LMR leaves Wells it will
Location :   be on her terms. Do not hold your
Date :   breath about getting her
Message :   away from Wells or Aurora before she is ready. Lisa has a cussy job,gets a good salary, a free house and perks. She cannot get those anywhere else with only a Masters degree.

Name :   doesnt
Location :   she already get
Date :   enough publicity
Message :   running the aurora website? Its all about her. Every picture and page has a link to her website.

Location : 
Message :   check the wedding pictures link

Name :   Who is Jackie? 
Message :   I dont live there anymore (alum), so really who is she? Besides crazy ranting, does she have a purpose? Does she work for Wells? Friend of LMR (oxymoron I know)? Just wondering...

Name :   new year...
Message :   New president!!!!! LMR has to go if Wells has any chance to survive in current economic conditions. I am a wells alum and I want the best for my college. Get rid of Lisa Madoff Ryerson!

Name :   Let me guess
Location :   What could she have wanted the Wells buildings for?
Date :   Hmmmm...
Message :   Lovely,historic bldgs near a quaint,gentrified village on a beautiful lake.So peaceful,serene!Great place for meditation-or perhaps some mind control?

Date :   01.04.09
Message :   oh but ptr gave lots and lots of *scholarships* for special people to take the hoffman institute quadrinity process. and i bet jackie got one.

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :
Date :   1/4/09
Message :   Face facts, Jacci. On site above, look up tax records detailing all PTR donations. None to Wells for endowment or academics, all went to her demolition, rebuilding & decorating projects, and her own Aurora Foundation LLC business. Yes: malignant, indeed.

Name :   I miss Jacky
Message :   come on Jacky write something crazy. I could use a good laugh

Name :   My inside source
Location :   most definitely was not lying
Date :   that person was very close
Message :   to the highest levels at Wells for many years before being booted for dislike by Rollo. PTRs plans may be fluid, but at that time, they were definitely for using the physical space for something else.

Name :   What Wells needs to keep out of the continuous
Location :   RED are a good President who is not less educated than the professors she
Date :   supervises and an Accountant.
Message :   Wells needs a shake up.

Name :   Not everyones thoughts of PTR are as
Location :   maligant as yours. Your inside source lied to you. It/she/he
Date :   is setting you up. You have been taken.
Message :   Pleasant has put money in the endowment of the College. It is not her fault that the money has been mismanaged.

Name :   I have it from an inside source
Location :   that PTR had plans
Date :   (though perhaps no longer)
Message :   to use the campus for other purposes once it went down the tubes as a college. Hence the interest in the physical buildings, spaces, but no interest in the function as a college.

Name :   Yes, I always felt that was odd
Location :   The fact that PTR didnt help Wells
Date :   in an academic way
Message :   via scholarships/grants in her name,etc.And Im even more surprised that the press didnt make a bigger deal about this fact and basically gave her a pass on it.

Name :   PTR never gave money
Location :   to Wells
Date :   For anything important
Message :   Only cosmetic. Wells has had to fumble along under inept and often corrupt management without any fiscal help from PTR. No scholarships, programs, or anything but for looks.

Name :   DARN!
Message :   I was hoping JF went on a New Years Eve rampage. Perhaps she is crying in her beer over PTR. A fool and her money...

Message :   maybe I now have more money than Pleasant ! If she lost her money, what will Wells do?

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :
Date :   Happy New Year
Message :   QUOTE: Asked if Rowland had lost any money in the Madoff scandal, her husband W. Jerome Frautschi said, *Id rather not comment.* ENDQUOTE

Name :   Webdog (Admin)
Location :   online
Date :   New Years Day
Message :   Hey Wacky Jackie- no flood of abusive paranoid crazy posts on New Years Eve? Didnt want to repeat your Xmas Eve performance? Your spirit guides tell you to shut up? Or your womb spoke? Maybe Jackie *Have Left!* So, to everyone else- A Very Happy New Year.

Message :   and now the new Dories menu looks like they are trying to take business away from Pumpkin Hill......

Name :   Brian is
Location :   a nice guy
Date :   I hope he
Message :   turns the hardware store into a little coffee shop/hardware store. Not all of us are happy about The Inn people taking over Dories. The kids I know will be crushed that the people who worked there will be gone. So nice to them.

Name :   I would love to say goosbye to Joe and his wife. Ill miss your friendly faces
Location :   when I enter the hardware store on my return to Aurora
Date :   in late January after vacation.
Message :   Tell Brian that you always helped me with my kettle (smile). I trust that place grows and prospers and all the best to you both. Love, peace and longevity.

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :   three disparate comments
Date :   12/30/08
Message :   Market remains open for now with very few customers in sight. Joe&Kathy kindly mailed their letter to everyone living in the community, so we could all stop by and tell them goodbye and Brian hello. Wells staff is expected to donate, and JF is a wannabe.

Name :   Karin W
Location :   Genoa
Date :   Tue 30 Dec 2008
Message :   Shakeltons link:

Name :   Reader
Location :   Locally
Date :   Recently
Message :   JF publicly wrote in the local newspaper about accepting health welfare - a taxpayer paid for colonoscopy. Yet, according to the recent Wells Express, she found enough money in her pocket to fork over a donation to Wells College.

Name :   Curious on-looker
Location :   Far from Aurora
Date :   Was wondering...
Message :   if the Inn is closed, did the market close too?

Name :   K A Hindenlang
Location :   Small World
Date :   29 December 2008
Message :   I mentioned to a friend that my neighbor Tudy was home from the hospital, and found that she didnt know Tudy but knew of her via a book by a famous American composer. Go to, search Alec Wilder Letters and then search Tudy- amazing.

Message :   the steady rumor is that Rollos days at Wells are numbered

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :
Date :   12/29/08
Message :   Article in todays Post-Standard about the upcoming Winter Institute at the Inn. Clearly the paper was not told that the classes were canceled. Rollo really should be fired, if she hasnt been already.

Name :   Tuition going up when other schools
Location :   are dropping or finding extra aid
Date :   for kids in danger of dropping out
Message :   for financial reasons. Wells does the dumb thing again; fails to notify campus offices BEFORE they send note home to parents. Very embarrassing for offices who learn of increase from irate parents.

Message :   Ha, So Pleasant Rowland has no children, does her WOMB not speak to her? Jacky puts foot in mouth again

Name :   Expressly
Location :   Interested in the most
Date :   recent Express
Message :   Tuition going up by 10,000 dollars and over spending last year was five million. Is that what I thought I read?

Name :   Funny, but when the comment
Location :   about the barren wombs was mentioned, along with women
Date :   of a certain age
Message :   who have not given birth, I though they were referring to PTR! LOL! Hey, she fits that profile, doesnt she?

Name :   its kind of
Location :   funny, but
Date :   if that
Message :   is JF writing that stuff, she needs help. Why wouldnt she be with her children and charming husband? She is a woman who has used her womb. Oh, it is funny, who cares if she gets help. Do not harm others though.

Name :   who ever
Location :   wrote
Date :   those
Message :   cheery messages on Christmas Eve is very sad. That person was also drunk. Sad,diminshed people should stay away from alcohol, it makes them mean and evil. Often dangerous.

Name :   Wow!
Location :   The person
Date :   who wrote those
Message :   five messages in a row sounds very dangerous!That was Christmas Eve? Sounds like another evil Santa in the making. Why does that person read this site if he/she hates it so much.Very unhealthy. Laura does NOT run the web page. For someone who knows all, h

Name :   LHolland
Location :   Aurora
Date :   Dec 27, 2008
Message :   I must add that although this is not my website, I appreciate it and I think it provides a valuable service to the community in counteracting PTRs and LMRs propaganda.

Name :   L Holland
Location :   The person who refers to me in many previous posts
Date :   is very mistaken Ð about many things Ð but
Message :   most importantly, about my involvement in this message board. THIS IS NOT MY WEBSITE. I do not have anything to do with running it. I do not know who controls this website. I occasionally post comments under my name.

Name :   Best way to help
Location :   clean up the village
Date :   would be to
Message :   Send LMR, PTR, GF and JF packing!

Name :   Theres a reason
Location :   they call her
Date :   Wacky Jacci
Message :   I have 2 children & am a person who commented on LMR getting jobs for her daughters (and in the past, her now-ex-husband); one has nothing to do with the other except demonstrating shes whacked in the head.

Name :   You cannot ridicule me me Laura.
Location :   Trying publishing the blogs I sent you about you and
Date :   see who gets ridiculed.
Message :   You are being ridiculed even as you walk the street of Aurora. If Main St. Rte 90 culd talk you would not come out of the house you are SITTING or for which you are being sitter.

Name :   Admin
Location :   online
Date :   Boxing Day 2008
Message :   OK-lets start a ridicule page for JF. What to call it? Bam-Bam!? Talking Wombs? Three hands good, 4 hands bad? Paint my shoes? My favorite: *Have She Left?* Five posts below just a fraction of what she tried to post here ON CHRISTMAS EVE. Waaaaay sick.

Name :   Let me be blunt--the day LMR and GF exit Aurora will have nothing to do with you or this site. You have a way of taking credit for things that happen like PTR leaving Aurora (by the way have she LEFT?)
Location :   These people are building their lives
Date :   while you sit and live yours
Message :   in envy, bitterness and jealousy. Help to clean up the village...three pairs of hands are better than four or two.

Name :   There is a name for women
Location :   who have reached and passed
Date :   Child-bearing age but never gave birth. Many of the blogs
Message :   written in this column seem to come from that population. Please criticizing LMR for getting jobs for her daughters in Aurora! What do your WOMBS say?

Name :   Janet Mooney I wish I could take credit for the blog that
Location :   that have you and Laura
Date :   in a knot then you could address me and I would be able to do the same.
Message :   What a Bam! Bam!

Name :   Janet I am close to you as your
Location :   breath. Go ahead and address me.
Date :   You cannot hurt me. I hold your dirty secrets. What
Message :   are you going to say? You do not want me to spill the beans here. Do you? Ah, Laura will cover your butt and not print them. She does not print things about herself or her friends.

Name :   Laura, I wrote the blog
Location :   Merry Christmas...find a job etc.
Date :   I am happy you published it and did ot hide it like all the others I wrote about you. Skeleton in your closet...get a job...stop criticizing
Message :   LMR, GF, PTR and RZ.You are like a bad disease. You take over the this case the Village. You plant seeds of discord and attack anyone who opposes you.

Name :   Look now, for glad and golden hours
Location :   come swiftly on the wing.
Date :   O rest beside the weary road,
Message :   And hear the angels sing.

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :
Date :   MacKenzie-Childs lays off workers
Message :   ..little holiday cheer for several MacKenzie-Childs employees... fewer than 20 people were released...a month after the Aurora Inn announced its plans to return to seasonal operations ...Nearly 16 full-time and 24 part-time employees were affected...

Name :   Bobby Goldsboro
Location :   NC
Date :   Autumn 1968
Message :   Hold it! Im the one in the Autumn of My Life!

Name :   Taxpayer: Well, well, well..
Location :
Date :   12/23/08
Message :   Rowlands husband Frautschi invested money for semi-shady/unsuccessful funding of Overture Arts Center in Madison WI with con man Bernard Madoff. The connection was made thru firm of Rhoda Vogel, Treasurer of the Rowland Foundation. Why am I not surprised?

Name :   I wish
Location :   the person
Date :   who wrote the Christmas wish
Message :   followed with nasty accusations would admit who they are. I would like to address you personally. I am guessing GF or JF. Why so sneaky and creepy? Janet Mooney

Name :   Laura
Location :   always
Date :   signs her
Message :   letters with her full name. She did not write the letter that so upset Jackie/Georgie. They sound really scary and threatening,but oh yeah... Merry Christmas they say.

Name :   I think
Location :   you should
Date :   address your
Message :   error about Laura here. I wrote that you are an idiot, and WOW am I right.You have my permission to ask who wrote the letter and then apologise for your hatred.

Name :   Hey!!
Location :   I wrote the
Date :   message you are
Message :   claiming Laura wrote. I want the credit for it; my name is Janet. That was was funny, you lost it mentally and emotionally and blamed the wrong person.

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :
Date :   12/23/08
Message :   Wells cancels Winter Institute at Aurora Inn due to lack of interest! (Big surprise: retirees didnt want to come to middle of nowhere in dead of winter.) But you still can rent whole inn for discounted price of 1500 bucks a night.

Name :   ho ho ho
Location :   we celebrate whatever we want
Date :   no matter what jf & co tell us to do
Message :   wacky jackie poor dear: looks like youve a pathological fear of getting old. along with your foot fetish, your belief in martian invaders living among us, and your psychotic unrequited love for ptr -- youre weird enough for the entire county.

Name :   What do you celebrateKeep Aurora weird?
Location :   You are all too darn old to harbor
Date :   grudges and venom. I know you alland you are nowhere in the late summer of your days.
Message :   What do you read? I am in the Autumn of my days and I am younger than all of you sorry set. I know you Laura...I am younger than you are. Our days are numbered. Find a job you whiners and get off the backs of your betters.

Name :   Buzz
Location :   Cayuga
Date :   12/22/08
Message :   Merry Christmas? Followed by sarcasm, hypocrisy, and condescending accusations? In your hopes for a better new year for Aurora you show no intention of leading by example.

Name :   whos the idiot
Location :   who wrote the Autumn of
Date :   your days speech?
Message :   Dont say Merry Christmas and then give a lecture. Ill feel any way I want to feel about those people YOU mentioned. I hate them all and I am just in my late summer.

Location :   aurora
Date :   but all the unemployed and
Message :   underemployed will not be fully and gainfully employed until almost half way into the new year when the inn opens again. Thats grim.

Name :   Too old?
Location :   in a state of wondering
Date :   12/22/2008
Message :   At what age should one set ones integrity aside and ignore dishonesty and accept unchecked corruption? Whatever age that is, looks like you have already reached it.

Name :   happy holiday of your choice
Location :   yours and no one elses
Message :   wacky jackie, find the real world. ptr didnt eliminate jews hindus muslims agnostics. even in aurora some dont celebrate christmas -gasp! receptacles of venom- what? you & your space aliens inhabit the twilight of sanity. grasp reality before its too late

Name :   Merry Christmas to all
Location :   in this snow covered and cold
Date :   Village. Trust that the New Year
Message :   will find all the unemployed and underemployed fully and gainfully employed.It is my sincere hope that your receptacles of venom against GF, LMR, PTR and RZ will cease. You are all to darn OLD to harbor such bitterness. You are in the Autumn of your days.

Message :   LMR, like Pleasant, wants control of everything. There is no opportunity for anyone else.

Name :   what do
Location :   the students do
Date :   for fun?
Message :   How far do they have to drive to get food other than that served in the dining hall? I really dont know how the students survive in such a closed tiny community. Spice up your town. Open up a REAL bar and a GOOD resturant, if LMR will LET you.

Name :   Has Wells fallen out of love
Location :   with Sodexo? Sodexo
Date :   runs the dining room.
Message :   If they have left Wells who will cook for the students? Students were already complaining about the poor food and lack of variety offered in the dining room.

Name :   My take
Location :   
Date :   12/17/08
Message :   Dr. Long served Wells College for 18 years. Dr.Macmillan served Wells College for 23 years. Wells College has served Lisa for 14 years.

Name :   class of ?
Location :   out of town  
Message :   as I read here, there is now no Inn or Dories operating in the Fargo next to close?

Name :   Tapayer
Location :
Date :   12/17/08
Message :   Dories will shut down and later be run by Aurora Inn Inc (which is really Wells College). While closed, Wells will remodel and redecorate the shop, which was just renovated by Rowland. Is that a smart use of college assets during a fiscal crisis?

Name :   KAH
Location :   Main St
Date :   17 Dec 2008
Message :   Dr. Long served Wells for 18 years, but Kerr Duncan Macmillan was President for 23 years, 1913-36. Ryerson moved up to President in February of 1995. If she goes for the record, your wait will be a bit longer.

Name :   Gee
Location :   The village
Date :   The day after
Message :   LMR will not leave Wells until she has served longer then Dr. Long. (he was the pres. that was the longest of any at Wells) And that is getting close 2 more years. Damn him! But she is no Dr. Long

Name :   to; Used to Love Wells
Message :   Uh, Wells College cant make that claim. If WC ends up closing, people will remember LMR for a long time. Kind of like Ken Lay.

Name :   Used to love Wells
Location :   East Coast
Date :   12/16/2008
Message :   Why has there been zero communication from Wells to alumni about its financial situation? Every other institution is writing their alumni to keep them apprised, provding a sense of strong leadership and that there is someone capable at the helm. Why cant

Name :   Current Trustees
Location :   have been hand-picked by LMR
Date :   Tuesday
Message :   They are either not in education or just along for the free meal and all her sympathizers. She accomplished that some years ago -- dont look to them for help in ending corruption.

Name :   LMR has
Location :   been the
Date :   President for
Message :   too many years. Petition the trustees and let them know you need some new blood flowing in town. Wells needs some new life or it will go under. Certainly LMRs job is NOT a life long postion. Move her along.... Name :   nice idea,

Message :   but how should one go about getting rid of them? thats up to the trustees.

Name :   The Zywgards
Location :   are counted
Date :   among the
Message :   few friends Lisa and George have. Therefore, they get what they want and GF looks the other way. At the next meeting he will make up a lie. Has happened for years. Its the pay for play game, Aurora style.Get rid of GF and LMR now, thats what they are doin

Name :   L Holland
Location :   As of Thurs, Dec 11, 2008,
Date :   the permit for the Zwigard geothermal project
Message :   was still in the village office, unpaid for and off the worksite, for a project that began Dec 1, 2008. Why was work allowed on this project for 2 weeks without a building permit? Who gets this special treatment? And who doesnÕt? And why?

Name :   L Holland
Location :   Mc-C is a private co. & who they hire is their business.
Date :   Its good to hear that they are employing local people. I wish them well.
Message :   The serious concern is the excessive influence Lisa Ryerson exerts on our local government. As a result, decisions may be made Ð or laws ignored - that benefit Wells and not Aurora.

Name :   Pity about Ann
Location :   That she isnt gone
Date :   Sunday
Message :   The fact that Lisa arranges jobs for her kids when they dont do much & cant be fired IS an issue for many college employees who have lost their jobs for less, and another example of her corruption. Not the kids fault.

Name :   Buddy
Location :   
Date :   christmas time
Message :   how come there arent as many trees lit up in Aurora this year? It doesnt look as nice as it use to

Location :   in the know
Date :   
Message :   Ann still works at Wells, at least for now.

Name :   Is Ann Rollo gone?
Location :   Aurora
Date :   12/13/08
Message :   did she get fired? Their house looks empty. The community would be well rid of the Rollos.

Name :   It does not matter where Lisas kids work?
Location :   It is not as if LMR made her VP of the college
Date :   This is a petty and irrelevant distraction
Message :   from the corruption underway in the village. Lisa and PTR are the source and cause of that. Lisa is the villain here, not her daughters. Leave them out of it.

Message :   How much increase? What is the real enrollment at Wells now? Do they pad the official number?

Name :   Still mismanaged
Location :   after all these years
Date :   (continued)
Message :   of funds, but shows typical Wells total lack of respect for employees, not to tell them critical info they need to do their jobs, including talking to parents about the tuition increase.

Name :   Still mismanaged
Location :   after all these years
Date :   Parents of Wells Students
Message :   get note about tuition increase BEFORE employees of college learn of it. Not only a dumb move to try to squeeze blood from turnip parents when so many students in danger of having to drop out due to lack

Location :
Date :   12.11.08
Message :   and this sure looks like another Ryerson daughter working up at MacKenzie-Childs now. so whats going on up there, anyway?

Name :   When all
Location :   is said
Date :   and done
Message :   It would still be Nepotism. But what a wonderful way for Mommy to be able to keep her close. Wonder just how much Annie is making. Bet she will not be a layoff.

Name :   The wells
Location :   directory
Date :   says
Message :   lisa ryersons daughter works in admissions now.

Name :   Annie has worked in
Location :   Lisas office during
Date :   2005 when she was without an assistant
Message :   Annie has been employed there several times. Do not however forget that the College offers student employment and therefore she was employed as such.

Name :   Karin W
Location :   Genoa
Date :   Thu 11 Dec 2008
Message :   Verifiable fact: Lisa procured a Library job for Annie when she was just 14-15 yrs old where she spent most of her time on chat. We couldnt fire her. Lisas assts dau. also worked for us.

Name :   Well
Location :   Wells College
Date :   12/10/08
Message :   I just heard today Wells has started to lay folks off. I can only hope Rollo is somewhere in the group of layoffs

Name :   Jeez, Louise
Location :
Date :   12/10/08
Message :   At least she hasnt yet given a job to Georgie Me-Too! Kelly may already be on the pay roll, however...

Name :   wow,
Location :   I see that
Date :   Lisa Ryerson
Message :   hired her own daughter to work in the admissions dept. Nothing like nepotism especially during an economic crisis. Does Lisa have no shame? Never mind...

Name :   L Holland
Location :   The Privileged Ones and
Date :   The Favoured Few
Message :   On Mon Dec 1 Zwigards began their extensive geothermal project without a Building Permit. As of this morning Dec 9 although it was finally signed, the permit was unpaid for & not on site. But the village does not enforce its laws fairly. So on it goes.

Name :   Aluma
Location :   CNY
Date :   12/9/08
Message :   OMG- that tagged link isnt spam! So what is going on- the secret life of GF? Check those Love comments. Does LMR know about Kelly? Does she care? Check Aurorans on his friends list: Jacci F, Todd Z, Arthur B, Sara W -- this is real. And very very strange.

Name :   what
Location :   is
Date :   going on here?
Message :

Name :   Three years ?
Location :   I thought it was two.   
Message :   I agree, Sara Wells is a load of crap.

Location :   the real world
Message :   Sara Wells says it goes back as far as she can remember? She has lived in Aurora at most 3 years. She is Randis toadi. What a load of crap.

Name :   really?
Location :   was it really
Date :   that wonderful...
Message :   wow, what a write up about Christmas in Aurora. Did Lisa show up or did she hide in her mansion? She is like a character out of Dickens. I hope they used her as a greeter.

Name :   no comment
Location :

Name :   So true
Location :   cayuga
Message :   Lisa is afriad to go outside in Aurora and for good reason. No one sees her out. You are right she should get the heck out of town, it cant be a happy life she has.

Name :   will you people
Location :   in Aurora
Date :   EVER
Message :   stand up to LMR and her husband? Get rid of them once and for all. Run them out of town one way or another. Why does she get away with all the shit; and then is allowed to hide in the Presidents house. Is she ever out in town? Run her off!

Name :   Ms. XYZ
Location :   close enough to know
Date :   12/3 2008
Message :   Tom G was elected by the people but he serves Wells college

Name :   Ha
Location :   Aurora
Date :   2010
Message :   Is Jim already thinking he can not play without Tom. Funny they both leave on the same year. Wait maybe they both know they will not be voted back in. Come on Ken get the village out of the Wells control.

Name :   Wont be fooled again
Location :   PO building
Date :   12/2/08
Message :   VB and mayor floated thirty thou figure to scare people to help advance Pleasants agenda. funny how it got cut in under half when it became clear the PO wasnt moving.

Name :   Unchecked corruption
Location :   remains
Date :   unquestioned
Message :

Name :   Main st. guy
Location :   aurora streets
Date :   11/27/08
Message :   Happy Thanksgiving all.

Name :   From Administrator
Location :   With thanks to those who suggested we start this guestbook,
Date :   Thanksgiving Day 2008, three years later.
Message :   Reminder: for unknown reasons the guestbook entry system ignores quotes and apostrophes and eliminates all dollar signs and the characters that come right afterwards. The estimate quoted in the minutes should read 30,000 dollars. On it goes...

Location :   12/05
Date :   Thirty thousand dollars
Message :   thats what Gunderson told the village. And in the same minutes thers george threatening the end of the po in Auror. Cant beleve any one.

Name :   From VB minutes of 12/05
Location :   special meeting re Post Office
Message :   Bob Fitzgerald asked what it would cost to maintain the current Post Office. Mayor Gunderson reported that the roof would need to be replaced AT A COST IN EXCESS OF ,000.00. The Village will also have to deal with asbestos and asphalt removal.

Name :   Taxpayer
Location :   Aurora Village Board October Minutes
Date :   *he was in favor of a law...only to remove the one car in question*
Message :   More amazing: Trustee GF advocates passing a law to silence perfectly legal free speech of one resident with whom he happens to disagree. This is a totally corrupt abuse of government power to advance a personal political vendetta. Can GF be censured?

Name :   Jeez, Louise!
Location :   yes, still here
Date :
Message :   Amazing minutes: read too that the P.O. roof has already been fixed in 2 days for 14.5K in availabe funds - half Georgies lowest alarmist crackpot estimate, and no bond required! Jeez, the VB wasted nearly that in an 8.5K condition report. What turkeys!

Name :   L Holland
Location :   October VB Minutes
Date :   What the heck?
Message :   Why is Trustee GF offering someone elseÕs house to store village documents? It is not his house! It is the Zwigards private home, not a museum. Weird.

Location :
Date :   11/25/08

Name :   Townie
Location :   Like we do not know
Date :   11/23/08
Message :   Transplant - The only diff between yourself and me I have been here all my life. You ARE a local. And I welcome you as such.

Name :   Karin W
Location :   Genoa
Date :   Sunday 23 Nov 2008
Message :   You will not be considered local unless your parents and grandparents too were BORN here, so you might as well accept that now. There are locals who are nice to outsiders but you will always be an outsider.

Name :   Transplant
Location :   Aurora
Date :   decade three
Message :   How long do you have to live in Aurora to be local? Ive been trying to figure that out for almost 30 years.

Message :   do you mean the past 6 months of no business or the next 6 months.?

Name :   Does anyone know       
Message :   if they are paying Eddinger for 6 months of no business at the Inn?

Name :   I love it
Location :   Dories
Date :   11/22/07
Message :   This is the 2nd time the Inn ran it. They did a piss poor job the last time. Sodexdo was then asked to run it.

Date :   Best idea Ive heard
Message :   go ahead, Eddinger can run the coffee shop and put Winnie back running the Inn. That might a step back to what people in Aurora want.

Name :   local
Location :   main street
Date :   11/21
Message :   dont get me wrong, im upset as the next guy about the firing of winnie and will definately boycot dories and the fargo, but im afraid i dont consider her a local.

Name :   DO NOT GO
Location :   TO DORIES
Message :   if you care about the people in your little town. I do not live there, but it sure sounds like Wells treats the town people like trash or worse. Support the fired Dories employees and BOYCOTT! Someone should open a NEW bar in Aurora.I thought the guy who

Name :   I was told
Location :   this evening that
Date :   Winnie was fired
Message :   SHAME on the person that made that decision. The place will go to hell in an instant!

Location :   Aurora
Date :   Novemeber 20
Message :   The Aurora Inn is taking over the running of Dories in December. This includes firing all current Dories employees.

Name :   Does this mean
Location :   that locals will
Date :   soon be shut out
Message :   of Dories,the way they were at the INN? Thats okay; I would rather drink Jim Jones koolaid than coffee made by Sue Eddinger. I can read the headlines now: Waller Waffles sicken entire village.

Message :   did Sue Edinger take Winnie Murphys job? this is confusing.

Name :   Bah, humbug.
Location :   Official village web site
Date :   finally updated weeks late
Message :   just to promote Xmas in Aurora for the PTR enterprises operated under LMR RSZ etc. Maybe we all should turn up as some of the (QUOTE) wandering actors in period costumes -but with a few signs.

Name :   L Holland
Location :  
Date :   November 19 2008
Message :   What does Ryerson call this bizarre business model? She dumps loyal employees with seniority , experience, and proven competence. Then she fills their positions with employees who are proven failures. I call it self-defeating and stupid.

Name :   Disgusted
Location :   Aurora
Date :   Nov 2008
Message :   Oh I see Wells is looking after themselves again. Wow what an upgrade. Taking over a coffee shop. How upscale. What next a McDonalds. How long before that closes for the season???

Message :   Winnie was fired, right? Not laid off? Dont know for sure.

Date :   If the people in town would simply
Message :   QUIT GOING to Dories and the Fargo, things will surely change for the better.. please,BOYCOTT them. Drink coffee and beer at home or with friends. It wont take long.

Name :   Even Moore
Location :   Aurora
Date :   11/18/08
Message :   No not Winnie, how could that be? She is so loyal, I mean so local. They will soon eat us all.

Name :   If that is true
Location :   about Winnie Murphy
Date :   being laid off, then
Message :   I think people should boycott Dories. I do not live in your village, but I know that W. Murphy has worked at Dories for years. Let Lisa Ryerson go! That would bring comfort and joy to the holiday season.

Name :   just one more
Location :   rotten thing
Date :   done by the foundation
Message :   I heard that Winnie Murphy was let go from Dories today to make room for more aurora inn employees.

Message :   Waller works for Pleasant. dont know about they pay her over the winter? Maybe she is a maid at Wells. Will she be back? Will the Inn be back?

Name :   Are Waller and
Location :   Edinger without
Date :   JOBS?
Message :   or did Wells make up a position for them? I hope they are finished! The Arora Inn closing is a true case of justice. It stills prevails.

Name :   It shows you how little
Location :   consideration Wells has
Date :   for the village that the inn is
Message :   totally dark with not even a porch light left on for Aurora. Is it bad manners or is Wells that desperate to save money?

Name:   Whats next?

Location :   Aurora Message :
Name:   Yes, it bothers us

Location :   in Aurora Message :   and we discussed it back when he first resigned. You need to scroll and click back to the comments from over a month ago.

Name:   To all readers of this site

Location :   .Minutes 9/17 VB meeting
Date :   Ken Zabriskie resigned.
Message :   He has lived in Aurora his entire life. Served on the VB the last 12 yrs. Says there is unchecked corruption taking place there. Does this not bother you?

Name:   George says there is more

Location :   going on in Aurora
Date :   than meets the public eye
Message :   duh. thats the way he wants it.
Name:   Observer

Location :   Good question, again
Date :   How about it....
Message :   ...Claire, Bonnie, Lili, Zwigard, did you react to Georges dishonesty? Didnt any of you on the so-called Task Force take him to task for his lies on the matter?

Name:   About the picture

Date :   Those 2 disgusting phonies deserve one anohter...
Message :   but Aurora deserves neither one. How did we get so unlucky? I swear,you posting that pic just made me lose my lunch.

Name:   Taxpayer

Location :   Good Question
Date :   10/31/08 Message :   Who was on the Task Force? Werent the members listed on the survey? Anyone still have a copy? I seem to remember Claire Morehouse, Lili MacCormick, Bonnie Bennet, and one of the semi-adult Zwigards. Who else?
Name:   L Holland

Location :   A question.
Message :   George F. is not alone on the Village Center Task Force. How do the others in that group feel about being misled, or kept in the dark, by George F.? How did he justify keeping the substation a secret to the others on the Task Force?

Name:   HAD IT

Location :   Aurora Message :   how to get/why not get farenthold off the board after this lie?

Name:   local resident

Message :   Looks like the vandalism/car page has accidentally been overwritten with a copy of the top homepage. Hope you have a backup of the cars page.
Date :   10.27.08

Message :   where did the protest car go? hope the tires were takn in for evidence by he sherrif. were the slashes made the same way as before? was the inn staff on duty that night interviewed? has a reward been offered?
Name:   Its a small village, I find it hard to

Location :   believe that no one knows the whole story.
Date :   Just guessing,but I think PTR bought the farm biz in 05 Message :   cashed out D. Bush for 1 mil,now selling property after deed transfer to her for zero sneaky,but why all the subterfuge?

Message :   so can anyone clear this up? who owns that land and house? what does Pleasant have to do with it?

Name:   In 05, Bush farm was transfered via sale

Location :   from Dorothy Haynie Bush to Bush Farm LLC
Date :   for a little over 1 million
Message :   so who owns Bush Farm LLC? Was that sold as a business before the property itself was sold?

Name:   interesting: the post-standard

Location : Date :   10.24.08 Message :   reverses its position from 2 years ago and endorses barbara abbott king against gary finch. btw rowland is a big contributer to his campaign, and he supported her rape of aurora to the hilt.

Name:   Ledyard Property Tax Rolls

Location : Date :   as of March 2007
Message :   show the owner as Bush, Dorothy Family Limited Li(ability Company?) and a fill market value of about one million less than the current sale price, see
Name:   watcher

Location :   sherwood rd
Date :   6 years ago Message :   Pleasant Rowland bought the Bush farm years ago and kept the deal a secret
Date :   10.21.08
Message :   now what was the sheriff doing for hours on Saturday down at the musical houses -- Zwigards / CJs / Hollands?

Name:   Farm was listed then *sold a week later

Location :   to PTR LLC Date :   Why would PTR Message :   want to buy another expensive property in Aurora when she already has 2 multi-mil homes for sale w/ no takers so far?

Name:   local

Location :   local Date :   tue Message :   some real estate sites take months to remove the listings after a house has sold
Name:   Re Bush farm,was for sale

Location :   for 1 mil + 650 thou
Date :   high price, low assessed value
Message :   havent you seen this before?Still on websites listed for sale.Did PTR buy then turn around and sell? how much of Aurora will she own when all is said and done?

Date :   10.16.08
Message :   she is the only person he could have Named and kept a shred of his sad pretense to any integrity whatsoever. thank you janet for being willing to serve.
Name:   local

Location :   local Date :   thu Message :   if you thnk tom g wouldnt dare do whatever the heck he pleased no matter legal ethical or not you dont know him very well.

Message :   Janet Murphy is back on the Vb...hooray. Tom Named her.

Name:   sunday paper had real estate deal

Location :   that said Message :   Bushes sold the farm on Sherw Road to Pleasant Rowland LLC. Yet the deal was for zero dollars, for an assessed value of 460000 dollars. what is that about?

Name:   I think not.

Message :   Well, my own guess is that after what Ken Z had to say, he would not dare appoint someone directly connected to the college.
Name:   Before Ryerson, PTR, and the current village board...

Location :   what was Aurora like?
Date :   Wells still owned a lot of village property
Message :   how was its relationship w/village residents,how did the vb govern then?
Message :   my guess is Tom will appoint whoever Lisa tells him to.

Name:   Ha!

Location :   Un Vrai Faux Village
Date :   Who did Mayor Tom appoint?
Message :   I doubt it. More like who did Lisa and George tell him to appoint. Ken resigned and they were gleeful. Now they will have the whole board.
Date :   10.14.08
Message :   so who has mayor tom appointed to fill the village board vacancy left by the ken zabriskie resignation? someone should serve until the special election in march...

Name:   This link works

Location : Date :   the other one doesnt any more.
Message :   *We have no legal recourse to move that car, Gould said... It is a misdemeanor to slash the tires on someones car, he said, and if the damage exceeds ,000, its a felony.*

Name:   Interesting - Aurora as footnote in editorial about

Location :   commercial development of historic communities
Date :,0,771441.story Message :   *Village life is never static...But care should be taken that beautification does not become synonymous with purification, and that, as in the case of Pierre Cardin, Stony Brook and Santa Fe, it doesnt threaten to unmake a real community already there.*

Name:   An Alum

Location :   NYS Date :   Oct 12 2008 Message :   Teens? When I was in school at Wells it was guys in their 30s who stood atop the Fargo throwing eggs and things at cars and behaving like juvenile delinquents on Halloween; Theyre now in their 50s or older.
Name:   Front Page - Auburn Citizen

Location : Date :   10/11/08 Message :   *Someone put a dagger into a public protest in Aurora recently, as 4 tires were purposely punctured on a car plastered with political statements... there were no laws in the village to prevent the car from being parked on the street...*

Name:   Besides teens running amok...

Location :   are there any other scary things or places in town?
Date :   I will also post in the forum
Message :   Since Halloween is approaching, wanted to know if Aurora has a haunted history?

Name:   for John on the Forum

Location :   Just so you know,
Date :   drug use and teen drinking
Message :   in the parking lot at night has been going on since about the time there was a parking lot. If you lived here longer you might know that. Chill
Date :   10.10.08
Message :   if that were true edinger would have had the car owner arrested by now, but you know its not true, its a big fat lie spread by pathetic brain-washed zombies who resort to vandalism when their *hero* is challenged.
Name:   Reply to JMH et al

Location :   about tire slashing
Date :   10-9-08 Message :   Word on the street is that the owner of the protest car let the air out of his own tires and that there is a witness. How sick and twisted are you people?

Name:   if what they say is coming

Location :   actually arrives
Message :   fewer students will be able to pay tuition, and money available from the endowment for aid may be far less. can wells afford money to run losing businesses too?

Name:   Taxpayer

Location :   Aurora Date :   looking ahead Message :   More important: what has Wells lost & how much endowment will evaporate? Wells was stupidly positioned when tech bubble burst so it *had* to go coed. Has LMR&Co learned? Wells barely survived Great Depression - but smarter people were in charge back then.

Name:   No doubt

Location :   that PR Date :   lost alot Message :   of money , but she is still rich beyond our imaginations. She still has enough left to buy a small village somewhere and ruin it. She will ride the white horse again. Might break the horses back in doing so...
Name:   I wonder if Pleasant lost any money in the

Location :   financial meltdown?
Date :   Shes already spent a lot of it
Message :   on philanthropic projects.The very wealthy usually have a plethora of places they squirrel money away. Still, many people have been hit hard by this. Makes you wonder...

Name:   observer

Location :   cayuga co Date :   sunday Message :   tom g has always done whatever he wanted since long before lmr ever came to this area

Name:   think again

Location :   Date :   10/3/2008 Message :   people on this guestbook should not be so hard on Tom you dont know what Lisa could have threatened him with

Name:   fickster

Location :   aurora Date :   10/3/08 Message :   I understand MacKenzie is in the land claim - anyone know if that is true?
Name:   JMH

Location :   slashed tires
Date :   prove the point
Message :   there is unchallenged corruption in your town. No matter what you think about the car you cant believe that vandalism is okay. P.S. Georgie needs to leave town,and take his husband with him.

Name:   The Inn front desk

Date :   10/1/08 Message :   There is someone on duty at the front desk at the inn 24/7. send the sheriff in and talk with them. I know they do not like the protest car. But perjury is a bad thing if it goes to court.

Name:   David Kauber

Location :   Aurora Library
Date :   1 October 2008 Message :   I suggest that we get together a reward-fund to put a price on this vandalism. I offer I am sure we can get this up to five hundred or a thousand dollars with folks here. I want to know who ...

Name:   Katerina

Location :   Union Springs
Date :   10/1/08 Message :   Were the tires on the car in front of the Inn slashed or deflated? When did this happen? How long had the car been there before it happened?
Name:   WTF

Location :   aurora streets
Date :   1/1/08 Message :   It is a good thing we have a sheriff sub station who knows what else they would have done with the protest car.
Message :    what kind of place has Aurora become?

Location :   tires slashed again?
Date :   9.30.08 Message :   cant believe cowardly viciousness of the pathological liars cheats swindlers & thieves who believe they are above the law. hope someone called papers as well as sheriff. they must be desperate to repeat this violence. great for inn business!

Name:   David Kauber

Location :   Aurora Library
Date :   29 September 2008
Message :   Walking to the library this afternoon I found a family reading the notices on Jays car. They were from Amber, NY, and were interested in the goings on here and pointed out the cars flat tires. Yes,once again the tires of Jays car have been attac

Name:   AVM

Location :   CA Date :   9/28 Message :   Its been awhile since Ive been on here. Just wanted to know whatever happened to Lyon House? Was it bought and rennovated? How about the two mil $ homes? any takers? Ive noticed on Melissa Millers site that there are few mil plus homes for sale. Does PTR/

Name:   Anna

Message :   Rumor has it the right of way between inn & bank 2b paved. lets make sure it goes all the way & curb removed. We r watching VB. My guess it will b cut short.

Name:   KAH

Location :   Trash Truck Problems:
Date :   Let Albany know how you feel.
Message :   NYS Dept of Transportation wants public comment on Trash Trucks thru Oct 10. Haulers hope to gut proposed new regs. Register your opinion with Commissioner Astrid Glynn, NYS DOT, 50 Wolf Road, Albany NY 12232 or email

Name:   Webdog

Location :   online Date :   all the time Message :   Great to have Feedback Forum in action again, but could posters please come up with a
Nameor pseudonym other than Anyonymous? Its getting a bit confusing. Also, please provide a location, as requested. Thanks.
Name:   Yeah!
Location :   Aurora Date :   9-23-08 Message :   The protest car is back, parked smack-dab in front of the Inn, with new signs including excerpts from the article and letter about KZs resignation.

Name:   Nah, TG cant

Location :   APPOINT Date :   Paddington Message :   trustee because she *lives* and works in NYC:
Location : Date :   9.22.08 Message :   cant find into on any process for impeaching a mayor in nys other than that quote from wikipedia. howsabout you get some info and share it, former main streeter, instead of telling current residents what to do.
Name:   Former Main Streeter

Location :   Nearby Date :   Monday Message :   So follow procedure, write to the Governor as a group of concerned citizens and ask him to remove the Mayor for the cause of corruption!
Name:   Correct Link

Location : Date :   For letter to editor from Ken Z.
Message :   *Why I resigned from the Aurora Village Board...we no longer need a village board because we are just pawns. I feel violated, abused and embarrassed...and am withdrawing from any future political life due to this type of unchecked corruption.*

Name:   Unchecked Corruption

Location :   Look out Gunderson and Farenthold
Message :   its out in the open now for all to read. Your filthy and diseased chickens are coming home to roost

Name:   Aurora

Message :
Name:   The board has

Location :   been sticking it to
Date :   Aurora for years
Message :   Kens letter to the editor from the Sunday Citizen
Name:   Taxpayer

Location : Date : Message :   A telling fact: negotiation for the sheriff substation in a building owned by Wells didnt include the full VB but did include The Aurora Inn! Why the heck was Sue Edinger in on it? Guess what - Rowland is still at work here.

Name:   Admin

Location : Date :   9-20-08 Message :   The new Feedback Forum entry system works! As soon we stop getting TEST TEST TESTING posts, real entries may appear. (We adopted a new system with a spam filter, as the yahoo form was pulling in 100s of spam a day.)
Name:   Listen, State of Aurora person

Location :   there is no defending what Lisa, Tom
Date :   and the rest of them did
Message :   sneaking that cop office into town. None. the dishonesty of it all.Why was a cop office listed in Georges fake poll when it was already in place? Liars.
Name:   Astonished

Location :   adn disgusted
Date :   9/20/08 Message :   Enough is enough. Is there a state watchdog agency to report this to? To investigate the Aurora govt? To blow the whistle on these people? BTW, I agree with others below -.Tom G, leave office. YouÕre exposed now.You govern for Lisa, not the people. Shame.

Name:   I can now safely say that if an entry to this page is not opposing GF, LR, PTR, RZ or someone

Location :   you consider an enemy of the State of Aurora
Date :   you do not publish it. So typical
Message :   you can hand out criticism but can take it.

Name:   Tom Gunderson

Location :   must resign or
Date :   be fired! Message :   He and Mr and Mrs. Ryerson are am absolute disgrace! Are you folks in Aurora going to let them make such a fool of your village. Quit Tom! Now!
Message :   Lisa could fire Tom if he resigns as the mayor

Name:   main st guy

Location :   main st. Date :   9/19/08 Message :   Does anyone wish to guess who Mayor Tom will appoint? Short list. Sara Wells, Paddington, CJ? You can bet it will be someone from Wells Collage or a backer of the Wells klan plan. I can guess Jim Chase will become Mayor Toms deputy mayor. Time for a shake

Name:   L Holland

Date :   September 19, 2008
Message :   Farenthold says Im very sorry hes no longer my deputy mayor. George, he was OUR deputy mayor. You act like this is your personal fiefdom.
Name:   L Holland

Date :   September 19, 2008
Message :   The reporter from The Citizen was negligent in omitting these facts: That Mayor Tom Gunderson and James Chase are employed by Wells College president, Lisa Ryerson. & that George Farenthold is married to Wells College president, Lisa Ryerson.

Name:   aurora person

Location :   sick over what they did to Ken Z
Message :   Lili, youre the only one left... stand up against this corruption. Make a public fuss. You know better. Our village should not be run by lackeys, sneaks and cowards.

Name:   Gunderson knew this was afoot

Location :   and kept it secret from his Deputy Mayor?
Date :   9/19/08 Message :   for Gods sake, he even gave them a tour of the building months ago?? This all but proves Gunderson is Ryersons obedient stooge. He cannot govern fairly. How can he show his face in town after this? The wrong person resigned. RESIGN, TOM for the good of Au

Name:   Impeach Gunderson Now

Location : Date :   on charges of corruption, negligence, and conflict of interest . Message :   *Procedure for NY a mayor is removed directly by the governor upon being heard on charges Ñ the law makes no further specification of what charges are necessary or what the governor must find in order to remove a mayor.*

Name:   Shocked!

Location :   OOT Message :   Gunderson does not show any respect to his deputy mayor in that Syracuse Post article. Impeach Gunderson.

Name:   OMG - 9/19/08

Location : Date : Message :   Ken Zabriskie has resigned from the Village Board because of Georgie Ryerson and his underhanded schemes. Why was our Deputy Mayor kept out of the loop? How much more of this are we going to take?
Name:   huh?

Date :   9.18.08 Message :   did anyone catch the vb meeting? whats georgie doing now? and does anyone else notice the strong resemblance -- inflection, gestures, empty statements -- of ryerson to palin?

Name:   Anna

Message :   FYI..I was being sarcastic when I wrote we need more lines, H.P., etc... on the survey. And yeah we get a sheriff, thanks Mr. Ryerson. Kenny come back!
Name:   Main st. guy

Location :   aurora Date :   9/18/08 Message :   As I have looked into it a bit more. A bed tax has to have 70 percent of the money go back into helping tourism.

Name:   Taxpayer

Location :   I may be wrong, but I think that
Date :   9/15/08 Message :   a county or city can levy a room tax, but a village or township cannot under NYS law. Its a good idea for our VB to think in this direction, however. Maybe a municipal fee when our traffic, parking, and peace are disrupted by Aurora Inn events.

Name:   main st guy

Message :   I have been thinking. What would it do if the village put a bed tax on all of the rooms at the INN and EB Morgan House. And an event tax on all the Weddings etc. at the Inn. I see getting money from people that enjoy our village. Let them help pay 4 stuf

Name:   someone below asked

Location :   Why does VB allow this?
Date :   Simple Answer is:
Message :   One member is married to Lisa Ryerson, and two members work for her. With that kind of leverage on people, she will get her way. Rotten way to run a village.

Name:   By exposing their malfeasance

Location :   we make it more difficult for
Date :   the pleasant pawns to carry out their schemes.
Message :   And we block PTR from totally destroying and falsifying our village. She has NOT had her way with P.O., Walcourt, Abbott, Golf Course, Leffingwell etc. Her Hoffman Quadrinity Vision for us still is not fulfilled: thats worth the fight!

Name:   someone that lives here

Location :   aurora Date :   9/11/08 Message :   Katerina, if you wish to know come live in the village. try 2 buy a home here then pay some taxes. What gives with you anyway. Why do you care? Wait guess I really do not care 2 know! My 2 cents. But you will P&M about this also.

Message :   it will be easier for George to rig an anoymous survey

Name:   Katerina

Location :   Up North Date :   today Message :   Seriously, I mean this, what are you complainers actually doing for the village of Aurora? All I read is criticism - but what are you actually doing? Anything? I really want to know.

Name:   L Holland
Date :   Sept 9.2008 Message :   The survey says: IF YOU DESIRE PLEASE INDICATE YOUR Name. Anonymity should not be allowed. Why are anonymous surveys being accepted? There can be no value in an anonymous survey except for propaganda.
Name:   Taxpayer

Location :   Aurora Date :   9/9/08 Message :   The Village Office is open this morning, Tuesday. Call or stop in to get a copy of the survey. GF claims it is due tomorrow, the 10th, and results will be reported at the VB meeting on 9/17. Make sure your voice is heard!

Name:   Wise up, Mayor et al

Date :   9/8/08 Message :   Farenthold is lower than sewer slime. If you see him, tell him to shove his survey and village center up his Texas a**. Why does VB allow this??
Name:   i received no survey in the mail

Date :   9.8.08 Message :   but as of today all the blank surveys were removed from the p.o. so now the reply box can only be stuffed by georgie and not the rest of us. btw surveys were mailed only to water bill payers, not to all adult residents.
Name:   This survey...

Date :   09-07-08 Message :   will not accurately ascertain public opinion, not at all. It is packed with leading questions designed to elicit a pre-determined desired response. Is the rest of the Village Board supporting this scam?
Message :   and whats to keep zwigard and ryerson from having their kids submit responses that suit GFs agenda? what a sham. what a scam.

Name:   the survey

Location :   aurora po Date :   9/6/08 Message :   While I was checking over my mail I saw a pile of the surveys just sitting on the counter. Anyone could pick one up or twenty or them
Date :   9.6.08
Message :   so, whats to keep george from giving extra copies of his survey to his buddies and skewing the results to support his agenda? and btw, will he be the one to clean the public restrooms, new tourist office, museum, etc.?
Name:   See the VB Minutes of 6/18/08,

Location :   the Buildings & Grounds Report:
Date :
Message :   VB wanted to to form a committee to evaluate the PO. How did Georgie hi-jack it? Did he appoint all the members himself? He was NOT commissioned to develop and promote a grand Village Center. Stop him, now!
Name:   Survey is strictly a

Location :   Georgie Farnenthold..
Date :   9/3/08 Message :   ..production...just say NO NO NO to his expensive and self promoting plans,He loves spending our money. Leave Aurora alone, Georgie .SHUT UP and GO AWAY.

Name:   Taxpayer
Location :   in your mailbox
Date :   9/3/08
Message :   Have you all gotten the VB survey? Its due in a week. I thought the committee was created to research repairs to the existing P.O. How did that project become a hard-sell promotion of a Vast Village Center Complex?

Message :   that is, at seventy five dollars a head

Name:    dinner is

Location :   the talk of the town
Date :   9/2/08 Message :   Farmers dinner? Wonder how many of them will be there? At a head, there is no room for most farmers at the table, more snobbery from the Inn
Date :   9.1.08 Message :   no one knows whats on the menu but employees of wells college can get a 10% discount on the dinner, big whup.

Name:   Alumna

Location : Date :   CNY Message :   Be sure to wear your peasant smock and bring a hoop to roll to the 175th Anniversary - NOT! - of the totally reconstructed and absurdly unhistorical Aurora Inn on 9/6. Also bring 75 bucks a head for a dinner with, huh?, a mystery menu!

Name:   Karin W

Location :   Genoa Date :   Fri 29 Aug 2008
Message :   At that VB mtg, it was mentioned that the Village had purchased the Mac-based website design software. My Mac-expert friend says its crummy (mostly for sharing photos w/family online)

Name:   Taxpayer

Location :
Date :   8/28/08 Message :   She is busy updating the Aurora Arts and merchants pages. Hope she bought that webdesign program herself and that it wasnt purchased with tax money for use developing *our* village website.

Name:   Website?

Message :   ask Jacci.
Name:   sup?

Location :   web Message :   how come the village website hasnt beeen updated in half a year?
Name:   Remember him?

Location : Date :   8/21/08 Message :   *Accused arsonist says he should be released...*

Name:   Watchman

Location :   still here Date :   August 18 Message :   Dugans a dim bulb. The box with his article in todays Citizen lists a Wells College Tax on his property! (Does he think Wells is a public / state school?)

Name:   Taxpayer

Location : Date :   8/18/08 Message :   Dugan is at it again, promoting Rowlands plan to destroy our P.O. and turn it into an expanded inn parking lot. Pay attention: I bet thats exactly what Farenthold proposes at this weeks Village Board meeting.
Date :   8.18.08
Message :   not even georgie?

Name:   Its obvious

Date :   8/16/ 2008 Message :   lisa ryerson has no friends.

Message :   liar, cheater, swindler, thief ..... Lisas best friend

Name:   Philanthropist? Flim-flam artist!

Location : Date :   Shareholder lawsuit against Rowland & husband Frautschi
Message :   * Merger allowed Frautschi & Rowland to take far more than that to which they are legally entitled, the suit says. The windfall they generated for themselves is no accident, it is the result of a carefully planned and deftly engineered scheme. *

Message :   Randi Z is a snobby woman who makes money off of Pleasants tourists. No wonder she loves Pleasant. She made alot of enemies by calling her neigbors flies. People havent forgotten it, but Tudy reminded them anyway.
Name:   great float

Location :   with the Date :   white horse Message :   I read the story in the paper and could not help but wonder if the people of the village were insulted. They were and WHY wouldnt they be? Who is RANDI, anyway? A dress shop owner? Learn that skill at WELLS COLLEGE?
Name:   The Aurora Inn was damaged this week after a leak in the fire-sprinkler system...
Location : Date :   August 2, 2008 Message :   ...pumped out 500 gallons of water a minute for 20 minutes, damaging walls, ceilings and carpeting in 4 of the 10 guest rooms...[and dining area]...Why a portion of the line cracked in a wall behind a bed in one of the guest rooms is still not clear...

Date :   8.1.08
Message :   tom has had very serious problems in recent years and for the sake of his health he really shouldnt have run for a 2nd term but probably felt he had to because lisa wants him in as mayor so she can call the shots in the village.

Name:   How much does the Mayorship pays as salary? How much does Wells pay for Toms position?
Location :   Could the man comfortably
Date :   live or exist on one of these
Message :   without the other? It is hard to live on both.Wonder what he would do on the Mayors salary only.

Name:   Realist

Location :   reality Date :   7/31/08 Message :   It would be extremely naive to believe that Toms desire to maintain his employment at Wells does not factor into his decisions as mayor involving Wellss interests in Aurora. Could be on a conscious or a subconscious level, but no doubt it is there.
Message :   its just another fringe benefit Tom gets from his boss, Lisa Ryerson. One hand washes the other.

Name:   Regardless of how

Location :   you think of
Date :   your Mayor (whom you voted for)
Message :   he is the most powerful man in the Village. Why shouldnt he be highly favored?In busy Aurora do you want the Mayor to be scrambling for parking like the rest of us peons?

Message :   when they painted the parking lines on the road whydid the mayor get special treatment

Name:   Taxpayer

Location : Date :   Questions: Message :   When did the VB float a bond to raise money for new P.O. roof? What happened to GFs task force? Why is it costing 70,000 dollars when the estimate was 35K? Etc...

Message :
Name:   local

Location :   main street
Date :   july 15 Message :   Tudys was: It was like a great white Arabian horse came waking through our village and little houseflies jumped on it, sad diminished people...
Name:   KAH

Location :   Aurora Date :   13 July 08 Message :   I got a few photos. Just from my front yard, nothing too great - but worth sharing with friends who always ask: What was Tudys float this year?
Name:   LTG

Message :   Did anyone get any pictures of the white horse and fly float?
Message :   Randis stupid and cruel words will not be forgotten any time soon. I wonder if she regrets that statement, she certainly has shown no sign that she has. A lot of people view her differently now

Name:   Jessie

Location :   Aurora Date :   July Message :   That was my first Aurorafest with my Dad. It was pretty fun. The parade was pretty good. Why did that man George keep yelling and stuff? Weird.
Date :   7.13.07
Message :   great float, tudi. bet randi like it too.

Name:   Mal

Location :   Content Date :   FestDay Message :   Play well with others today. It is an old-fashioned town reunion. Relax, enjoy, and listen. Maybe, just maybe, youll have a good time.
Name:   George Farenthold?

Message :   Oh I can think of more than a few apt descriptions of that man...but I am sure the obscenity censor would kick in

Location : Date :   7.10.07 Message :   I can think of a few apt descriptors for GF. But the article says nothing about the location of Aurorafest, or the parade, or much of anything.
Name:   Jeez, Louise!

Location :   July Aurora Village Newsletter
Date :   The Mayors Post Office Update:
Message :   [The USPS] is interested in renewing their lease...Chase brought up the idea of appointing a task force of residents to delve into what we should do...of primary concern is roof replacement...I appointed Farenthold to assemble and chair this task force...

Name:   havent you figured it out by now

Date :   7/2/08 Message :   laws dont apply to you in Aurora if you play for the Lisa Ryerson/Pleasant Rowland team.

Name:   well we should

Location :   all apply Date :   for turnarounds
Message :   and use the space as we see fit.

Name:   Koepp & Place

Location :   building plan
Date :   calls that Message :   a turn around, not a parking space. If it had said parking space they would not have got permit.

Name:   thats fine.

Location :   We should all
Date :   park wherever Message :   we please, and do what ever the hell we want to do with the property we paid for CJ should not cry at the next meeting over trees.

Name:   Taxpayer

Location :   Why not? Because its against the law,
Date :   7/1/08 Message :   specifically Aurora Local Law Section 407A (Off-street Parking) which states **No parking is permitted in the front yard.**
Name:   CJ paid for her house and land space. She

Location :   has a space to park off the street.
Date :   Why the hell not?
Message :   Why park on the road if you can park in your yard? There are other people who park in their yard...why the finger pointing?

Name:   Check CJs Front Yard!

Location :   Village Zoning Code says:
Date :   No Parking is Allowed in the Front Yard.
Message :   But shes got a 3-car lot in her front yard & doesnt use (flooded?) basement garage. Also, her house is higher than ZBA variance allowed, and the north addition went up without PB /CPP permits. Should be a juicy lawsuit against our VB in all that...

Name:   Town guy

Message :   What happened at the emergency village baord meeting? Whose getting sued?
Name:   duh! it says it all over this page:

Location :
Date :   cant you read, hannah?
Message :   parade heads south on main street to Wells Front Lawn - food immediately post parade on Wells Front Lawn - music starts post parade on Wells Front Lawn - beer wine and soda at the fest on the Wells Front Lawn etc etc etc

Name:   Where in the information

Location :   does it say
Date :   Aurora Fest on the
Message :   from lawn of Wells College. The are different activities along Main St as it has always been. Why dont you help instead of criticize? Is that all you can do?

Location :
Date :   6.26.08 Message :   this rates as one of the most incoherent webpages ever seen on line. and since when is aurorafest on the front lawn of wells college? gee i sure do miss the protest car.

Name:   Taxpayer - re Ledyard Development Plan

Location : Date :   6/14/08 Message :   Article said not much could happen yet, draft plan to be accepted -received- by board, but approval takes months & needs public hearings. Good to object early in process; board knows theyre being watched; no chance of a quiet rubber stamp approval now.

Name:   here


Name:   Truck traffic regulations drafted

Location : Date :   Thursday, June 12, 2008 
Name:   jeeez

Location :   Aurora Inn Date :   6/10/08 Message :   Oh so he did work at the Inn then

Message :   That crap guy got fired from the Inn a long time ago. Get your info right.
Name:   Syracuse Post-Standard

Location : Date :   June 9 Message :   Plans for Cayuga town raises eyebrows: Some disagree with commercial zone at main intersection in Ledyard.

Name:   Even Moore

Location :   Aurora Date :   6/8/08 Message :   Someone else brought that piece of crap here way long before Pleasant came around. Lets give credit where credit is due.

Name:   Arsonist Story

Location : Date : Message :   Gee i am so glad pleasant created a few - damn few - jobs and made sure she brought in people like this to fill them instead of hiring locals from the community she tried her best to destroy.

Name:   House on Poplar Ridge

Location :   Burned by Chef at Inn
Date :   Last Friday Message :   Beat his girlfriend; after she left, set fire to house, w/her pet cat inside, sat on lawnchair watching. Chad E. Towsley (sp?) has been arrested and charged.

Name:   search his Name on this page:
Location : Date :   today Message :   heary owns land at 1127 nys rte 90 plus four parcels at 1153, 1171, 1203 and 1208 ledyard rd. (and wilcox general store and gas on the corner of rte 34b & ledyard rd is 2.5 miles from proposed new commercial area.)
Name:   Auroran reading 6/7/08 Citizen

Location : Date :   Town Supervisor says farmers wont sell land to developers? Message :   Watch out, Bill Heary is on Town Council and owns land along Ledyard Rd just where they want to put new commercial zone - he could develop it himself! (Remember his failed attempt years ago to put in hotel, golf course , marina etc in Levanna?)

Name:   Dazed

Location :   and Date :   Confused Message :   Where can you get gas and convenient store stuff three miles from Aurora? What exactly is thought to be going on at Mac-ch? Who burned down the house on Poplar Ridge?

Name:   Taxpayer

Location :   Aurora Date :   6/5/08 Message :   I remember when all this started explaining to a lawyer of my acquaintance about the several different LLCs Rowland had set up here, and he said - No one needs that many corporations, not unless they are trying to hide something.

Name:   Citzen Legals

Location :   page C6 Date :   June 4, 2008 Message :   Notice of Formation of another corp on 4/21 located at Mac-Childs plant with process address given as 767 5th Ave in NYC. This one is MC NYC LLC- cute. Also creation of MacKenzie-Childs Real Estate, with same addresses, also announced again in this paper.

Name:   Re development areas at Ledyard, Levanna, and Mac-Childs
Location :
Date :   The proposal includes using our tax money
Message :   to pay for costly Environmental Impact Studies for the proposed projects, instead of having developer foot the bill in the application process as is the norm. Somebody is trying to get a very sweet deal at our expense. Watch out!

Name:   About Ledyard plan

Message :   to quote: ...needed community businesses such as a gas station/convenience store and pharmacy?? Sez who?? There is a conv. store and gas 3 miles away!! this is nuts. WHO IS BEHIND IT?

Name:   Lets Play

Location :   a game Date :   this week! Message :   Ill start! More Pleasant b4 Pleasant Ill start: Mrs. Reynolds Store Ice cream cones were 50 cents. No chintz in sight. The candy was fresher. You could buy something for your 3-year-old for Mrs. Reynolds was really nice.

Name:   Shit Happens

Location :   in small towns
Date :   all the time Message :   this one screams insurance scam. really, think about it.

Name:   Jeez, Louise!

Location :
Date :   6/2/08 Message :   Does anyone else find it odd that the flyer tries to scare us (our village reputation and safety are at stake!) and asks for rumors, street talk, and overheard conversations to be reported? BTW, these are quotes. (Hey, will this be reported?)

Name:   oh, I see now

Message :   why am I not surprised to hear about the sleezy nature of GFs so called job? What a slimy con man he is, on many levels.

Name:   strange stuff

Location :   aurora Date :   6/2 Message :   try some of this

Date :   6.2.07 Message :   people at top of pyramid get rich. this one founded by family friend from TX, nice for GF. the few (very inferior) policies sold go to low income union workers - who arent always aware coverage lessens as they age. all legal but stinky.

Name:   American Income Life,

Location :   a NYS subsidiary of National Income Life.
Date :   Google those companies with words like scam or fraud
Message :   and see what you get. A pyramid scheme targets those desperate for work (make big cash fast!) who then pay enormous sums for worthless training. Only way they can get out of debt to the company is to bring in other trainees.

Name:   Watchman - still here

Location : Date :   June 1 Message :   GF a pathetic joke and TG delusional. (PTR had to pull out when her PO project finally faced state/federal reviews that would hold her responsible for gutting historic buildings.) Someone on VB call theUSPS, and get moving! The lease expires in 9 months.
Message :   does anyone know, exactly WHAT is George Farentholds occupation?
Name:   Taxpayer

Location :
Date :   The First of June
Message :   Changing subject: Ledyard Town Board meeting, 7:30 Mon 6/9, important land-use & development issues raised by draft Comprehensive Plan up for discussion. More info now on FeedBack Forum, link above. Write the Board or attend the meeting!

Name:   Heard about

Location :   Lyon House Date :   putting in geothermal
Message :   Sounds like the pipes will go through village right of way. Can anyone do that?
Name:   Lacy

Location :   here Message :   dont know who did it or why, but I do know that crimes like what was done to the Porshce didnt happen until Pleasant came to town. A car got tires slashed last yr too

Name:   wake up

Location :   people Message :   This happened in your village. Whether he/she was drunk or on one side or the other, there is someone capable of this kind of violence. And its getting worse. What is next? Come forward with what you know. Before it goes to the next level and someone gets

Name:   Even Moore

Location :   Aurora Date :   5.29.08 Message :   Lets get away for a weekend upstate, no one will know. Maybe just a good old affair gone bad, not everything is PTR related.

Name:   Information sought in car vandalism in Aurora

Location : Date :   5.29.08 Message :   and it is reported in todays post-standard. both articles avoid mentioning the inn.

Name:   Todays Auburn Citizen, 5/28

Location :   Page A-3 (excerpts below)
Date :   Porsche vandalized in Aurora Sunday
Message :   Around 11:45 pm Sunday, yellow 2001 Porche under a gray cover, severely damaged, struck several times with a blunt object, suspect last seen walking on Cherry Ave (?!), witnesses or anyone with info- call Cayuga Co Sheriff detectives at 253-1610.

Name:   Wackos!

Location :   Fargo Date :   Sunday Message :   The car was totaly covered in a car sack. Who would know it was a porche or a rich car? It was disguised.

Name:   Set up the Inn?

Location :   With an 80000 dollar
Date :   car? Ha ha? Message :   Maybe it was a personal vendetta - who owned the car? Insurance money? Or it could have been someone pissed because it was in a no parking zone.
Name:   Karin W

Location :   Aurora Date :   Wed 28 May 2008
Message :   Agent provacateur? Dont know anyone opposing influence of PTR in Aurora who would do that, but there are some on the other side just wacky enough; my car & Jays both vandalized.

Name:   main st guy

Location :   aurora streets
Date :   5/27/08 Message :   Great the next thing GF will want is having a policeman in the village.
Name:   Wow

Location :   80,000 porsche destroyed
Date :   5/26/08 Message :   in downtown Aurora. Someone took a bat or tire iron to it on Sun night. Aurora Inn told owner it was safe to park the car on the street. Owner had owned Porsche all of 2 weeks.

Name:   Watchman

Location :   still here Date :   May 25 Message :   When the board of the Aurora Foundation LLC was 1st established, it was reported in Post-Standard that it had 5 members, 3 from Rowland Foundation and 2 from college = Lisa, George Edwards, Rowland, Waller, and one other.
Name:   Aurora Foundation LLC

Message :   may belong to Wells but the contact person is Katy Waller. Who makes up the board of the LLC?

Location :   Duh, Hannah!
Date :   The cartoon is perfect:
Message :   a normal person forced to wear dolly clothes and sit at a pinky dinky toy table for a make-believe tea, with vacuous empty-eyed blond and idiot- face grinning bear (RZ & JF?) thrilled with PTRs la-la land. Back to reality ladies, the fantasy is over!

Location :   Skaneateles
Date :   Did you SEE that video?
Message :   its slimy parasites like George Farenthold that make people like Chuck Schumer regret their choice of public service. what a pathetic wanna-be. makes my skin crawl

Name:   tea part

Location :   rochester Date :   5/23/08 Message : Anyone notice that the aurora in this cartoon is a big baby...shall I say Cry baby for whining so much about the generosity of Pleasant...wake up and thank her

Name:   Yes the Foundation is still active.

Location :   PTR signed over everything to
Date :   the Aurora Foundation when she
Message :   decided to leave the Village. The Foundation is now under the control of Wells College. Wells owns a lot in the village---Dorie, The Inn, Fargo etc etc.

Name:   KAH

Location :   Main Street
Date :   22 May 2008 Message :   The NYS Dept. of State Division of Corporations web site (updated weekly) still lists the Aurora Foundation LLC as an active corporation.
Name:   Wondering

Location :   in Ledyard Date :   Current Message :   Is the Aurora Foundation LLC still in existence?

Location : Date :   5/21/08 Message :   Is the tea-party FINALLY over?

Name:   Resident

Location :   right here Date :   5-21-08 Message :   re: Post-Stndrd. article: hey Arthur: the only thing that was deteriorating in Aurora before Pleasant took over was your a&&#@le.
Name:   My guess

Location :   Rt 90 and Ledyard Rd.
Date :   5/19 Message :   McK - Childs owned land there. Sounds like that is where and why the conv. store got going in that area.

Name:   Huh?

Location : Date :   5-19-08 Message :   The Loooooong Goodbye! The P-S gave front page coverage to Rowlands departure already -- over two years ago.

Name:   why the shell game?

Location : Date :   5.19.08 Message :   1-million was not for business but for real estate transfer of 6 lots between 2 corporations established by the new owners. when did the farm parcels get subdivided? are they all zoned commercial? why separate land ownership from manufacturing company?

Name:   Even Moore

Location :   Aurora Date :   5.18.08 Message :   Is it they only paid 1M? Pleasant paid a little over 5M and she thought that was a deal.


Location :   767 5th Ave, 46th Floor, NYC 10153
Date :   Created by Dept. of State: April 21, 2008
Message :   In todayÕs paper: MacKenzie-Childs, Ltd., 3260 Route 90, Aurora, to MacKenzie-Childs Real Estate LLC, same address, six parcels at 3260 Route 90N. 1Million. Assessment 3,772,100 dollars.
Name:   todays property transfers

Location :   McK - Childs Real Estate LLC?
Date :   1,000,000 dollar transfer
Message :   can anyone working there tell people here what this Real Estate LLC wants to do, and who is behind it?

Name:   In the Wall Street Journal, PTR said

Location :   she was NOT leaving Aurora because of
Date :   the local criticism and dispute over her projects.
Message :   But in her Farewell Address to Mac-Childs, she said strongly she IS sellling & leaving because of opposition to her projects. (And makes clear that she had planned much more which she now claims to abandon for good. YEAH!! Ding-dong, is the witch dead?)

Name:   Resident outside town

Location :   x marks the spot
Date :   Plesant now caught in print
Message : a lie..her 2 statements directly contradict each other. One must be false. Why were so many people unable to see what kind of person she is?
Name:   That vile woman

Location :   must be an habitual liar
Message :   look at all the lies she told the people in Aurora, about her being accessible, about locals being able to rent space for business,just to
Namea few.

Name:   PTR

Location :   is lying Date :   to her employees at Mc-Cheese
Message :   or to the WSJ. Compare her farewell speech at McC to the WSJ piece. She is a lying sack of s#!t. How does she live with herself?
Name:   American Girl Founder Puts Houses on Sale

Location : Date :   Wall Street Journal, 16 May 2008
Message :   Rowland...spent 6 years and millions of dollars restoring much of Aurora...townspeople criticized the renovations as too extensive. +I just simply saved a town that was crumbling+ Rowland says now...She says the dispute isnt her reason for leaving town.
Name:   Ms Z, from the past

Location :   away from NY state
Date :   George on video
Message :   I knew George way back when he had a full head of hair. It is odd and strange to see him bald, as he is now. He used to really charm the college girls.

Name:   Hey Johanna

Message :   Dick and Janet Besse were at it 15 years ago. Give them their due honor.
Name:   Johanna

Location :   Aurora Date :   Do you ever have anything
Message :   good to say about anyone who is NOT your bosom buddy? Life is too short give people the honor they due. GF has worked hard to stop truckers from driving through Aurora. You cannot appreciate that until you have nearly been run over right in front of the C

Name:   Taxpayer

Location :   Aurora Date :   5/13/08 Message :   Being fair, GF did put time in on this project over last 2 years (and made sure everyone knew it), but others have been grinding away at work on it for 20 years! They deserve spotlight, not him. SO, WHAT HAPPENED AT TOWN BOARD MEETING?

Name:   Slime in action!

Location :
Date :   See georgie: Message :   sneak in behind governor after speeches begin & position himself uninvited in speakers line-up, grab at schummer & paterson repeatedly, shout chat-back to draw attention to himself, then wangle microphone for himself after *lastÓ speaker finishes.

Name:   Call them

Location :   and find out
Date :   as soon as possible.
Message :   Ledyard Town Supervisor: Mark Jordan. Town Council: William Heary, Paul Hilliard, John Binns, Jim Frisch. Ledyard Planning Board: Chairman Ronald Buxenbaum, Paul Simkin, Penney Cook, Claire Morehouse, Steve Kubarek.

Name:   dizzy from the changes

Location :   Ledyard
Message :  Is McK-Childs already zoned commercial? the entire premises? A Realty Corp? Who is behind this? Who owns it? who on the Ledyard board wants this?

Date :   5.13.08
Message :   as said before, new mac-childs owners will sell the assets - in this case land - and kill the company. but its an interesting coincidence how the ledyard town boards proposal just now manages to raise the value of that land by making it commercial.

Name:   KAH

Location :   Main Street
Date :   12 May 08 Message :   Im told Legal Notices last week in Citizen announced creation of new corporation: MacKenzie-Childs Realty. Conveniently, Ledyard Board plans to make all MacK-Childs Ltd farmland a new commercial zone, along with the one proposed for Ledyard Rd / Rte 90.

Name:   Hmmm.

Location : Date :   more on mac&cheese
Message :  
Name:   Watchman

Location :   still here Date :   May 12 Message :   Local convenience, food, gas stores struggle in King Ferry, Union Springs, Genoa, and in our Township with Wilcox General Store. Build more and existing ones will fail altogether. Whats the point in that? Except the developer makes money off of us.

Name:   We need something to

Location :   put life into this village and
Date :   hopefully compete with the high prices
Message :   of the businesses around---The Inn, Dories, Pizza Pl. Pumpkin Hill, Jane Morgans, The Village Market etc. It is hard to shop at thes places on my salary.

Name:   Concerned

Location :   Local Date :   05/12/08 Message :   No Not at shoe co, on corner of 90 and Ledyard rd, No we dont need any bars.or strip mall for that matter. meeting at 7:30 2nite

Message :   who is behind rt 90 proposal? bars belong in towns not cornfields.
Name:   Taxpayer

Location :   Aurora Date :   5/11/08 Message :   Yes. And also a Town of Ledyard Planning Board Meeting at 7:30 on Wed., May 14th where the same issue is probably up for discussion. Has the proposal been made public? Are printed plans available at the libraries?
Date :   5.11.08
Message :   seems like there may be a ledyard town board meeting tomorrow, monday 12th, at 7:30 in the bldg on popular ridge road, at which info about the proposed new commercial zone will be presented to the public..., yes?
Name:   conv,store,pharmacy.

Location :   south of Aurora
Date :   5/10/08 Message :   Maybe they will put a up good bar there and keep the Freaking 4-17 year olds out of it. where will it be Aurora shoe co?

Name:   Concerned

Location :   local Date :   05/09/08 Message :   Im not sure, the letter showed the propasal, they want to change the zoning i believe

Name:   Concerned

Location :   local Date :   05/09/08 Message :   On the corner of 90 and Ledyard rd..Across from Otiss..planning conv,store,pharmacy..etc..not happy about this

Name:   Dont Get It

Date :   2008 Message :   After a year Twin Lakes is all she could come up with? There is no there there. There is no money there. Whats going on?

Name:   TO: Concerned

Location :   Aurora in Ledyard
Date :   today Message :   Whats going on? Is this a zoning change or has a project been proposed? Will there be a hearing? (And to whoever - thnx for the SEC filing from Twin Lakes Inc. Makes ya wonder where they got the cash to buy Mac-Childs.)
Name:   Concerned

Location :   local Date :   05/08/08 Message :   Thanks, what about the Zoning board for the town.I really dont want a across from my home!!!

Message :
Name:   More info on Mac-Childs Sale

Location : Date :   From Taxpayer Message :   My last post wasnt a wish but a warning from 1st hand hurt. Its how those capital firms often operate. They know 0 about product & and if they cant turn quick buck they strip assests & leave company for dead. I hope Im wrong here & do wish you luck.
Name:   4 Taxpayer

Location :   north of aurora
Date :   5/7/08 Message :   On this one lets just watch and see what happens. I need my job. And you could be off the mark with this.

Name:   Taxpayer

Location : Date :   5/7/08 Message :   My experience of such investment firms: they buy up ailing companies & strip them of their assets & then shut them down. Sorry if it wasnt bought by someone actually interested in producing the product (even tho I think it ugly & overpriced).

Date :   5.6.08
Message :   jackie farlow aka gacci got paid hundreds to set up pathetic self-promoting village web site and last i heard she collects 50 bucks an hour for the updates

Name:   Huh?

Message :   Pleasant promo? Its a Gacci promo! About everything links to her sight! Does she get paid? Or are the links her payment?

Name:   Taxpayer

Location : Date :   5/6/08 Message :   Check this site. Not only does it tell you who is on Town of Ledyard boards, it also provides minutes, town laws, full zoning code, etc. Puts to shame the pleasant promo mess masquerading as our Village of Aurora website.

Location :   LOCAL Date :   05/06/08
Message :   Could someone please tell me who is on Ledyard town board? concerned on zoning proposal on rt 90

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